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You can be,
As stiff as a stick
As hard as a bone
As long as a rope
As harmless as a chick.
Bite me once
And am stuck on the bed forever.
In searching for Fame
I tend to fear
The act of fame.
Being an introvert
Is a rough road to take.
Thus though I didn’t take that road,
The road took me
When I was out of choices
And Blank with decisions.
Now, I want to change roads
But I don’t like shortcuts.
So am stuck!
But am still searching for fame.
Have hope!
That is what I hope.
Her peculiarity
Should not change your personality.
But find that opportunity .
Which gives a possibility
Of setting the faulty.

Have hope!
That is what I hope.
Don’t make that situation
Become a pollution
To your vision.
But just take your portion
Of the situation.
And make it an elevation.
This was the least advice I could give to my friend.
You should know
Not anytime but now!
You can’t just condemn
Regret and later say “****!
I shouldn’t have condemned
Forgetting that your are **** late to be accepted.
Angered by a friend. But I have now recovered and  discharged by my emotions.
Truly it is
Your beauty increases
And decreases
By your distance from the mirror.
The closer,
The nicer.
The further,
The nicest.
The camera does same
Is the day,
That the light
Will bright
Over it might.

A day
like today,
A baby as cute as a doll
Was seeing light
For the first time in the night
In the arms of Mrs Samira

A day
like today,
The only popular words
In the house of Mrs Samira
Was”barkamu da daadin Kai ”

A day
like today
A baby was identified
In the family as Zeeya.

A day
like today,
A celebration was made
On her existence

And today,
A celebration is made
On her maturity.
Barkamu da Daadin Kai is a Hausa greetings to a woman after delivery
The year of death is back again🥺
The year of killing has arrived
And here Nigeria is
Striving for peace
From every direction
To solve the current situation

My brother country! My fatherland!
Going through a lot
But receives no help
Not even from his leaders😒

The citizens put this same leaders into power
To ensure their security
But this same leaders are causing their insecurity
Freedom has now become a dream to the Nigerian
And war as their reality😭
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