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Alena Gabbe Nov 2
Who am I but my brain and what was put in it
I look in the Mirror staring into my eyes without faith of what's
behind them
The mystical curtain is dropped
Everything just is
is something
Still unidentified but seen in the Mirror
Alena Gabbe Apr 22
I remember when I didn't have to fear staining my clothes with ice cream.
And I don't want to have to remember what time it is. Always.
I'm not a little girl anymore.

Band-Aids are still left on the shelf since childhood unused.
Alena Gabbe Apr 16
The feeling between opening up but being closed at the same time

I contain myself but don't want to be contained

You can still talk to someone through a closed door

People will still hear you behind it

You just won't be that loud

The conversation will be poor

I'm open but closed at the same time
Alena Gabbe Apr 16
I think using words to create meaning is like creating a word with a new definition.

— The End —