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Jun 2019 · 86
Love is love
Akshi Hargoon Jun 2019
Love is love
Why don't you see?
It's pure, non judgemental and meant to be free
Just like the magnificent deep blue sea
It does not discriminate against all that live in it
Even at those who just go for a dip
So who are we to judge who people should love?
We should learn to show respect and rise above
Kindness and humanity should matter the most
Not the ones that make fun off others and boast
We are all children of God
Love all, do good and don't make others feel odd
Showing support for pride month
May 2019 · 139
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
Touching you feels like playing with a candle flame
A pleasurable illusion of danger
To my intense gratification
I cannot stay away
Your iridescence beckons me
Your scent torments me
A mutually decided destruction
May 2019 · 70
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
Like the radiance of a full moon
she was silent, bright and powerful
embedded within her was each phase
that reflected her missing self
waiting to become whole again
May 2019 · 325
Hidden Desire
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
Your eyes tell a story of innocence
Yet your mind is poisoned with deception
You lure me with your inviting looks
Your Laughter a growing infection
You are a gracious orchid laced with thorns
Consumed by dark intentions
To do all the wrongs
May 2019 · 182
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
You threw her away
A seed which wasn't being used
She fell to ground
In despair, in a desperate attempt
To make something of herself
The dirt which she fell in, nurtured her
Provided her with all that she needed
Now she stands tall
A beautiful strong tree
Fulfilling her purpose
May 2019 · 146
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
Her mind is a bunch of tangled wires
Waiting to be taken apart individually
By the one man that dares
To wonder through her madness
May 2019 · 143
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
he was her air
giving her a beautiful life
a life suited for a queen
but suffocating
her on certain days - shutting the palace doors
making her see an explosion of colour
but immersing her into a dark dungeon
her mind became a spiders web
trapping her most intense feelings
allowing her to maintain her golden smile
while making sense of her devastation within
this war is hers to fight for she refuses to give up
she still sees the beautiful life and opened palace doors
Apr 2019 · 66
Slow Dance
Akshi Hargoon Apr 2019
she was a paradox of emotions
he was the only one who
could handle her madness
and together they danced
like wildfire being encouraged by wind
Apr 2019 · 51
Lost in The Moment
Akshi Hargoon Apr 2019
she lay her head upon his chest
his heartbeat - rhythmic poetry
put her demons to rest
messianic beats understood by her soul
his gentle touch stroking her hair
assuring her he will always be there
embraced in each others arms
cacooned away from any harm
tempestuous emotions at a rising alarm
the only time there's a storm before the calm
Apr 2019 · 45
You hold my heart
Akshi Hargoon Apr 2019
I shall open the door
for you to see
it's always gonna be
you and me
going on our lifes trip
holding each other so we don't slip
my heart freely given to you
in a glass case
putting my life in your hands
i'd never forget your face
you are what my most intimate dreams
are about
it's just you always you
i'd never want out
Apr 2019 · 38
Intense Lover
Akshi Hargoon Apr 2019
Believe in better - that's what she said
to the voices that quarrelled in her head
though she knew things may never change
she refused to let go - feeling deranged
pain began to feel like pleasure
a sense of eroticism - newfound treasure
a feeling bound just to her
with silver handcuffs covered in fur
masked with a golden eye patch
a body with stories in every scratch
fevered madness loomed over
she could never get enough of her lover
Apr 2019 · 195
True Realization
Akshi Hargoon Apr 2019
Close your eyes
you will see
all that cannot be seen
opened eyed
as once your eyes are shut
you see from within your soul
clearer messages relayed
true meanings unfold
Apr 2019 · 41
Akshi Hargoon Apr 2019
there she stood mirrored in her reflection
a flame dancing on water
Apr 2019 · 44
Hearts Know
Akshi Hargoon Apr 2019
gold burns in fire yet it shines
a constant reminder of our loves time
heated arguments that scorched our soul
polishing it vigorously to glitter like gold
of all the words that were said
there is this three we never will regret
in this moment time stood still
we gazed at each other
a galaxy of stars
no room for distractions
just the magnetism of our hearts
A love so true
Mar 2019 · 65
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
And there I was
climbing my ladder of insecurities
finding what makes me tick
like a bomb bound by time
Trying to create something
that is mine
Consoling myself that all will be fine
Mar 2019 · 58
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
My minds a mess
I can't contest
Confined by the prison in my head
My thoughts are fed
I'm no longer able to get out
Even if bang on the bars and shout
There's no warden
Coz my heart has hardened
And I'm now left to my own vices
Mar 2019 · 61
The Stare
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
He stared at her with predatory intent
A stare that made him feel content
A Crooked smile across his face
In her heart he knew his place
Breathing erratically going red in her face
He gave her a feeling no one could replace
And even though she still felt shy
It was only with him that she could fly
Mar 2019 · 211
Be True
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
Sometimes our eyes simply do not see
Our ears do not hear
We confuse our true self with our "Show" self
The self that's consumed by ego
The self that does not realize the value of relationships
The self that does not stop to appreciate the little simple pleasures offered by life
Do not just look.. But SEE
Do not just hear... But LISTEN
Always be your TRUE self - only then will you
truly find complete happiness and appreciation in what life has to offer
Mar 2019 · 70
The Dream
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
A barren land
Surrounded by desert sand
All I see is a castle ruins
My inner voice speaks
"go forth and seek"
What this looks like
May not be as it seems
I follow this voice
Not regretting my choice
For what I discover in there is remarkable
A hidden paradise just for me
