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Adrasteia Apr 24
What I desire
Is to be;
In love
and unbothered

Unfortunately they’re all
Incompatible with each other
Adrasteia Sep 10
I sat with my best friend
Consumed by a cloud
And looked up how
To **** myself
Adrasteia Jun 20
If you’re ever feeling broken
Fold your hands and pray
This world wasn’t meant for angels
But I really hope you stay
Adrasteia Jun 27
You tried to save me
Instead of saving yourself
And somehow
You only dragged me into your hell
Adrasteia Jun 11
Let’s sit and talk
Not about anything important
We can save that for another time
For now let’s just sit
And listen to the harmony of our voices
Dancing in the space between us
Adrasteia Feb 22
I’m sorry my hand
Didn’t fit yours perfectly
I’m sorry we bumped heads
The first time we kissed
I’m sorry that I hit you
Accidentally when you tickled me

I’m sorry I wasn’t the love of your life
Adrasteia Jan 16
Six shots deep
And I still don’t believe
How you could deceive me
You were always so greedy
Telling me
I’m so needy
Because you didn’t need me
Now I’m begging you to leave me
So that I can free me
Add on if you wish!
Adrasteia Jun 10
It was love
Maybe not at first sight
But at first something
Adrasteia Apr 18
I’m not afraid
To be alone
I’m afraid
To feel alone
Adrasteia Feb 18
Understanding you was like
Understanding what a bird chirps
Like understanding why
The universe is infinite
Understanding you was like
Figuring out how someone can be
Everything and nothing
All at once
Adrasteia Jun 4
A special ‘thank you’ to life
For always loving me right
And giving me little surprises
Every now and then
Adrasteia Apr 26
Are we gonna
Change the world
Change each other
Adrasteia Mar 2
You were having trouble breathing
Because something so pure
So untouched
Was not meant to be so low
Angels weren’t meant
To be so close to hell
Adrasteia Jan 23
I’ve had dreams about
You and me
The doctors call it
I’ll always remember
The way you came to me
At night
Adrasteia Aug 1
Look at me with both eyes
I see you
Adrasteia Jun 14
He was bad for her
Like a lung full of nicotine
With a swig of *****
But that was all she was craving
Adrasteia Jun 12
The thing about flowers
Is that they grow through the rain
They take in the sun when it comes
And they continue to flourish in the dark
Adrasteia Jan 18
She was a wildflower
Hidden in a field of roses
She stayed free
And growing
While the roses got picked
And rotted away
Adrasteia Aug 6
Developing traits
From those you admire
Is a beautiful thing
But don’t morph into me
Darling you’re grand
On your own
There is nothing I can teach you
That will help you find
Who you are
That is a journey
You must take on your own
Adrasteia Dec 2018
She only speaks lies
Puts on a disguise
But we soon realize
She’s dying inside
Adrasteia Aug 24
I showered in your tears
My perfumes in pity
I lined my lips in your jealousy
Look what your betrayal has done to me
Adrasteia Jun 29
Something is wrong here
Why can’t you see?
You said that he cares for you
Well how could that be?
I have been telling you
That you need to flee
But he told you
Stop listening to me
My dear
He is destroying you
Now I’m begging you please
Open your eyes
Your blind trust is a disease
Adrasteia Feb 23
You can’t love
The hate
Out of someone
Adrasteia Jan 26
I was drunk when I met you
You were my most beautiful dream
I told you I loved you
When you were entwined with me
The morning I was sober
And you meant nothing to me
Adrasteia Jan 25
You hold so much
Power at the tip of your tongue
Yet most people
Don’t even know what to say
Adrasteia Apr 25
And sometimes
Flowers bloom
On rotten ground
Adrasteia Sep 12
I’ve got broken pieces
But so don’t we all
We’re just looking for someone
Just as broken as we are
Adrasteia Jan 11
Her eyes
We’re a forest
You’d be navigating
For the rest of your life
Adrasteia Jul 8
Where did that fire come from?
That rage in your eyes
Does it make you blind?
Adrasteia Feb 1
You tried to cage
My heart
But wild birds
Don’t flourish
In confined spaces
Adrasteia Feb 6
He left a bruise on my face
And put a hole through my heart
Then got me flowers
I’ve never gotten flowers before
Adrasteia Feb 1
If I gave you
The darkest part
Of my soul
Would you
Paint it white?
Adrasteia May 11
The door hung wide open
And it was calling to me
So I wrote a note
Telling no one to look for me
And fell in love with the city
Adrasteia Feb 7
Been living on a cloud
Too high to get down
Focused on my life
I’m trying to turn around
Adrasteia May 9
Should we fall in love
Four times over
If I wished for you on a four leaf clover?
Adrasteia Mar 20
In a world full of matches
I got frost bite
Adrasteia Jan 9
We danced.
Then you looked at me
Brushing a single strand of hair
Out of my face
And smiled.

That’s when I heard every
Nerve in my body

Adrasteia Dec 2018
They asked her why she’s ruthless
She said
“The devil killed the angel on my shoulder”
Adrasteia Jan 7
I’ve always wondered
How extraordinary
It would be
If the stars decided
To make a constellation
Out of the love
We need
Adrasteia Mar 13
She’s the disease
And the cure
Adrasteia Feb 26
A golden spark
Set them apart
A broken road
Of stories untold
A beautiful man
Destined to live
A life on land
Adrasteia Apr 22
So naïve to think
Two souls entwined
Couldn’t untangle from each other
Adrasteia Jan 25
A million wishes
A single breath
I’ll only use one
You can keep the rest
Adrasteia Jun 11
It was the middle of spring
We were sitting outside
Soaking up the sun
And you turned to me
So innocently
Through a light gust of wind
You asked me,
“What’s your favorite flower”
I smiled with radiant passion
“A dandelion”
You told me that wasn’t a flower
And I grabbed your hand
“People just don’t love them like they’re meant to.
Where you see a hideous ****,
I see a beautiful flower and that’s how I think we’re meant to see things”
And you never looked at a dandelion the same way again
Adrasteia Mar 4
Such a pity
That creatures buried
Deep in the sea
Will never get to see
The beauty of the stars
Adrasteia Sep 3
Is it as easy
To lie to everybody else
As it is
To lie to yourself?
Adrasteia Aug 1
I hugged the moon
Because it was looking a little blue
I kissed it white
It was a pure night
In the morning
My heart burned it red
from the love
That it had bred
Adrasteia Jun 20
Please go away
My eyes are heavy
My thoughts are loud
I’d give anything to shut you out
Leave me be
Set me free
So I can find
My sanity
Adrasteia Aug 25
I hate myself
But I’ve mustered enough love
To give to you
Adrasteia Dec 2018
I love you. You remind me of all things happy. You deserve so much more than a few hours. But unfortunately I'm also a big fan of the moon. I have a good feeling about things that contradict each other. I've never been much of a creature of the night but I've always appreciated those who were. Lately insomnia has been making sure I get to spend a few more hours with the moon.

The sunrise is great. I'm definitely an early bird and like to wake up before everyone else but don't you think it's a little selfish that the whole world has time to appreciate you but when it's time for the moon to shine everyone is crawling into their beds? I just wish everyone could see the beauty of the moon in the light we see the sun.

So sunrise, have you ever been able to hear the silence of the night? The glistening of the stars? The kiss of a late night breeze? No.

Maybe that's why insomnia is so common. The quiet sensation that is night is so addicting. I could wrap myself up in the dark blue sky and kiss the morning goodbye.

I love you sunrise, I do. But there's something about the moon.
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