Allesha Eman Nov 21
I was standing on firestones
And your eyes were like the sun
Pools of vast unknown
Watching my faltering silence fade
And when I was dancing out loud
And my words were my aching feet
You had swept away
To watch over another sea
As I was wallowing in my defeat
Waiting for the sunrise
To talk to you in silence, the mother of my speech
Allesha Eman Nov 7
Between the freshly picked flowers,
and my never ending thoughts.
I found a place to leave my dreams,
So that when I find myself wandering,
Into unknown scapes of remembrance,
I can throw away petals that spell my name.
I’ll stand by the water, my hands full of flowers,
and I’ll throw them into their graves.
Knowing that one day when it all turns around,
They’ll be reborn and I’ll pick them again.
I’ll drift off to sleep and dream of the bay where I would let them go all over again.
Allesha Eman Oct 12
Sometimes there are words on blank pages,
If you look closely enough.
Sometimes there is music in the silence,
If you listen closely enough.
But it all comes down to if you see it,
The spaces between the letters,
The messages in my whispers,
Or my cunning subtlety that screams in your face.
Sometimes my eyes recite poetry,
But you’d have to look into them to know.
Sometimes there are prayers in my blank stares,
And sometimes my silence is a drum.
Allesha Eman Oct 4
Remember me?
We talked last year,
I was the cold
And you were still here,
I would talk about my dreams
And you’d disappear
And as I would dream
I’d look for ways to keep,
My hands entangled in your destiny
But I guess it was never meant to be
I was the cold, and you were the sea
And wherever I am, you’d never be
Allesha Eman Sep 26
I found myself lost in the wind
The coldness creeping up my skin
Right through the threads of my clothes
And I remembered just how free I was
Amongst the raining leaves and swaying grass
It felt like I had left everything once at last
Wondering if the wind could carry me back to my mind
So that I could gather my thoughts and be redefined
Allesha Eman Sep 16
Oh beautiful wonder, how terribly i’ll miss you,
You taught me to love in the colour blue,
With your endless brush-stroked seas,
And skies blended with azure hues.
I’ve fallen in love with your scent that trails  along sculpted roads
Even your dark corners, that I’d never dare to tread
You’ve latched on to my heart by every last thread

Oh beautiful people, how terribly I’ll miss you
You with your melodic voices, and hands of gold
Your language flowing through the wind,
pulling my heartstrings with every word.
And your welcoming faces, laced with a stunning smile.

Oh beautiful city how terribly I’ll miss you,
You with your crowded streets and busy nights.
Your nocturnal nature alive with your city lights,
bright lights that steal my every gaze,
And your laughter that will forever ring in my ear.  

Oh beautiful wonder, only for you
I’ll have to leave my love here
For it is all yours, and one day when I fall in love with another place
My heart will pull me back to you
For it it still says your name.
Allesha Eman Sep 14
Underneath the moonlight you’d sit
Somewhere where roses would be
Just so you could smell them at night
And in some other corner of the world
I sat surrounded by the sea
Of your wave like memories
Soaked like petals in pouring rain
I’m dreaming of blossoming
And taking away your pain
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