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Scramble for Africa,
Like pieces on a board game
North, south, east and west
Plains leading every way.

They don't have Bibles,
they don't have faith?
Perhaps it is time
we teach them of our ways.

Let us begin by erasing their past,
let's take some of their artefacts,
hang them in our museums;
admire our murderous past.

Afiifa Jeylani ©️
Truth hurts but lies ****... Happy Black History Month from London
Afiifa Jeylani Dec 2019
I’m blossoming out as a black orchid.
Rooted in depression city,
I’m building a new fortress.
Isolated minds coming forth with their negative notions.
I’m not with that, I’m cooking up a new potion.

I keep my head up high.
I’m determined to reach past the skies,
grasp the stars and reach far enough.
Enough so I can see my dreams clear for me and the path laid out for my steps to seek.
It’s my time to go and it’s my time to play.

Black orchid will reach the golden gate.

Afiifa Jeylani ©️
Afiifa Jeylani Sep 2019
How can I forget those kind honey eyes? I think I saw a little green in them too.
I can’t forget the dimpled smile that matched it, that would be impossible.
Can’t remember your name but being able to write a piece inspired by you will have to suffice.

Afiifa Jeylani ©
it's a thank you note.
Afiifa Jeylani Sep 2019
canvas set, paint brush wet.
red, yellow, green and blue
a little glitter for that shimmer too
framed on your wall,
the crime of primary passions at night fall.

Afiifa Jeylani ©️
inspired by artists. 20-06-18. back to basics
Afiifa Jeylani Sep 2019
an observation,
it's in their nature.
they pass by
the way paper planes fly
sky high.
our different deeds,
you know what i mean.
the good, the bad,
don't forget the intention.
oh, but have i mentioned.
i got more sessions.

Afiifa Jeylani ©️
I wrote this a long time ago.... 06/09/17
Afiifa Jeylani Sep 2019
convicted of a crime
one of being too fine.
with a cavalry of queens
she will bring you to your knees.
a queen in her right with
the throne in her sight.

Afiifa Jeylani ©️
can't remember when I wrote this,
had this in the notebook and finally...
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