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The layer of straw
Had a fur brush for tail
Instead of just hair.
Approach me nicely
Have a taste of my sugar
But fear my poison .
The tale of a fish
Swam into the large ocean
And back with some friends
I am who I  am
Words are an elevation
Not a pollution.
You can be,
As stiff as a stick
As hard as a bone
As long as a rope
As harmless as a chick.
Bite me once
And am stuck on the bed forever.
In searching for Fame
I tend to fear
The act of fame.
Being an introvert
Is a rough road to take.
Thus though I didn’t take that road,
The road took me
When I was out of choices
And Blank with decisions.
Now, I want to change roads
But I don’t like shortcuts.
So am stuck!
But am still searching for fame.
Have hope!
That is what I hope.
Her peculiarity
Should not change your personality.
But find that opportunity .
Which gives a possibility
Of setting the faulty.

Have hope!
That is what I hope.
Don’t make that situation
Become a pollution
To your vision.
But just take your portion
Of the situation.
And make it an elevation.
This was the least advice I could give to my friend.
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