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I turned 23 today

I spent it with the most amazing person on this earth. I’ve never been more happy than I currently am. I really hope this feeling never goes away.

Here’s to forevermore ^^
It never ends with you, does it?
I thought about running into oncoming traffic today. I’m not okay
You stripped me down to my last layer

You look right into my soul each time our eyes meet

Just the thought of your name on my lips makes me quiver from head to toe

And now we’re bound together

Soon enough, life-mates
Does it count?
Do I hold on?

Or do we start fresh?
Because I can’t forget all these memories.
I wish I could sing happy birthday to you.
I missed out on my chance to,
For I was not a jolly good fellow.
I took things for granted and learned too slow.
I keep telling myself it’s okay to be happy

The man I love is in love with me

That should be enough

It is enough

So why do I feel like this?

I have no doubts

But something is holding me back

Where is my closure?
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