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Under the bridge I sit
On a bench, cats and dogs rain
I hold a tiny paper
My back arching over it to save it
From getting drenched
For hours in the melancholic rain
In the ghastly night
I ponder, and think, imagine
But the paper remains empty
Not defiled by the ink in my quill
Pain? Love? Pleasure?
How to make art?
I forgot
In the quest to make the greatest of them all
This synthetic sadness is not doing me any good
In the tiny pouches of water, puddles,
I see my face, blank,
I feel nothing
Maybe I should come back and try again
To write my magnum opus
The work that defines me, because
My greatest art,
Will be made from my greatest loss
Ahmad Attr May 6
Such a pretty life this family has
Kids playing in the pool
I watch over them from the garden
I can see my darling too
Looking in the mirror
Will I be seen, if go a bit nearer?

Such a pretty life this family has
Drinking their lemonade
Wearing their summer shades
I watch over them from the garden
I can also see my darling
Drinking from the fancy glass
Will I be seen, if I land my feet on the grass?

Such a pretty life this family has
Sleeping in their pyjamas set
Intertwining in the bed
I can also see my darling
Underneath the tapestry
Will I be seen, If I throw a stone at the jalousie

Will I be seen, Will I be noticed
If I appear in their out of focus family photo
Will it be suspicious, If I knock at their door at night
Turn off their chandelier lights
Make them superstitious
Make them believe I’m a hex
Question their own heads
Banging on their windows
Burning their ebony doors
Blood on the gypsum floors

You once me called me fire
And maybe I am
I’ll burn your jewels, your fancy attires
I’ll forever stay here
I’ll forever haunt you
I’ll forever be your burden
Standing in the dark hallways
Hiding behind the curtains
And I’ll forever see you
With my feet levitating above the grass of your garden
Ahmad Attr May 2
No not yet
My angel of death
I am not ready to leave Earth
I don’t deserve to get out of this hurt

I have yet to see my beautiful planet
Ruined, rancid, rotten
These people are cruel
Of course I am one of them

We all burn the mother that nourishes us
We all are empty husks devoid of feelings
We all have scars and cuts
And thus we want to crush everything in our pain

But I don’t deserve to go first
From my dear Earth
Have you not considered these other fiends
They hurt so they can love
They destroy so they can preserve
They lie to thrive
While I lie to survive

I am kind
I am honest
I am pious
So ask me again, and I’ll say
No not yet
...and biggest of them all, i'm really good at lying
Ahmad Attr Apr 30
Too late to hate you
Can’t love too, our story is
A kaleidoscope

It twists many times
But not reaching the ending
There is no more hope

Never confessed it
not afraid of your turndown
But only the rope
This is my first haiku ever.
Ahmad Attr Apr 29
If only I could tell you
How much I love you
But you are never alone, never lonely
Always in your company
‘cause you are so famous now
And you only call me when you are lonely
Then you take my name, and I break into pieces
And everything I say is meticulously calculated
So I don’t sound lame

Only I could tell you
How small you are
Compared to my poetry,
You are a mere speck
A mere mud creature in reality
In my mind, you are the ocean
The sky, the sun
The universe, the one and only

If I could tell you
How much I hate you
It’s not that You haven’t done anything good
Not that you haven’t done anything bad either
It’s just that you haven’t done anything at all
You just had one promise to keep
That you will never forget me
I’m afraid you already did
I hate and I love, I feel lost
Ahmad Attr Apr 27
I’m sorry If you are repulsed
By my filthy little desire
Of watching you slowly breathe
The next morning’s fresh air
And put my fingers on your temples
And pluck you hairs like strings of a harp
The music of which dissolves the tick-tock
Of the clock, watching us two from the hind wall
Sorry if you are repulsed
By my filthy little desire
Of prancing in the sea foam that comes with the waves
With my hands behind my back
Holding my sandals
And you in your sundress watch me, smiling
watching the sun slowly dipping in the sea
Sorry if you are repulsed
By my filthy little desire
To run my hand on your skin
To feel the every single imperfection
Write poetry about you
To show you my affection

Sorry if I can’t fulfil your noble desires
Of being in your harem
Digest your lies
And hypocritical ******* you spew
Sorry if you are repulsed by me
Because after all, I’m too honest to be made for you
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