Oh beautiful wonder, how terribly i’ll miss you,
You taught me to love in the colour blue,
With your endless brush-stroked seas,
And skies blended with azure hues.
I’ve fallen in love with your scent that trails  along sculpted roads
Even your dark corners, that I’d never dare to tread
You’ve latched on to my heart by every last thread

Oh beautiful people, how terribly I’ll miss you
You with your melodic voices, and hands of gold
Your language flowing through the wind,
pulling my heartstrings with every word.
And your welcoming faces, laced with a stunning smile.

Oh beautiful city how terribly I’ll miss you,
You with your crowded streets and busy nights.
Your nocturnal nature alive with your city lights,
bright lights that steal my every gaze,
And your laughter that will forever ring in my ear.  

Oh beautiful wonder, only for you
I’ll have to leave my love here
For it is all yours, and one day when I fall in love with another place
My heart will pull me back to you
For it it still says your name.
Underneath the moonlight you’d sit
Somewhere where roses would be
Just so you could smell them at night
And in some other corner of the world
I sat surrounded by the sea
Of your wave like memories
Soaked like petals in pouring rain
I’m dreaming of blossoming
And taking away your pain
I was nervous for things that had yet to come
Constantly thinking about them
Shaping my thoughts and my prayers around them
The future had me caged in a timeless loop
Of overthinking and anxiety
Like a dark tunnel leading to the unknown
I had turned off the lights to my today  
And expected that I would see my  tomorrow somewhere in the blackness of yesterday
Allesha Eman Sep 3
I’ll surrender my thoughts to you
They didn’t mean much anyway
But I know you’ll find a way to break them
And find what they really have to say

I’ll surrender my doubts to you
They still hold some pieces of my heart
And I know that you will take a few
And give it to the world

I’ll surrender my heart for you
For it’s already damaged enough
But I know that you will fix it
It’s what you’d do for love
Allesha Eman Aug 27
I yearn to see the starry sky
And admire their sparkle in your eyes
But every night is cloudy blue
As the stars only seem to follow you
But I don’t blame them for their wonder
Because if I was a star or even the sea
And I could move ever so freely
I would flow along with every wave
And find myself right by your grave
And when I’d look up at the moon
someday, somewhere very soon
The stars would find their way to you
Allesha Eman Aug 25
I like to dream in puzzles,
And finish them on the bus.
With my head against the window,
Thinking of dreamt up love.
I like to dance to music,
but only in my head.
Sometimes I’ll talk to people,
but I always take back what I said.
I like to tell stories, only to myself.
I like to be with people,
but talking isn’t my thing.
I hate it when I’m lonely,
but I’m better when It’s just me.
Allesha Eman Aug 23
When did grey skies become more welcoming?
When did cold breeze wrap the city in warmth?
When did gloomy nights turn into endless laughter?
When we came together again without a reason or excuse,
Every rainy day was more beautiful than blue skies
As we all sat inside telling stories and remembering old times.
And I watched from the staircase
As I was too young to understand,
And to me it was nothing, that we were all together again.
But now that I sit here older, with life lessons under my hat
I yearn for those days when the rain had kept us in.
For a drought has taken over our history and every excuse is like the scorching sun
And now I sit on the staircase thinking of those times once again,
When it was nothing to me that we were laughing
And now it was worth more than any prize.
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