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Kent Aug 1
I sat
between the city and the sea
On a sunny summer’s day
When an Italian dream
a rocker queen
decided to grace me

It feels so unreal
to see such an angel exist
Her braided raven hair
and icy seductive stare
keeps me in wondrous bliss

With crystal shades
of green and blue
Her lovely eyes
gazed into
my passion
And found
the soundtrack of our lives
to be the same
Yet different
in the world to which it played
Nevermind the language spoken
Our lives connect
In hybrid moments

Welcome to L.A
A place where Angels belong
Though you cannot stay
A connection is lifelong
So let’s dance while we can
singing rock and roll songs
Creating memories
that will never be gone
The experience
of meeting you
An Italian Deam come true
Inspired by a real-life experience where a drop-dead gorgeous Italian rocker girl introduced herself and befriended me out of nowhere.
Kent Jul 1
You want them all
To know
You want to show
Who I am
The greatest catch
Is in your reach
I want to see if you can
So much to prove
What’s my next move?
My soul
You smell
Such a corrosive scent
I’ll never be
A trophy
You’ll learn
That you will never catch me

You’ll shine your light
Give the blind sight
But not enough to last
You’ll squeeze my life
tear open my wife
To punish me for my past
No shame
If I stop running
I die
What to blame
Decisions made?
Or the world
That allowed me to thrive?
Evil can be
You will ultimately
Be forced to see
The **** truth
You will never catch me

My team
Into flames
From your spark
We became
The worst
It had gone too far
Blood spilled
Caused by your hunt
Our conscience was killed
yet we were the gun
Your spite
And the loss
Of life
My greatest sin
Stays buried within
The monster only you see
My family is running
My life remains ******
But I’m free
At least
you never caught me
Inspired by my favorite season of The Shield
Kent Jul 1
I bite my lip
Thinking back
To when I had you
In my touch
feeling my kiss
under my tongue
The sensual song
Of passion we sung
I can’t wait
to feel you again
Your touch
Your kiss
Your lick
Your love
I want you to feel
My affection and care
Run my fingers through your hair
While I look into your eyes
Given your intimate trust
go for a kiss
and begin to ******
Kent Jul 1
Your affectionate eyes
Gripped me
Tightly wrapped
In a grasp of love
Your hollow words
molded me
Into a cracked state
Of indecision
I’m going to miss
Our directionless lives
I’m going to miss
Your affectionate lies
Kent Jul 1
I wonder
Who I'd be
If you
Actually raised me
Would I be angry
And careless too?
What kind of things
Would I do?
I dont know
I never will
I'll pretend
That I'd be ignorant, mean, and wild
It makes it easier
to accept
That I'm a motherless child
Kent Jul 1
You dance
to the music’s rhythm
Only for my eyes
Your lovely lips
Your swaying hips
Intensely visualized
only through a screen
But you’ll be here soon
And we’ll dance a tune
Of impassioned youth
For now
My Distant Dancer
I’ll have to admire
Your musical fire
From Afar
Kent Jul 1
What you do
Is give me experiences anew
Hours passed with you
become mere moments
That are stolen away so quickly
But I treasure
every second we spend
Laughing and talking
Kissing and walking
Singing and rocking
Out to different tunes in my heart’s radio
They’ve all been stored
In my mind
As glimpses of
a time so kind
I desperately wait
Till the next time
I can kiss you with my gaze
Because I want these moments
To turn into days
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