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When we first spoke, we were young.

When we first laid eyes on each other, we were young.

When you told me you loved me, we were young.

When you broke my heart, we were young.

When I broke yours, we were young.

When we grew together, we were young.

When we fell apart, we were young.

We were young, stupid and naïve.


I didn’t know how to love you.

I was young.

I’m older now.

But it doesn’t matter.

It was when we were young.
Your smile.
Your smooth face.
Your soothing voice.
Your daring eyes.
Too heavy a burden for you to carry on for me.

You died inside.
You claim to love.
Your pain still lingers.

I know the truth.
Ambiguous and strange.
Your mind is not my own.
It used to be that my thoughts were yours and yours mine.
But what's mine is lost and what's yours is hers.
I shouldn't have answered your call that night.
The chill I got up my spine when you spoke.
Your voice like silk on the other end.
Your timbre ever so shaky with words of anger and hate.
But still,
No one makes me feel the way you do.
As I sit in this empty room waiting patiently for you,
Your words in my head repeating over and over.
I just want you to know...

You’re a kleptomaniac but you couldn’t steal my heart
You tried and tried and tried until I tore your scheme apart
We weren’t meant to be together and I’m so very okay with that
Because I’m in love with someone else and one day I’ll win them back
I’d almost forgotten the sound of your voice.
Until today.
I bought a new laptop and backed up my files.
There you were.
Clear as day.
Saying you love me.
Why can’t you just go away...
I want to wake up in one of your T-shirt’s.
Even though it’s too big for me.
I want to turn my head and see you sleeping.
Taking in small breaths so I don’t wake you.
I want to walk to the bathroom in nothing but your shirt.
Take a look into the mirror and see the glow.
I want a cup for my toothbrush because you know I will be over.
And a drawer in your dresser to call my own.

Then maybe one day, all together I’ll just live there.
Because you’ll never want to let me go.
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