Where I can be happy and free
Mar 2019 · 56
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
I stand before you
baring my naked soul
my heart sizzling - a piece of coal
all my walls broken down
its in your love, I want to drown
all my insecurities ripped to shreds
an explosion of feelings being fed
your hands send me into wild frenzy
you are my potent drug
Mar 2019 · 45
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
You are the voice in my head
I sing to remember
I sing to forget
making me lose control
of situations and wreck my soul
though I wished you'd go
without you I'd feel hollow
Mar 2019 · 44
Strong Soul
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
She once was whole
now she's torn apart
a strong soul
with a broken heart
fighting a losing war
detached from herself
like a shooting star
sipping from her cracked cup
yet she still doesn't give up
Mar 2019 · 41
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
Everything beautiful comes with
a little imperfection
even a rose has thorns
Mar 2019 · 715
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
my pencil bleeds out its grey led
with all the words that could be said
painting out a collage of emotion
revealing a deep rooted devotion
hidden within a preconceived notion
waters raging like an unstable ocean
grey blood splashed all over the place
trying to win this unstoppable race
Mar 2019 · 39
What Is A Best Friend?
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
What is best friend?
A best friend is the little puffs of mashmellows in a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day
The sprinkles on your favourite ice-cream
The syrup on your waffles
The blanket that warms you on a winters day
The dew that shines like diamonds on a flower
All the little things that make you enjoy and appreciate what you have
A friend gives a special meaning to your life
One that you didn't know existed until they walked in
They are the light in your darkest hour
They are a reminder that goodness still does exist
Mar 2019 · 34
Be Free
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
Run wild - an unbroken stallion
Strong and determined
Held down by nobody but you
The limits that define you are what you set forth
Your ability and capability is within your control
Mar 2019 · 33
Written Love
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
My pen glides smoothly across the page
Like a fine wine that has sumptuously aged
Revealing innumerable sensations felt
The sight of it just makes my heart melt
Each alphabet curved in delicate strokes
Taking my time so I don't choke
Penned down thoughts in a sequential fashion
Filled with love and firey passion
Mar 2019 · 57
Stand Strong
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
Sitting in the darkness, No strength to fight
I suddenly see a silhouette, surrounded by bright light
shielding my eyes coz it's difficult to see
I hear a voice say, "take my hand, you'll be free"
I reach out in a desperate attempt
To get away from this murkiness
but the little voice in my head whispered
hold on tight, your time will come
don't take the easy road, don't run
this light is just an illusion, to create in you a little confusion
the devil is trying to sway your faith, make you a rebel
But stay strong and show him, by the hand of God he will tremble
this murkiness will transform you into
a Lotus Flower
showing you at the end, who holds unimaginable power
Mar 2019 · 277
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
And even though there were nights my tears ran dry...
Each drop of my blood would still sing your praises
For a love as rare as yours - is worth much more
Mar 2019 · 74
Eternal Love
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
You have burnt your mark onto my soul
I'm now branded for life
That even after death your mark will reside
For my eternal soul lives for you
Mar 2019 · 58
His Warmth
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
In his touch was the warmth of the sun
That melted her cold heart
With each d
Her anger released
Replaced with pure passionate love
Mar 2019 · 60
Self Love
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
Be the guiding star in your own life first
Before you can guide others
Remember you need to stick your pieces together
Before helping someone to stick theirs
Mar 2019 · 41
Be Proud
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
You are beautiful, capable and amazing
You were born with a purpose - a purpose that you will fulfill when the time is right
Sure things may not always be great. You do have your days where you feel incapable of anything including getting out of bed
You question your need and purpose. You question your worth and capabilities
But remember that is just a phase
It's like a passing storm that will eventually give rise to a beautiful day. Never doubt yourself
Embrace your individuality, your sexuality, your cultural identity
Be proud of yourself
As long as your are a good human being - that's all that matters
We all are of the same language - the language of humanity
Stand proud
Mar 2019 · 111
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
What if we wake up one day and realize that all along, we have not been living
What if this life, is not life at all
What if we are just puppets being controlled
To provide entertainment
To act on this "life" movie set
Our roles are already set out for us
Our stories already directed
Some have happy endings, some not
Some uncertainty, some just bleek dullness
It's not within our control
And as well go along acting
Experiencing an array of emotions
The puppeteer sits comfortably on his high chair praising himself for what he has created
Mar 2019 · 46
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
For the fears within you grow
When you feed them
Every uncertainty, doubt, lack of self esteem
Helps these fears manifest stronger
Providing them with a power you eventually will be unable to control
Starve these fears
Starve them so much that they fade away
Think positively
Think happily
Believe, have faith in yourself
Love yourself
Mar 2019 · 29
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
Anger pulses through my veins
All that remains is this undying rage
Supressed for far too long
Damaging all that mistakenly comes in my way
I cannot contain all that wishes to come out
Like the aftermath of a hurricane
Debris of emotions scattered everywhere
With no ability, no strength left to clean up
All I have is deep regret
For the situation I was unable to prevent
But how am I to blame?
