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manas Jun 13
Hail! Princess of astounding midnight,
Greetings to your blooming twilight.
Your budding moonlight raises a thought,
What gifts you bring to a poet's delight?
"With chirping birds and pink sky hue-
This painting of dusk I bring to you."

Hail! Princess of astounding midnight,
Greetings to your midnight sky.
Deep-sea mysteries yonder stars hide,
Please whisper tales in those jewels that lie.
"Those stars hold grief and infinite regrets-
Coz they've lived long as keeper of secrets.

Hail! Princess of astounding midnight,
Greetings to your fading hue
Where do you wander off, this hour,
As daylight dances on jewels of dew?
" with your soul smiling with heartfelt delight,
I leave to lighten someone else's night."
Jun 9 · 210
A poet's eyes
manas Jun 9
There is this world, not very far-
where travel words, spreading fragrance.

where to observe a wilting leaf,
time slows down and waits with patience.

deep sea secrets people here hold-
about fears and regrets, mistakenly unconsoled

Here shine stars of emotions too coy,
like love madness and infinite joy.

here true and fantasy merge into one,
to heal the scars of dreams undone.

Never are masks of lies here worn,
even flaws of life people here adorn-

this fine world shall light up your skies,
when you look into a poet's eyes.

And then on a cold, full moon night,
Open the gates to this kingdom of smiles,

Dive down deep into her voice,
Coz this world is a journey of thousand miles.

And when it ends, you shall see-
Every step was worth a lifelong memory.
What do I see in your eyes?
Jun 3 · 178
An aspect of fear
manas Jun 3
An aspect of fear,
is that it can be seen-
in the eyes of weak,
where dark torment has been-
for infinite ages and nights untold,
ruling upon this cursed land,
with hopes and dreams-
all made of sand.

An aspect of fear,
is that it can hide-
deep down mortal soul,
where one's monsters reside,
to relive every cold winter-
as unfathomable a pain,
and be heard in every silence-
as a malicious midnight rain.

An aspect of fear
is that it's strikingly lethal.
it haunts and scars,
like mistress death, cold and evil.
it feeds on guilt, grief and remorse-
from where its roots take birth,
and Adagio it subdues lost minds,
Till they're cold, inside mother earth.
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Jun 1 · 144
A very normal wedding
manas Jun 1
A midsummer day it was-
Yellow and Merry it's hue,
On doors of the cathedral, stood the usher,
Aiding friends and folks, and kinsmen too.

Stood the priest, smiling.
Waited the witness, joyfully.
An elated pianist played the piano,
Hymned the choir, melodiously.

Then she  walked in,
An angel, dressed in white,
Helping her to the lord's alter,
Her bridesmaids,  smiling bright.

Before each other, they stood smiling,
Gazing each other's eyes, deep blue-
When smiling gloriously, SHE kissed HER,
SHE kissed too and said I do.
I ain't gay BUT I SUPPORT
May 26 · 189
Castles of sand
manas May 26
Castles of sand,
on a magnificent beach.
With stroll of Time,
great heights they reach.
A palace of dreams,
with towers of smiles,
Here lurk emotions a Bit too coy
like love Madness and infinite joy.

Castles of sand,
That live no more.
Destroyed by waves,
pounding sea shore.
From oceans of reality,
with waters of jealousy,
Bring winds of grief-
from Gulf of hypocrisy.

Castles of sand,
standing once again.
Resurrected from fall,
and its endless pain.
Rebuilt by hope,
Strengthened by belief,
decorated with faith
and secured with relief.

Castles of sand,
On a sea swept shore,
Waiting to fall,
And relive once more.
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May 23 · 603
What color is sky?
manas May 23
What colour is sky?
The sky is blue.
The colour of morning,
and its delightful hue.
Fantastic forests with delightful due-
add a jewel to this cronet of hue.

