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Safana 3d
In my bucket
there is
simple list,
to make the
dried bush
born, the
trees to grow
the stems and
leaves and
flowers, like a
golden floral
in a silver
garden, so
all birds can
sing and dance
Safana 3d
walking slowly
because, it is
panted up,
embarking upon
that journey to
live, all capabilities
turn in to disability,
like abandoned child
around the streets and
on dump pushing a
hand to take a joy,

The rain of mind's
eyes everyday falling,

For the reason, that
Darkness  layered
the beauty of  a brain
thought, no laying
a hand on anyone
to accomplish
Safana 4d
A farar day
my friday,

Ya Allah! accept
our beautiful
forgive their
spread the seeds
of peace on
our national
roofing and
resolute that
conflict risings
on middle eastern
homes and other
unsafe Houses in
this world

Amin, Ya Allah!
Safana 5d
I have a dream
to be like a dove
to fly on a giant
ostrich to strike
up around the sky,
my hand to touch
the cloud and my
lung to inhale the
space air, for some
hours to land on a
landing station
where the snow is
fallen, sweaters are
welcoming, warmers
are warming, freedom
is loving, jobless is
burnt, rules are obeying,
leadership is giving a
pity, followers are
I want travel to North Western world
Safana 5d
I am tired
of trending
All girls
I  am just
like a poem
on Hello poetry
platform or
a tweet on
a Twiter
I am merely
to decide
to ride on a
lion with
someone like
Safana 5d
In the midforest,
where no wild
living to dwell but,
it's a lion's interest
to let the antelope
and to massage him
Safana 5d
A running rat
in the bush steal
an ostrich egg,
the rat can't
break the egg
and the rat
hatched the egg,
a baby ratostrich
is born
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