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AestheticAbi Jul 2020
stop I begged
I'm only twelve
I constantly said

Leave me alone
please I'm not the one
you want to hold

I guess I asked for it
even after I said
I didn't like it one bit

I guess what I didn't know
was everything meant yes
especially when I begged no

He touched me in places
and gave the
most horrid faces

he even wanted me to call him daddy
but the worst part of it all
is I couldn't bear to tell my mommy

so I'm sorry I posted pictures of myself
I just didn't know hed text me saying
hed think of me when touching himself

I didn't know a bikini
would hurt me so much
especially because I'm not skinny

like the other girls he said
I'm far from them
as he laid me down in his bed
AestheticAbi Jun 2020
the way you stand in the mirror
with eyes full of tears

because in the wrong lighting
you so easily declare yourself frightening

claiming no one, not even yourself could love you
but it's a scary thing when they say they feel it too

not knowing how much you actually care for them they so
easily say the same thing you do

breaking your heart slowly
and unknowingly

you tell her I hate you
and without hesitation, she repeats, I hate you too
If you don't love yourself first there is no way you could possibly truly love someone else. Don't ever let someone believe they hate themselves especially if you love them. Relationships can't be one-sided, so make sure you let the people you love know you love them before it's too late. Especially yourself. Always love yourself.
AestheticAbi May 2020
when we were together
you said we'd be forever

you said that forever
you would be my lover

and it's crazy that my newest pleasure
is you saying we would be forever
AestheticAbi May 2020
You and me

Were meant to be

Because you’re the one piece of art

forever in my heart
You are beautiful
Inside and out
AestheticAbi May 2020
I'm weak
so weak I can't
even be me
AestheticAbi Apr 2020
Just leave me alone
I don't need your hand to hold
just give me my space
until I'm right for this place
AestheticAbi Apr 2020
im not sad
nor mad

just disappointed
since im the one youre avoiding

I understand youre hurt
just dont make me feel like im the ****
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