Can you hear me?
Hah, of course you do
After all you know who I am
You hate me right?
I can't blame you for that

It's been a long time since I could talk with you
So I will try to make it quick
Don't try to leave
We're both in the same spot
I know what you're going through
Just listen ok?

You're having a tough time, I know
You think it's pointless to keep going
That everything is your fault
That nothing can get better
But let me ask you something

How did you go that far without letting go?

Don't laugh at me, I'm being serious
Everything you did, even talking to me right now
Is because you want to keep going

So why jump off that bridge?

You felt it the moment you started to fall
The moment you couldn't go back
It was regret

This painful life you handled until now
This life you hated
This life you regretted
You wanted it back, or should I say
You wanted ME back?

Well I guess I'm not the best to "live" with
I get nasty from time to time, I can't deny it
But what I try to say is

You're not alone, we're all here for you

I'm not just "one" life you know
You're very important to me
And so are you to them

Lucky you, I'm feeling generous today
I'll give you another chance

But don't you try to throw away this one too, ok?
He's always looking out for you
Even if you're mad at him

Love might be a foreign word for you
Overwhelming, with a bittersweet taste
Volatile, meaningless, but still
Even you know he's here
Saving you from yourself

You're not alone in the dark path that is life
Out there, lighting the road
Unfazed, this shadow waits for you to give it's colors back

this shadow, it's you
They told me
With a pitiful look
Another stain life has given me
To my pained face

I am hurt but I still can't feel
I can't feel but I still suffer
I suffer but I'm still not sad
I'm not sad but I'm still not happy

I asked them what could I do
What's the purpose of doing something I can't enjoy
Why should I just stay here waiting for another day to pass
This unbearable nothingless

Hanging in my room
Feeding myself with the fresh air
I asked
Why is it that way?
You can read this from down to top too
Nothing matters
Nothingless, emptiness, less and less of my faith
Remains as I see my humanity leaves me
Slowly fading away

Lingering memories
I feed them
I keep them
They are just here, I can't let them


Do I want that? I ask them but it's


I try breathing but my lungs won't let me

In a last breath, I contemplate
My vision fading to red
The void filling my head
My heart filling with hate

I hate this world
This world hates me

But still

I want to be

My vision fading to black
Regrets filling my head
Tears of blood leaking from my eyes
My heart in a last beat
To my broken soul, my broken neck
Let flow the last bits of life

The one I hated

The one I once regreted

The one I loved since my last moments

— The End —