alan Nov 2017

Rainbow highways lead us to tile bathrooms
hiding in the stalls because someone just, won't, leave.
Hidden behind colorful crisps and candy
replacing the sunset outside
because we feel the need to hide.

have you ever been in a bathroom with only one other person? it was awkward.
alan Nov 2017

Baggy jeans
baggy shirts
oh how
it all hurts
when we're teens
back in 94
and now we see
our time has come back some more
and now we're young
young again.

Walking to class
after leaving with a hall pass
hand in hand
oh bring me back
back to 95
when we were dead but we felt alive
oh bring me back
to being young again.

Based off of three Polaroids I saw of a family member in collage with her friends.
And no, I don't do math.
alan Nov 2017

The rusted red of your
ghostly lights and a
Chinese dragon
dancing through the November wind
your faint flushed face after you spinned
nearly as red as my lantern glow.

Recently visited Arkansas and saw a faded red Volkswagen, it had been painted rainbow colors with the words "SMILE" on the front and "it's all good" on the back. I took some pictures and wrote this poem afterward.
alan Nov 2017

Xú zhēn ōu hold me, please!
I promise that I won't linger,
I just want the soft touch of your finger
when the city is harsh and loud
and my body quivers from cold
and warmth comes from your hold
and smile.


check out part one, it's better.
alan Nov 2017

Xú zhēn ōu sing with me, please!
I promise that I won't quiet,
if you promise that you won't start a riot
when my singing gets too loud
and my fingers fumble on each string
and the only beautiful thing
is you.

alan Nov 2017

Oh lovely Xú zhēn ōu,
you're on the edge of time, did you know?
I'll hold your hand from a mile away
look at the stars at the end of the day
close your eyes and walk along
we won't say a single word, the wind will be our song
I love you Xú zhēn ōu, we're on the edge of time you know,
we're on the edge of time.

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