Alexias Jul 4
I walk, towards no destination
The wind blows my hair in despair
But it’s no use as my glare
Can’t leave the motion, invitation
From the wheat field

Millions, billions of grains shatter
On their long, slim body
Drawing curves passionately
As the wind keeps blowing harder

Shading from bronze to gold to blood
The sun comes to his dawn
A wave of cold comes as a yawn
Let the night unfold

The moonlight, fallen deity
Turns to silver whomever dares to stay
But the wheat knows that one day will come the flay
The delight of fatality
Let me know what you think of it. Comments greatly appreciated!
Alexias Apr 9
Dawning from a breath
A wave passes
Among the sea of flowers
Silently seeking a horizon

The sunlight they once were
Turns to cold snowflakes
Soft memories
Blown off, turned to a blizzard

Their soft lips move to the rhythm of the air
Begging for a glimpse, a ****,
A touch, just to stain them with red
From the spikes hiding underneath

The wind, leading the orchestra
Let the chaos turn into a song
Of happiness, of loneliness
That echoes through the everlasting

Garden of sinners
Please tell me what you think about it!
Alexias Apr 2
Today I will go out
Walk down the street
Talk to the people I meet
Give my axiety a tryout

Today I will practice piano
Feel the soft touch of each key
Open a door to a new journey
End it all in a fortissimo

Today I will draw
Scratch a paper sheet
Sketch dreams of which I'm the culprit
Thaw my mind until the heat
Gives me the warmth
To wake up tomorrow
I didn't write something with rhymes in a long time. Criticism greatly appreciated!
Alexias Mar 25
Why am I not as smart as her
Why can't I be as cool as him
Why am I not pretty like those models
Why is everyone around
Better than me

The few people who still were talking to me
Are now avoiding me
(Am I such a burden to hang out with?)
The warmth of my home, my family
Now is a living ****
(I'm such a disappointment)
My bed where dreams were flowing
Is now soaked in desperation
(When will it end?)

Everything hurts
My eyes are on fire
My heartbeats resonate
Like gunshots inside of my body
My lungs are screaming
Begging for air to breath
But I can't stop crying

(You're worthless)
(Why are you even trying?)
(You just keep failing at everything)
(Don't you see how everyone looks at you?)

In between my gasps
My voice in a soft breeze
Let go of the air
That made me suffocate
For countless years
Leaving space for all my regrets

When will the pain stop?
Alexias Mar 18
The man, climbing up the stairs
makes his way to the seventh heaven
Each one of his steps
Are echoing though the empty halls
Knocking, begging for an answer

On top of the stairs, a door
The man keeps walking up
The footsteps won't give up
But the door remain closed
The door won't answer

For a moment hesitating
The man fears what awaits
But once he pulls the handle
Nothing but the sky waits for him
Endless blue filling his sight

A dark cloud passes
The breeze caressing his cheeks
Whispers "You can fly too"
The man keeps walking
Stopping by the edge

He looks down on the city
He sees his house
An insignificant point in the mass
He sees the people
Small ants trying to find their way up

He laughs
Smiling, he removes his shoes
Takes a step forward, closes his eyes
And before taking flight, says
"I wish I had wings"
Alexias Mar 15
Looking up at the sky
Letting my eyes
Feel the warm light
From the stars
I stand
Waiting for an answer
To come
But no matter how long
I can keep staring
I cannot see anything
I won’t find the answer

Enlightened by
These mere mirages
Vague images
Of what was once
I blink
Everything fades away
A Comet
Passes through my cheek
Despite her cold
Her long trail
I will not shiver
And keep going forward
Enlightened by my own light
Alexias Mar 3
He takes his knife
And slowly opens the gates
Keeping the dark mass
From flooding over this page

There's nothing good coming out of it
It's just a sheet of paper
Drowned by the fool
Who couldn't handle
His own demise

Both are gone
But the remains they left
Shall keep existing
And stain those who dare
putting their hand on it
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