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Jun 2020 · 70
PS Jun 2020
I dived
In the ocean of you,
I forgot
I haven't learned how to swim.
May 2020 · 155
Nature's Fault
PS May 2020
Are you looking at the sky?
All changed like your soul and mine.
It scares me that words set us apart more than distances ever could.
But we grew wise learning all the answers as to why.

I hoped that I could jump to the past to only make it right
From the day I fell for you
Till the day our souls attended the rendezvous
I should also take away the promises that included "forever for you, I'll fight".

Wishing you'd come one night and tell me it was all nature's fault,
So we could join forces and laugh once more.
So I can see that cheeky smile pour out through your new soul.
So we could go on again to decide our future and never halt.

We wouldn't talk of the past,
Just learn the night above us and fall in love.
We'd be cheesy and flirt a tad bit
But I promise, this time; to not run too fast.

One chance is all I'm willing to give.
One chance is all you'll be willing to take
Let us do it from the scratch
Let us show the love birds how to live.
I wrote this back in 2018
May 2020 · 318
PS May 2020
You are happy when you are kissing
Satisfied by the lips that do you.
Untill they turn into glass
Lie to you and pour out your blood; all blue.
May 2020 · 165
PS May 2020
Guilty of what you feel today,
Does not exist in reality.
What exists is,
It's shadow in the past.
Forgive yourself.
Apr 2020 · 148
PS Apr 2020
In a world of rap
Where most music is just bass
She listens to jazz
Jazz that's dressed in sparkly crap.

In a world of texts
She chooses a pen with feathers
And writes letters
To the birdies that live in their nests.

In a world of Instagram
Where reside plastic filled humanoids
She chooses to hang up Polaroids
With a genuine act captured, not a sham!

In a world of internet
Where facts and fiction have rivalry
She sits herself in a library
Loving the silence and smell of wood she'd get.

The world of today
She despises a bit
People call her weird for she throws a fit
When she sees no romance in the holidays.

Unusual she is
She was born in the wrong era
Even the name, she scoffs, sad little Klera
For gay she isn't because

In the year of 2020
She's looking for the 1960s
Apr 2020 · 119
This Thing
PS Apr 2020
There's this heavy thing on my chest
It makes me want to cry sometimes
It makes me want to die too

There's this unknown energy around me
It makes me want to feel so low
Lower than I have before

There's this thing that
Makes me choke for air
It pulls me far away from here

In the land unknown
Where souls only roam
They pass through the stars
And walk in the bars

They say they don't feel things
And past does not bother them
They convince me its better there
It's so much better than here
Apr 2020 · 98
The Reason
PS Apr 2020
It's crazy how someone can go from the person who taught me how to love myself
To the reason I wanted to die.
Apr 2020 · 2.9k
An Angel
PS Apr 2020
I watched you sleep
As my soul stared deep
Into your own.

Sleeping soundly
Breathing profoundly
You swore.

To be an angel
A beautiful stranger

Someone I owned last night
Someone I swore at last night
A sin we commited, just the two of us, alone.
I wish the night had lasted longer.
Apr 2020 · 205
PS Apr 2020
I still think about the things you used to find insignificant in our relationship.
And they make me smile more than your words ever will.
Apr 2020 · 510
My Own Dove
PS Apr 2020
The world kept moving,
And cows continued mooing.

The sky changed colours,
But the moon remained discoloured.

It had been months,
And all I had heard were my own grunts.

I hadn't stopped complaining,
About my life's failings.

Like one where my romance wasn't returned,
The foolishness that I yearned.

But one night when I layed in bed,
With a quarantined head.

I realised all I needed was love.