I tried for far too long
My jar of emotions was overfilled
It had to flow out sometime or the other
We have all said things in anger
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
People always said, there's a light at the end of every tunnel - I never did believe that until I saw that light... In a person...

He brought out the best of me as well as the worst.
He could comfort me even though he was the cause of my untamed anger.
My calm exterior underneath which was a raging volcano of anxiety
One controlled by him so as to not let it possess my every pore and consume me

Being with him is like waking up to the sound of the birds chirping, the smell of fresh crisp air, the sight of mist covering the hilltops like a warm fluffy blanket. He is my sunrise on an overcast day. The rainbow after a storm and my *** of gold at the end of the rainbow.... He is my existence...
Mar 2019 · 189
My Natural High
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
He was intoxicating
A feeling you get after consuming a bottle of *****
A head rush, happy endorphins released
With you I felt capable, able enough to take on anything
To be anything
To touch
To feel
To believe
You were my magic pixie dust
Mar 2019 · 138
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
And in his eyes I see love
I could stare at them for hours
Never tire
This love that's just for me
I'd happily drown in them
And feel at peace
Mar 2019 · 514
For The Love Of Nature
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
Spring time is here
What better way to cheer
To marvel at mother natures wonder
That can be admired beyond yonder
This is by far a magical feeling
Taking it in - your soul healing
All the trees and plants blossom away
Reminding us of natures ways
Leaving us all in awe
Hands to our cheeks dropped jaw
Oh what a blessing nature is to us
Providing us with calmness in life's rush
Mar 2019 · 166
Force of Attraction
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
Your demons devour my soul
Drawing me closer to you
My inner voice shouts to stay away
Yet like opposite poles of a magnet
I'm stuck to you
Mar 2019 · 109
Needing Passion
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
In your embrace
Is where I Wana be
The warmth of your body
Seeping through my pores
Feeling of belonging, wanting, needing
Knowing that I can feel this way only with you
Sends my emotions, passions, on a roller coaster ride
This exstacy, a high like never before
It's all you, only you
It's has always been and will always be just you
Mar 2019 · 103
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
Like a lost leaf in the wind she wondered
Roaring like the thunder
Unafraid of what lays ahead
She was still able to tread
A brave soul though exterior
Without revealing her soft interior
A strong spirit going on with daily life
Fighting through all that complicates her life
A smile like hot chocolate on a winters day
Never does she cry one would say
But all that isn't true
Her pillows know of the tears she shed
Late at night while cuddled up in bed
Mar 2019 · 41
Crazy Love
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
He kissed her - brought her back to life
With the realization that it was him
she needed all along
He is both her storm and shelter from the rain
Her anger and calmness
Her turmoil, anxiety and peace
It's madness but it's what she needs
An insane love story
Mar 2019 · 227
Natures Blessing
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
Emerald green
            Long glistening leaves
                             Dancing in the wind
Appreciate nature
Mar 2019 · 61
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
I lay awake in bed
Unable to put my thoughts at rest
They argue with each other - noises in my head
Why do they do it to me
When I'm so fatigued
I do not have the strength anymore
Just wish I could shut the door
The door that let's them out
Makes me wana scream and shout
I have no control over them
My mind can't seem to comprehend
Why is it only at night
These thoughts come out to fight
sometimes the thoughts we have prevent us from getting sleep. They haunt us
Feb 2019 · 90
Akshi Hargoon Feb 2019
In the dullness of the day
I feel a sense of belonging
A yearning happiness
Unfulfilled by the sun shining
Is it weird to feel this way?
To find comfort in the dark and dull
Feb 2019 · 128
You Are My Awakening
Akshi Hargoon Feb 2019
In the calmness of the sea
I see nothing but you
You capture my every sense
Your composure, as calm and breathtaking as the waves kissing the sand
A tinge of roughness but care not to destroy its beauty
Your voice, oh, like a marvelous symphony in my ear
Each word taken in deliciously in bated breaths
My eyes look upon you with devouring intent
Your lips, your smile could bring the changing tides to a halt
The ball of fire in the sky dulls in comparison to your aura
One touch from you - I am a barren land filled with springs transforming into a flowing river
I flourish in your presence - in your absence I'm desolate
Feb 2019 · 97
You Are Worth It
Akshi Hargoon Feb 2019
You are an undiscovered gem
Rare and beautiful
Your worth does not depreciate
Just because people didn't find you yet
Feb 2019 · 177
Akshi Hargoon Feb 2019
You were born to live...
Not just exist
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