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she was a paradox of emotions
he was the only one who
could handle her madness
and together they danced
like wildfire being encouraged by wind
she lay her head upon his chest
his heartbeat - rhythmic poetry
put her demons to rest
messianic beats understood by her soul
his gentle touch stroking her hair
assuring her he will always be there
embraced in each others arms
cacooned away from any harm
tempestuous emotions at a rising alarm
the only time there's a storm before the calm
I shall open the door
for you to see
it's always gonna be
you and me
going on our lifes trip
holding each other so we don't slip
my heart freely given to you
in a glass case
putting my life in your hands
i'd never forget your face
you are what my most intimate dreams
are about
it's just you always you
i'd never want out
Believe in better - that's what she said
to the voices that quarrelled in her head
though she knew things may never change
she refused to let go - feeling deranged
pain began to feel like pleasure
a sense of eroticism - newfound treasure
a feeling bound just to her
with silver handcuffs covered in fur
masked with a golden eye patch
a body with stories in every scratch
fevered madness loomed over
she could never get enough of her lover
Close your eyes
you will see
all that cannot be seen
opened eyed
as once your eyes are shut
you see from within your soul
clearer messages relayed
true meanings unfold
there she stood mirrored in her reflection
a flame dancing on water
gold burns in fire yet it shines
a constant reminder of our loves time
heated arguments that scorched our soul
polishing it vigorously to glitter like gold
of all the words that were said
there is this three we never will regret
in this moment time stood still
we gazed at each other
a galaxy of stars
no room for distractions
just the magnetism of our hearts
A love so true
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