Allesha Eman Mar 25
Somewhere in the sea of turquoise
I was lost in a boat made of my dreams
If you ever wanted to find me
Then I’d be hiding in the hallow shadows of the free

I’d be in the smile of a survivor
The tears of a lover
The hopes of a dreamer
Maybe even in the lies of a believer

Somewhere by the rattling earth
Or floating in the seven seas
But I’ll be where love goes
When you’ll be looking for me

So if you ever try to find me
I’ll be in the places you’ll never see
The places where your eyes will miss
But your heart will be set free

I’ll be in your laugh
Or maybe in your dreams
Where ever I am just know
Somewhere in the hallow shadows
I’m waiting to be seen
Allesha Eman Mar 17
I’ll borrow the past With nothing to spare
Nothing to give, and nothing to share
But rather I’d hope to steal my youth
And run from the future back to you
Some place we could hide in the shade of today
And disappear before a new day
And I know that when I’ll open my eyes
another day would have passed me by
You’ll only be a memory never to last
So instead I’ll keep dreaming of borrowing the past
Allesha Eman Jan 21
I’d look upon the hollow sky
Watching the birds fly by
Feeling like a lone wolf on a crowded street
dreaming of the traveler’s breeze
Letting the heat touch my covered skin
With all my mind sunk in the blue sea
I’ll be somewhere the birds would be
When winter strikes my hollowed heart
I’ll find places with dreamers like me
Looking upon the hallow sky
Drowning in crowded places
Made for people with hopeless dreams
And I’ll walk through the rain
Ripping through the man made seams
And find my place  in the hallow sky
Where I could fly in a traveler’s dream
Alone no more, just being me.
Allesha Eman Jan 1
Under the sea of stars
I danced with my hopes and dreams
they haunted the night sky
As ghosts of what used to be
Blanketed by the innocence
Exposed to times greatest tricks
Lied the happiness of a hungry heart
Made from the starlit sea
That swam in an ocean
Sewed with loose seams
That let the smiles slip
Whenever you’re asleep
And under the sea of stars
Danced an untamed me
That hadn’t seen the light of day
But I was always lurking
Alongside my hopes and dreams
Swimming in the shadows
Of nighttime’s greatest greed
When man fell asleep to music
Made by the soul hunters
That took my dreams from me
Only to place them under the sea
Where stars of past hopes
Waited for my forgotten dreams
To once again dance alongside me
Allesha Eman Dec 2017
I was waiting for the sun
With midnight I drifted off into the waves
The seamless sea wrapped me up
As I swam in between the cracks
That made your smile run

And when the only thing you can hear
Is the sound of my breath
You’ll know I’m alive enough to sink
Below the surface of your fears

And I would drown to save your soul
Even if you pushed me down
Because i’d wait for the sun in your eyes
To gaze into mine and a burn a hole

I was willing to fly away
But you made me swim instead
And now I’m caught up in a net
Where the light would never come again
Somewhere in your heart
Where there’s nothing but dark stars
I would be waiting for the sun
To light you up again
Allesha Eman Nov 2017
Ok, it’s time that I tell you the truth
It’s the smallest of things
But the biggest of news
And I know you’ve been at your edge
Eagerly waiting for me to forget
It’s the smallest of secrets
Nothing insane
But it might just save another day
So when the rain falls
And you call my name
I’ll tell you the smallest of things
The words that whither when untouched
The words that flaunt way too much
The words that people throw anywhere
The words so small that you might not even care
But they’re the smallest of things
That hold the biggest of truths
I surrender from hiding so I’ll say them too soon
And if you can catch my whisper to you
Then one day I’ll say it, I love you
It’s the smallest of things written for you.
Allesha Eman Nov 2017
The sun would never tell me
What I had to lose
I let its rays burn me
And deepen every bruise
I would still sit in the summer days
Wondering when winter
Would come and let me lay,
On the dead grass
On cold afternoons
I laid there freezing
Wondering when the sun would come through
But wondering was my weakness
And the weather was my foe
I couldn’t help but feel it
Underneath my toes
As the rocks dig into my skin
I looked upon the horizon
Letting the sun sink in
To once again be burned by another year
Passing through the cosmos
Fuelling my every fear
I lived in a quiet place that rapidly grew
But the windows kept me bounded
And the sun was there too
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