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You are now just a little box in the corner.
Nothing more.
We simply failed.
Usually I shut down on your birthday.
This year feels different somehow.
I feel like an addict suffering withdrawal.
Hearing your voice inside my head.
The shaking doesn’t stop.
Your metaphorical hand on my hip pulling me in.
It feels too real today.
Get out of my head.
Stay out.
Just go.
Remember when you passed your shot to the guy next to you when I told you that I loved you back?
Because I haven't forgotten.
That will be etched into my memories Forever.
I curse you for living in my memories Always.
Is there a cure for this tainted mind?
Every day is a constant struggle and I’m looking for a way out of my own head.
These longer days have been so beautiful but I walk past the threshold that confines me within my four walls and I’m left alone with just my thoughts.
Undressed in front of a mirror.
Scars that never seem to fade.
A body that no one could ever love.
It’d be easier to end it all right here so that maybe my pain could go away.
But then the door opens and it’s him.
He’s there to stand behind me and look into that mirror.
He says, “perfection,” as he leans forward and kisses my cheek.
I look up and see that perfectly crooked smile of his and I know that’s all I need.
I found happiness during my darkest hour.
Your fingertips on my skin, like silk
Every goosebump creeps up.

Your lips on the small of my neck,
Every hair stands on its own.

Your scent in the air,
I could live in that natural perfume
I turned 23 today

I spent it with the most amazing person on this earth. I’ve never been more happy than I currently am. I really hope this feeling never goes away.

Here’s to forevermore ^^
It never ends with you, does it?
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