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Allesha Eman Oct 4
I shy away from yellow Novembers,
As I stare into the glowing sun, 
searching for some metal wings, 
ones that bring back unfamiliar winds,
 hoping that they'll take me too. 

I trace my fingers along road maps,
and chase my regrets while looking back
I dream of sunsets on snowy roads 
I run from colours that feel too old 
and search for stories that haven't been told

I've read the writings on the wall, 
it seems like I've been waiting to fall, 
but every time I dream of a new place 
I can't help but feel like I need an escape 
So I find myself on the other side,

walking down roads that never divide, 
chasing dreams I have yet to meet 
becoming someone I have yet to be
searching for fate, I walk along 
towards the yellow November trees 

alone, afar, yet somewhere close, 
hand in hand with vulnerability.
Taking a break from the “26 Letters to Time” series :)
Allesha Eman Sep 21
How are you?
Are you lost somewhere in the valley,
walking down endless roads?
Are you falling in love whenever you meet a kindred soul?
I heard that time has caught up to your ways,
And now you’re chasing stars to have another say,
But I can’t help but feel like you needed to be saved.
So now I’m here searching along the path where your footsteps are placed,
Wondering why I’m chasing after a lost case,
But when I look at my hands, I remember the wrinkles on your thumb,
I see your soul searching for someone to love,
I remember that we’re reflections of each others hopeless dreams,
Now I know that you’re looking for someone like me,
But you’re too far gone into the future
And I’m just your past,
turn around and you’ll find me, where you left me last.
From the 26 Letters to time series
Allesha Eman Sep 18
I didn’t know how Infectious a smile could be,
Not until I saw the wrinkles on your cheeks curve into thick lines
Like the cursive ink flowing from a lovers pen.
The corners of your mouth began to rise like the morning sun,
your eyes reflecting the stars hidden behind a blue sky.
Your joy found it’s way to me somehow,
right when I thought it was impossible to forget my headaches.
Your light transformed me into a city scape.
All was forgotten for a few seconds,
As I admired your laughter from afar.
All was remembered when your eyes started glittering,
And my heart came back to life.
You were there, clothed in your sorrow,
Yet dancing hand in hand with happiness
Forgetting time, coming alive, and full of joy
Letter number ten
Allesha Eman Sep 14
I hide my fears behind thick walls,
Never letting you witness what it takes
For me to crack on the surface
And start to break

I fill myself with dreams I can’t hold
Cover my hands with words I don’t know
And hope that you can read into my soul
Searching for all my broken seams to sew

I can’t thank you enough for all that I am
You took me to the water, hand in hand
You ran your fingers along the kites
The ones with our names written on the lines

Now you have all the cuts on your hand
Yet a smile that never escapes your eyes
You’ve stolen every second I lost  
And gave me back my receding time
From the “26 letters to time”
Allesha Eman Sep 7
There is peace, it resides in the shallow breaths of your words.
I feel at ease, like I’m under a roof of stars
holding back the past.
Hand in hand, your fingers interlaced with mine
Moments are fragments of a photograph from another time.
And although we’re lost somewhere across the sea.
I can’t help but feel like it’s all meant to be
I’m home, where I belong,
and time? It has nothing on me.
8th letter to time
Allesha Eman Aug 31
I see my reflection in the rain drops,
My fears are painted across the sky,
My ambitions have disappeared,
They go where the sun rays strike,
But today is a different year,
And I’m on the edge of my life,
there is a glow on this rainy day,
But It’s somewhere I can’t seem to find,
It follows the trees somewhere far,
All I know is that with it here,
Time will pass and everything will
I’ll be okay,
and the skies will clear.
Letter 7 out of 26
Allesha Eman Aug 31
It looks like adversity has gotten the better  of me.
I’m bruised, exhausted but I can hardly sleep.
The sun is unforgiving as it steals my shade.
Now I’m vulnerable right in front of your face.
My heart is always racing whenever I’m day dreaming.
My mind often floats away to another place.
I can’t seem to forgive you, I can’t seem to forget,
but I’ve been chasing your apologies alongside all my regrets.
It’s what makes me human when I’m running from your threats,
but your stare is so forgiving, your gaze floods my heart.
I’m lost in a trance that sets the world apart.
Trapped in my everlasting reality, but I found my way back.
Except, I forgot who I was on this endless rigid track.
I had it all wrong, now I’m the one to forgive.
I like to make myself the victim of your mindless tricks,
but dear time, you’re only playing your perfect role
Because it’s my fault,
I’m the one that forgot how to forgive my soul.
Letter #6 out of 26 letters to time
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