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I am half-filled with words,
Still swimming in every direction
Of where I can find more.

Only to garnish my poetic skills
And sound euphonious.

I am now practicing to speak words fitly
Like apples of gold
In pictures of silver.
He is,
Brighter than the sun
Higher than the clouds
Bigger than Jupiter
Wider than the oceans
Stronger than an elephant
Finer than clay.

Faster than the machine
Greater than technology,
What more can’t you be?

He is,
Strict than a father
Loving than a mother
Caring than sibling
Approachable than a councilor
Wiser than the aged.

Who is he, who is above all?
Who is he, who answers every call?
Who is he, who has no challenger?
I was on a journey to the kitchen.
Then I heard,
my falling In a pool of water.
Red scratches all over.
Hand trying to touch the scratches
But didn’t seem to locate it.
Water from my eye
Almost filling up a cup of tea
But can’t be drank
Even by someone who can drink
The fullest of a tank
Body swinging
To continue medicating
But red scratches still all over
And pain felt everywhere
That seemed like reality
Just then,
The morning sun
Gave me a slap
Making me realize that
It was all a dream.
He fell in love with the shoe.
Flooded with dreams of where it might take him
The moment he saw its dazzling nature.

He tried to make it his own
But it was to no avail.

All he needed was money
To make it his own.
The love was tight
So he never missed any fight
To get the money.

He gave what he gained
To the shopkeeper,
And the shoe promised to be with him forever.

Tightly laced and polished,
Glittering like gold upon his feet,
As he moved to different location.

Trusting his shoes,
He had no interest in the future.
He thought it would continue to grow
As he also grew.

Years went by,
And the shoe could no longer
Sweet-talk to the to the old man
Because it’s tongue was torn.
And it was of no use
Putting on shoes that failed it’s promise,
And could no longer fit.
I am me,
Dressed in my down footed shoes,
In my beautiful hijab.

I am me,
Dressed with no makeup.
Natural, with no bleaching.

I am me,
Having no bleaching cream
Neither do I have any other cosmetics

But I am still me,
Living in a small house,
Belonging to a middle class family.

I am really me,
Hiding my feelings from no one.
And accepting the fact that,
I am a Muslim!
And I worship no God but Allah.
Laailaaha ilallah.
Laailaaha ilallah means there is no God but Allah
Feel the magic in the air
As we are on the fair

It’s a one day treat
That will need no meat

To ginger the hunger
To meet the anger
I panicked and rushed into the room
When I saw it.
Expecting my house to crush it down,
And the wind to take it away.

It was thin,
And as skinny as an AIDS patient.
But as scary as the island of dolls.

It looked as straight as a stick
And as hard as a rock.
How can I let it go with a heavy kick
When I can’t even hold a stick

In that shivering hands of mine.
It was though a small creature
With similar Human nature
But with a scary structure.
It was really an imposture

For lying like a stick
Only to receive a step
To give a poisonous bite.
How can I **** it then
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