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Aenya Paine Fike Oct 2015
Every Sinner has a future and every Saint has a past, so do not condemn us for the acts we have committed.
Remember that we will always have our future,
and you will always have your past.
Aenya Paine Fike Sep 2015
"If you don't have something nice to say
then don't say it."

People would do well to remember this whilst looking in the mirror.
Please know that you are beautiful, handsome, and worthy.
Aenya Paine Fike Aug 2015
Dear Reader,

Run as fast as you can.
Run till you feel like you'll fall off the face of the Earth.
By now you should have learned that you'll never escape me.

Yours Truly,
*The Past~
Aenya Paine Fike Aug 2015
Dear Love,

Please excuse us letting others get in the way of reaching you.
There are plenty others.
Aenya Paine Fike Aug 2015
You are all falling
falling through the cracks that are my mistakes.
I could say that to be true
but I'd be a liar.
I'm just too afraid to admit the truth.

You jumped.
Lol. Jumped and left me behind
Aenya Paine Fike Jul 2015
Although we don't communicate as much as we could
I love you.
Know, I will always love you.
Although you weren't in my life for very long
I love you.
Trust, I will always love you.
Although I know very little about you
I love you.
Believe, I will always love you
I miss you.
Aenya Paine Fike Jul 2015
I cried for you.
*I cried for you every moment you weren't looking.
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