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Aleena Sep 2
Every time I see you
The stars alone
And I can fly

I am taken to places
Right under my eyes
I can’t be awaken
While I’m stuck in my mind

I need to distinguish my fire
It’s been inside
For such a long time
And I don’t know why

I tried pouring water
Into my soul
But still it burns bright
November 2019
Aleena Sep 2
When He walked in
my soul left my body
I am no longer present
I am now a ghost
I am a zombie
I am a vampire
I don’t have any blood
pumping through my veins
My heart is no more  
Because he took it
April 2019
Aleena Sep 1
I wanna look you up and down
And say nice outfit sir
I would love a right
On his long train
If you know what I'm saying
Aleena Sep 1
Why is it that
Even though I know
You are rude, selfish
And cold-hearted
I am still falling
Down a deep dark hole
Full of fantasies
Of you and me
Aleena Aug 27
Hope pours down on me
Like last nights rain:
Still fresh, And yet
Not really dry
But still not wet

Hope spills from the heavens
Returning every time I need it
But Sometimes,
it doesn’t come
For a while
Which makes me wonder,
If it ever will

I need to regrow
But how can I do so
without the rain
Which fuels my very essence

So when I am deprived from the thing that keeps me going
How must I continue?
Oct 22 2019
Aleena Aug 23
I can’t explain
To you
the intricacies
Of my life
Feb 7 2020
Aleena Aug 23
Let me hear the rain
When there is nothing left
For the sound of water
Falling from the sky
Feb 10 2020
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