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Addison Hubbs Aug 2020
I wanted to live like I was loved.
I wanted to love like I was living.
I want to leave like I never existed.
Addison Hubbs Jul 2020
why is it that every flavor tastes like a rainbow
each victual a different color
when i kiss you
the sensation lingering on my lips
is colorless.
Addison Hubbs Jul 2020
two two twenty two
ten p.m. twenty two
sixty days since i lost you.
two two twenty two
Addison Hubbs Jun 2020
heartlessly you let me drown in my own tears
laughing and pointing more
as my lifeless body floats higher than before.
Addison Hubbs May 2020
Here I rest;
Admiring this strikingly sanguine rose
As the skies above sing their soothing chorus
As if in response to the tears streaming down my face.
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