alan 4d

Cyborg submarines,
drowning in the ocean,
nobody knows where they'll go
they're just gonna drown down, down.
What do you want tonight?
A brown paper bag, I fill it with-
just a hug.

alan 5d

Ghost train
in a ghost land
on a wooden frame;
haunted, wooden train tracks.
Ghost ship
in a ghost world
on rusty waters;
human life has abandoned you,
you're just an inky grave.
Ghost train
ghost train
graffiti is on you
but the makers are all dead
swimming in the waters
drowning all the ghosts
on a ghost ship.

i like writing about places/things being abandoned, might take some time for me to become more active with these types of poems etc. though, but this was nice to write, no matter how bad it is.

whatever, hope you're all doing well.
alan Oct 14

Distance yourself from a world undone
I'm waiting in the darkness while you're on the run
guitar in my hand, all alone
watching the stars pass by, I'm on my own
dusty stars, far away
closing in
the light of day.
I promise I'll keep you safe
take hand in hand stars covered in sand
I promise I'll keep you safe
hold tightly the last of your kind
you saw me crumble before you
the weight of the world I bind
it's true.
I promise I'll keep you safe
safe from the lies before your eyes
like Dusty Stars, they blind you
follow my notes and broken chords
all is offset around us
but I will keep you safe.

alan Oct 3

Faucets made of plastic
overflowing with rubbish
this world, what has it come to?
Is this the way we end?
It's raining with acid in your plastic world
the ocean is polluted with the packaging of death
your eyes cannot see anymore
you shield yourself with this a rose shade on stage
is that really you?
You sing your story for the world,
but is your story true?
Everything is plastic
everything is fake.

alan Oct 3

I can't sleep
too much on your mind
all my thoughts are the cost of one penny, lost.
The world is coming to an end
if I had a penny each time you sinned
the devil would be rich.
I can't breathe
too much on your breath
all this smoke is the cost of one penny, lost.
You saved your penny...
you found it when it was gone.
Is all my pain the final cost of one penny, lost?
I can't sleep
too much on your mind
all my time in prison was a waste
hoping to be
your one penny, lost.

alan Oct 3

Bedfordshire when your moment is due
and the starry nights have hidden you
everyone grasps to the day but me.
And travels to you through May
outer heart, it's frozen day, in September,
when all changes, all goes well with you.
This drowsy feeling washes like paint
and you peel it off my skin
until my outer heart is protected deep within.
Bedfordshire when your time has come
and every eye closes some
they will all wake in fear
but me.

hi, i hope you are all doing well.
alan Sep 23

Your country flag is faded
come cascaded into space
this was your home, this was your place,
aka, shiro, and ao
you lived here but it's gone now.
Empty, broken, its colors washed
your people wanted change now here's the cost,
you're just like me
because now you're lost.

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