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Alexys Marie Jun 19
we’ve learned a lot
in what it means to love, Love
that gives me hope
hope that we continue
to learn
to fix
and to mend
we will learn to love, Love
learn to love again.
Alexys Marie Jun 19
i like comparing emotions to colors
they’re simple, sweet, and succinct
but those colors fade
and the memories made
are quick to follow
they fade to black reminding me that
shade is full of sorrow.
Alexys Marie Apr 3
i can hear the wheels turn
between your ears
as your train of thought departs
down stubborn tracks
taking you far away from the place that i have brought you
only to realize upon arrival that
you can’t outrun them
for there are problems at every station
but i will be there waiting, love
wherever your destination.
Somewhere along the way this piece became a self projection, and we’re still chugging along.
Alexys Marie Apr 2
i was never taught how to swim
and always struggled to stay afloat
but that didn’t stop me
from diving headfirst
into the depths of a lustful hell
so with eyes closed and breath held
i sank to the bottom
because i couldn’t save myself
from drowning in the toxicity
of a body called
but i’m still alive.
Alexys Marie Mar 20
beauty is pain
and the truth is ugly
so I beg you
to tell me one lie


make me feel pretty
just one more time.
Alexys Marie Feb 12
you sold your lies
but i bought them
and the love died

so who should be sorry ?
the dealer of sin ?
or the willing ****** ?
Alexys Marie Jan 27
You’ll be the captain of your dreams,
And I’ll be the waves that set you
                                                             ­       free.
You’ll never weather a storm alone,
For I’ll be the tides that carry you
                                                                ­ home.
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