To be my own dove.
It's 4 in the morning and my eyes are all red.
Apr 2020 · 547
The Cage
PS Apr 2020
You blamed me for keeping you like an animal caged
But honey didn't you see the stars that traced every bar in beige?
I'd really recommend you to take in consideration different symbolisms of the words in order to get a wider view of what I am trying to portray in this poem. Further discussion is encouraged.
Apr 2020 · 758
PS Apr 2020
There are a lot of things I regret
And a lot I miss
But if time were to turn back itself
I would break it's spine
Apr 2020 · 378
The Irony
PS Apr 2020
We march for freedom
We march for independence
From a lot of things
At the end of the day
All we want is
For someone to call us theirs.
Apr 2020 · 158
The One I Love
PS Apr 2020
I never had one

The one with a moustache
The one that would pull my hair
The one with buff muscles
The one that would punch an ex
The one with the foul mouth
The one that would call me fat
The one that is cold to touch
The one that I could call a brother

But I never needed one because I had her

The one with long hair
The one that knows how to braid
The one with the superhuman strength
The one that always opens the bottle of jam
The one that is warm to touch
The one that gives the best hugs
The one that I love
The one that I call sister.
Apr 2020 · 140
My Cousin Brother
PS Apr 2020
He doesn't live close,
And my head does not even reach his nose.

We live states apart,
But he will always have a place in my heart.

He's not a sibling,
But he buys me things.

He buys me food,
But don't be fooled for he can get real rude.

He gets all smart and calls me fat,
He might be 8 years older but he still acts like a brat.

He would act like a man and deny a nap,
But he still falls asleep on my lap.

He might not meet me often,
But meeting him is fun.

He is only my cousin, who could sell a shoe,
But he's the one that I most relate to.
I don't like how relationship between cousins is so underrated
Apr 2020 · 616
PS Apr 2020
The first night I looked into his eyes, I said,
"Pinch me, I must be dreaming".
And he hit me with a rock.
Chuckle up!
Apr 2020 · 365
The Unwanted
PS Apr 2020
I joked
I bantered about it
Being touched when I did not want it
I chuckled
I giggled about it
Being felt that way when I did not want it
I set it aside
I disregarded it
Being looked at with the eyes of a prey
I ignored
I muffled it
The deviant remarks when I did not want it
I covered
I draped it
The million clothes on my body when I did not want it

And yet

They uncovered
They tore it
Every fabric that touched my skin when I did not want it
They grazed
They squeezed it
Every inch of my bare skin when I did not want it
They muffled
They ignored it
Every scream that left my lungs when I did not want it
They forced
They pushed it
Every inch of their filth in me when I did not want it.
But I did not stop there, I asked and begged and yelled out my story to all
But at the end
I was called a ****
A ****
Who asked for it.
In the honor of the ****** Assault Awareness Month
Apr 2020 · 494
Meant To Be
PS Apr 2020
People say we were never meant to fall in love
Because we taught each other to hate the real us.
I say, we were meant to be,
In order to realise the worth of loving ourselves.
Notes from a toxic relationship.
Mar 2020 · 260
The Aesthetics Of Death
PS Mar 2020
Closed eyes, Pale skin
Blue lips, Fragile self
Faded hair, rigid cords
Dried up blood, tight heart
An inevitable promise of the forevermore tranquility.
Mar 2020 · 369
PS Mar 2020
Art is that gives ugly it's aesthetic,
Art is that gives beauty it's elegance
Art is that gives pain the love it deserves
Art is that provides the heartless with tears
Art is that provides eyes to the blind
Art is that provides lovers compassion
Art is that provides a beat to a heart.
Art becomes one when its artist falls in love.

Art for Artists
Mar 2020 · 519
PS Mar 2020
It's half past midnight
And you're warm to touch

My hands, cold on your chest
And my lips wet on your neck like nonesuch.
Dec 2019 · 139
The Question
PS Dec 2019
Let's break the bonds, all of 'em,
Those first that are weak and bent.
Would I be elated or would I be miserable?
What about the heart that would be left irreparable?

All the diamond memories should be thrown away to move on,
From the cries to the share of ****.

