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they said "what goes around, comes around"
holding those words of wisdom,
carried into my pockets,
like treasure golds,
such a shame, it won't come true,
cause every time i scroll past at all of the villains,
who made me feel bad about myself,
from the look on their faces,
wide smile teeth,
shiny eyes,
beside with their trophies,
not acknowledging memories from the past who caused me pain,
it is not okay,
to be able to pick up pieces from a broken mirror,
they caused to destroy,
if only i can took the matters to my hands,
what karma couldn't do for me,
but i won't,
i took the high road,
sits patiently for that one day,
the world would turn around,
i don't wished to caused them danger,
i don't wished for their deaths,
i just wished they'd realized their awful actions,
and engraved regrets through their minds,
but i guess world doesn't spins the way i think,
or maybe it doesn't spin at all,
"what goes around, stays forever"
i'll be keeping it, and they don't
cause karma doesn't exist.
I saw the smile on his face,
As he laugh at his own jokes,
Take his punch line,
It is an ordinary day isn't it?
Well that was i thought,
As he rushes through the door,
With positivity of leaving,
Then coming back at night,
Were waiting,
Patiently waitng,
He promised us a dinner,
He promised to cook,
High expectancy,
We thought off a good dinner at night,
But flash forward to that day,
As we were patiently waiting,
A phone call that were hard as a concrete hit my face,
A year without a rain,
He's footsteps out through that door,
Were the last thing we knew,
This night is gotta be better,
But instead we meet a souless eyes,
Bursts our agony,
Till midnight,
It seems forever...
For the girl who had so many dreams,
Who hoped for a brightest star,
Who waited to put on a spotlight,
Who fall and tried to get up by their feet,
Who lost and find herself,
Are you still aiming for the top?
Or you just prayed that you wont step at the bear traps?
Or maybe to run fastest that you could?
You born to believe that you need to sit on the throne,
For them to acknowledge your worth,
But aren't you tired?
Seeking validation,
Hoping to know you were not invisible...
And these days,
You ignore all the contest you've been before,
The only thing you knew its the apocalypse,
You had to fight,
For you to survive,
And not trying and trying,
a fragile heart,
stand it so brave,
it won't last for good,
leave it on edge,
it'll jump with an outburst,
swiftly like leaves flying at fall,
wrathful like a senseless war,
they said " you're so much alike to him",
and i wondered how history works,
how it keeps writting off names,
a pattern of repetition,
the thought of a breakable heart,
scares more than a thousand of ghosts,
and i swore to dad,
never should i take advantage,
of one's heart,
neither mine too.
they told the tales of their adventures,
how the quest were tough to pass,
and their aches mends through laughters,
the inside jokes and shenanigans,

but i seen it as if it was a movie,
as if it was a trilogy book,
it was so fun to see the smile on their faces,
but only in a distant were i was belong.

where i was in the wrong part of a history,
and i was there all alone,
to remember the memories,
were i wasn't part of...
she loves everything about art,
she knows how draw,
she know all the ideas,
where to picture them,
and she knows all the song,
singing at the top of her lungs,
while writting a poem,
but she doesn't make what so called 'best'
and she neither called her too,
she pictured her life as a measurements in their eyes,
what's best is not her at all,
and so she remain at shaddows,
cause she will never be at the spotlight.
Born with a purpose,
Born with a curse,
Molded through a past,
Or marked with scars,
She falls a thousand times,
Like stacked dominos,
Hard to put back the way it was,
And so she will be risen,
Like a butterfly  gone through metamorphosis,
Spreading her wings as she rebirths,
ready to reach the peak of  the mountain,
ready for a fight, for a lesson,
ready to understand the reasons,
no guilt trips,
no blame  game,
she learned how touch turn misery into gold,
she learned how to win a rigged game,
and the nemesis would be tremble on its knees,
As she wins the fight,
she's fated to vanquish...
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