What colour is sky?
The sky is pink.
The colour of twilight,
and its alluring wink.
A tinge of joy hides in the skies-
like dreams living in a maiden's Eyes.

What colour is sky?
The sky is dark.
The colour of night,
and moon's cry of lark.
Here lurk secrets never said or told,
and persist emotions, eternally unconsoled.
What color is your sky......let me know
May 18 · 200
Give me a thousand scars
manas May 18
(Dear destiny)
Give me a thousand scars-
(Those glorious souviners of countless wars)
from sharpest of your daggers,
and I shall wear them,
with my head held high,
with utmost Pride.
Carrying them as jewels adorn,
a winsome bride.

Give me a thousand scars,
(those wounds that tear hearts apart) from most cruel of your words,
and I shall carry them,
with a smile spreading wide,
brimming eternal love.
Guarding them as leonidas did defending his honour.

Give me a thousand scars,
(thoughts that soak eyes dead)
from most cruel of your memories,
and I shall wear them ,
with my eyes gazing stars,
hiding deep sea secrets.
telling tales as Nomad wind speaks,
of emotions left behind.
Tell me your age old experiences
May 12 · 130
Everything has changed
manas May 12
Twenty years have passed since
I last greeted my old town streets.
Something small, something naive, feels different,
for the children’s chuckles are no longer heard.
True that,
we’ve all gotten older,
and everything has changed.

Twenty years have passed since
I last walked into that scent.
   That aroma from the bakery has been forgotten,
as wasted there stand ruins of a memory.
True that,
time heartlessly moved ahead,
and everything has changed.

Twenty years have passed since
I last imbraced this starry night.
They seem too embarrassed to share a glance.
Perhaps that is normal, coz now I'm a stranger.
True that,
the skies have forgotten me,
everything has changed.
my philosophy
how did your life change?
comment below
Apr 18 · 160
Castle on the hill
manas Apr 18
Castle on the hill

A lot lies in this valley that hide,
secrets in woods and stream reside.
Dying tales of history here persist,
protected like a mother by dazed mist.
Holding head high, you see past go still,
standing with pride, a castle  on the hill.

It stands tall, it stands bold,
look and you’ll find every story it holds.
As you adore this breathtaking view,
it slowly reveals it’s chronicles to you.
It yarns of glory and pride tranquil,
telling it’s tale, a castle on the hill.

But as you reach it’s forgotten  threshold,
it’s old scars and welts you behold.
To cruel history it’s gratitude it owed,
to fangs of revenge alas it’s head it bowed.
So it breaths it’s last, at outskirts of belleville,
dying of ignorance, a castle on the hill.
that's how time hits..hard and ruthless
Dec 2019 · 192
Dec 2019 · 122
manas Dec 2019
The eternal waves pound the sea shore,
and go away.
The shore patiently bears it.
the deep sea calls,
and calls again.
The shore patiently hears it.

Neither sea nor waves change their ways,
nor does the sea sway.
In deep, it's call echos forever,
as if a devout prays.

Seasons change and ages go,
they all remain same.
Neither sea nor shore gives up,
in this nature's divine game.

So learn all ye men to stand,
firm like rock in your faith.
Never abstain thy belief in him,
even in phase of death.
comment me thy tales of faith that made thy soul smile.
Nov 2019 · 314
If silence had words..
manas Nov 2019
If silence had words,
untold secrets wouldn’t prevail.
If silence had words,
Life wouldn’t be such an intriguing tale.
The unsaid wishes would be said,
from broken hearts of living dead,
If silence had words....

If silence had words,
Fragile emotions wouldn’t be breached.
If silence had words,
All depth of heart thoughts would have reached.
The tormented would have smiled,
Joy would return after being exiled,
If silence had words....

If silence had words,
There would be happiness all around.
If silence had words,
Fabrications  buried would never be found.
Each day would worth nothing less a pray,
but a poet would have nothing to say.
Only if silence had words..
What would your silence say if it had words?

— The End —