I asked myself if they gave a ****,
Regretting the fact that I loved them more than my fam.
Love that they promised I cherished whenever,
But the loneliness is maybe what I'm getting forever.

The umbrella in my hand is what they gave me,
Though, it didn't help stop the running water from my eyes that I plea.
The question that still remained,
Was I going to give my life a new name?

The one where they broke my heart.
Dec 2019 · 189
Summer Rains and You
PS Dec 2019
It was a summer ago that I looked in your eyes
And found it content filled and lust soaked
You dripped of wickedness but reeked of butterflies.

Like the summer breeze I inhaled you
And in the swimming pool I dived
Feeling light in the colour blue

It was around us and something that painted the skies
Unlike your eyes it is within mine
And the distance between the two pairs was shorter than miles.

The weather got weird, walking in with a scent of yew
It had started to pour
Even before I dripped myself in the red you'd drew.

Then I kept wondering, what if one of us dies?
Would you **** me? Because I'd sure like to make you mine.
My 1st ****
Because I know you know it must be cruel to love someone who let's you break them twice.

yew is actually a tree that symbolizes change, rebirth and regeneration after difficult times.
Dec 2019 · 173
PS Dec 2019
You feel like winter to me
I hate to admit it
I want to nuzzle into the body of thee.

Like the snow
You remind of the one that sparkles during dusk
With the wind on the go.

Cold breeze on my cheeks
Like your kiss on my skin
Making me, far and away, weak.

Breathing with you
Is like livin' a dream
Like sippin' on the perfect brew.

Like the brain freeze you make me forget the whys
And the hows
Of my ins and arounds.

Like the quiet
You tranquil away
In the puff made diet.

The darkness of the sky
Matches the one in your eyes
When you paint yourself with the ***** dye.

Otherwise the blue
Matches the ink of the flakes
And its turns: the same patterned skew.

You're like the winter in december to me
My placid place
Where I can be.

Happy December
Nov 2019 · 393
Girl Crush
PS Nov 2019
She walked in with the midnight laugh.
Glittering of moon and flowers, being a chaff.

Her eyes: reminiscence of an ancient peridot.
When one looks too deep for too long would get caught.

Like a kite she looks free.
But only one knows she's tied to he.

He who chooses to look proud of owning her magic.
Only the observer knows she seems to lead a life so tragic.

I resent him, more than envy.
For I see her as pretty and he as ****.

I wish to confess to the soft ears, my heart's will.
And take away the sorrow in her mind still.
PS Nov 2019
Seasons later, I started chasing your ghost because

Even if you had burned me from the inside like how people say

I miss the warmth that it provided to subside the cold.

The only warmth I feel now are the rolling tears

They travel down my cheeks in the name of you.

But they dry up too

I miss your smile, your voice and I miss your eyes

But mostly I miss your lies

Because they made me smile

I wonder why haven't you spoken a word, it's been a while.

It's so not like you to be quiet

I yelled, "Move those lips, tell me something even if it's one of your lies!"

Then it hit me you're only a hallucination

******! How I wish it was your reincarnation.

At the thought of that I cried upon your grave

And begged you to come back as seasons change.

Nov 2019 · 175
Remember Me
PS Nov 2019
Will you remember me when the sky changes its color?
The blue that fades to violet in the mystical hour.

Will you remember to forgive me after you drown in the whiskey?
Holding the color similar to the brown liquid that runs through your pupils briskly.

Will you remember me like when we were young?
All buoyant and sanguine when not a witnessed event felt unstrung.

It's okay if after years you forget how my eyes once reminded you of the stars.
I just hope you still remember how you made my oblivious heart grin before it learned about its scars.

Aye, beloved you, je t'ai trop aimé (I love you too much).
I'm sorry for I know I should've held on but I let you go anyway.

~ AllTheLovePS
PS Nov 2019
You pierced your way through my darkness

And sat yourself on the throne belonging there.

