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Aleena 1d
My heart longs to be with you
It’s been so many days
Since you have been away
How much longer
Do we have to be apart
Aleena 4d
They cringe when they see me
Because they ain’t me

They don’t like my appearance
But hey,
That’s a them thing

What they don’t know is that:
I’m amazing

So don’t do me like that
Because you’ll just get played
Aleena 7d
Outcast among my own
Not worthy,
because of my mistakes
Is how I’m seen

They think of me as frivolous

I wonder why they deem me
To be a useless,
Aleena Nov 7
When words fly away
They can never be taken back
Once they’ve set flight
There’s no going back
Aleena Nov 5
The light that once burned bright
Has dimmed over night,
While the ocean lies still
I ask a question,
Should I stop dreaming
And just go back to sleep?
This is a shortened version of one of my poems. So if you liked it go to my page to read the full poem, it’s called “Dreamer”.

Aleena Nov 5
When dreams are read
They are known to:
slowly come to life

“It’ll happen, one day”
I tell myself,
“One day“
Aleena Oct 27
She said it,
She said the phrase I most regretted
Those words they stung
Because they where so dreaded
I knew it was true,
but I didn’t know it would come so soon

Caught me off guard
It played out like a cartoon
I knew it was true,  
but never thought that it would be said
Hitting me so hard
Made me wanna drop dead
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