You shone some light from within you

Providing life to the world inside me.

Every summer you passed by the flicker of you you left on that throne,

And every winter you sat your whole self on it.

But now that I've seen blood pour out from your chest,

I am afraid you won't come back as seasons change.
I sometimes wonder if death of the one you love is better than not recieving love from the very much alive person you love.
Nov 2019 · 200
PS Nov 2019
I am tired of the fake smiles, the unreal laughs that followed the hoaxers.

Even the fictional chuckles,
That joined the audience after every heckle.

What can I do to not think about it?
When all I do is day dream about our hits.

Be it the home run you made,
Or my favourite CD collections we played.

Be it your heated hands on my body,
Or my ***** eyes that also held you under my moans' custody.

How could I move on when this was all in my head?
When I had forgotten the learnings of how to move ahead.

No one was there to collect my tears on their shoulder,
But everyone to call me a hypocrite and act as a beholder.

Wish they knew how much I needed advice,
Otherwise, I would probably fly towards paradise.

I wish I could treat my heart the same way I treated others',
Applying therapy of famous psychologists merged.

Fight anxiety, fight depression,
How could I when it became my only obsession?

Something I had written years ago.
Nov 2019 · 181
Unfortunate Me
PS Nov 2019
What attracts me the most is intelligence,
You had all of it.

What allures me the most are eyes,
Yours lit up all the time.

What impresses me the most is knowledge,
You knew.

What makes me happy is compliments,
You were full of it.

What arouses me the most is confidence, You never lacked it.

What saves me from darkness is hugs,
You gave the best ones.

What breaks me the most are lies, unfortunately that's all you ever said.

Nov 2019 · 219
Name Unsaid
PS Nov 2019
The first night I layed eyes on you
I knew I hadn't felt so great since the last dew.

We spoke of unspoken tales of ours
Without realizing we had spent a whole of sixteen hours.

Sixteen hours, talking to a stranger was this introvert's new record
Under the moonlit sky, high on rolled grass, you looked so alluring, oh lord!

If I knew I would've kissed thy lips
******* on the skin of it while you'd hold my hips.

But that time is foregone
Now you only exist in my thoughts like a graceful swan.

For we were two strangers in search for an ****** act
Instead we found each other and made a pact.

To look too deep into other's soul
To understand sorrow and fill other's hole.

We were first only two bodies made of flesh
But after the dance of geeet we were left two unique souls mutually meshed.

Now I sometimes remember the sky
Imagine your face and understand why.

Why we do not know each other's names
And why did we ever play that nasty game.

Because stars were afraid our love might outshine them
And the envious universe that displayed condemn.

So, whenever we see each other and if we do
"Let us live the romance", pray to lord, beloved you.

A story: half real and half fantasy.
Nov 2019 · 352
On My Stone
PS Nov 2019
The day that must carry mourn
Wouldn't surprise me if it stood gay

The day where most would expect to hear cries
Wouldn't surprise me if it stayed guffawed

The day where my soul would deserve silence
Wouldn't surprise me if it gets filled with jabber

The day I shall be dressed in my wedding dress --- a stripped hood
Wouldn't surprise me if it didn't shine any light

I'd be disappointed not if the grave that would be expected to hold me as my bed
Decides to throw me out instead

For I, a guilt filled being, doesn't deserve a polite farewell
Consequences of my crime-filled mind that religiously only deserves hell

So carve on my stone when the time comes
“In the memory of … a prostituted ****

Who only wished to provide for herself in a land unknown.”
Oh! Who am I kidding, I will not even be privileged to become a memory unless I atoned.
~ AllTheLovePS
Nov 2019 · 146
The First Kiss
PS Nov 2019
A stride nearer and I would feel the love rush they call warmth.

A little warmer and I would meet the trap they call lips.

An inch closer and I would taste the ****** they call slaver.

A step nigher and I would experience the bliss they call the first kiss.


— The End —