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2.9k · Jul 23
Found you
Adrasteia Jul 23
I found magic
In the moon
When it’s light
Illuminated you
1.9k · Apr 8
Adrasteia Apr 8
And there she was
Through all the hurt
1.5k · Jan 14
Adrasteia Jan 14
I lie
Because lies
Have always been
More interesting than
The truth
1.4k · Feb 28
Adrasteia Feb 28
A heart of gold
That was too heavy to hold
1.3k · May 27
Self care
Adrasteia May 27
I want to run away
And fall in love with myself
1.2k · Aug 14
Adrasteia Aug 14
Like the sun and the moon
We all must rise
Like the leaves on the trees
We may fall
Like a warm summer breeze
We will find our way
Like a farmer planting seeds
We will start today
986 · Jul 31
I know what we are not
Adrasteia Jul 31
We’re friends
But you’re not friendly
We’re lovers
But you don’t love me
We’re two people
Destined for nothing
894 · Feb 18
Alternate Universe
Adrasteia Feb 18
Understanding you was like
Understanding what a bird chirps
Like understanding why
The universe is infinite
Understanding you was like
Figuring out how someone can be
Everything and nothing
All at once
776 · May 29
Adrasteia May 29
I introduced myself to happiness
But sadness is the jealous type
714 · Jan 18
Beauty Hidden
Adrasteia Jan 18
She was a wildflower
Hidden in a field of roses
She stayed free
And growing
While the roses got picked
And rotted away
681 · Jul 25
Adrasteia Jul 25
The world has a chandelier
Dangling in the sky
More beautiful than glass
A spectacular light
That we all see
Whenever it is night
556 · Jan 23
Adrasteia Jan 23
Favors are a funny thing
The people that are
Constantly asking for them
Are always the first ones
To refuse you
Of them
525 · Mar 25
Deep sadness
Adrasteia Mar 25
It was a battle
That turned into a war
The only line of defense
Was a single warrior
She took her tin foil shield
And hope for the best
With a tear drop in her eye
She would soon be laid down to rest
510 · Jan 16
Abusive Relationship
Adrasteia Jan 16
Six shots deep
And I still don’t believe
How you could deceive me
You were always so greedy
Telling me
I’m so needy
Because you didn’t need me
Now I’m begging you to leave me
So that I can free me
Add on if you wish!
489 · Feb 6
Adrasteia Feb 6
He left a bruise on my face
And put a hole through my heart
Then got me flowers
I’ve never gotten flowers before
451 · Jun 10
All I can say is
Adrasteia Jun 10
It was love
Maybe not at first sight
But at first something
429 · Jun 20
Dear insomnia,
Adrasteia Jun 20
Please go away
My eyes are heavy
My thoughts are loud
I’d give anything to shut you out
Leave me be
Set me free
So I can find
My sanity
398 · Jan 9
Adrasteia Jan 9
You dance and sway
The art you portray
Your electric spark
it’s best we stay apart
Because you can’t love
You have no heart
394 · Jan 2
I’m sorry
Adrasteia Jan 2
I’m sorry I wasn’t enough for you
I’m sorry sometimes I was too much for you
381 · Sep 11
Adrasteia Sep 11
Maybe we are in love
Just too afraid to show it
Because it’ll break my heart
If we blow it
371 · Dec 2018
Adrasteia Dec 2018
The sea is but a collection
Of their teardrops
The waves crashing
Is the sound of their cries
Sing me a song
Creature of water
Lure me under with a sweet lullaby
351 · Jul 30
Story of the stars
Adrasteia Jul 30
I took the stars
In my lap
Creating stories
That made me laugh
With my fingers I still trace
The constellations
I have made
339 · Apr 18
Adrasteia Apr 18
I’m not afraid
To be alone
I’m afraid
To feel alone
338 · Aug 25
Dying Sunflowers
Adrasteia Aug 25
She was greedy
With the flowers
Plucking the most beautiful ones
Taking them for herself
But quickly they rotted
Like the flowers in her soul
335 · Jun 6
Adrasteia Jun 6
I cannot love you enough
And that is my mistake
An abundance of decisions
But it’s your heart that’s at stake
Maybe if we had never met
I couldn’t tear you apart
But that’d be like separating the moon
From all the shining stars
328 · May 17
Adrasteia May 17
I am not good
I am not evil
I am the truth
320 · Jan 5
Not so Heroic
Adrasteia Jan 5
You were the hero
In my story
With villainous ways
317 · Jul 17
Adrasteia Jul 17
I melted like chocolate
In your caramel pool
Cherry lips
And a whipped cream kiss
311 · Feb 14
Adrasteia Feb 14
Her melody was toxic
But music to his ears
She begged
“Come with me sailor”
He obliged without any fears
She puckered her lips
And sank into the sea
He lowered his head
Too paralyzed to flee
She said
“Come sailor, fall in love with me”
285 · Dec 2018
Adrasteia Dec 2018
sin sings louder
than any angel
277 · Dec 2018
Keep learning
Adrasteia Dec 2018
Nothing’s pointless
The more you know,
Is as far you’ll go
273 · Dec 2018
Unspoken truth
Adrasteia Dec 2018
I don't care what I say
or what I do because in the end
it all just comes back to you.
You take your pride and push mine aside. You take my honesty and morph it into a lie.
You take my happiness and push me over the line.
You care or you don't, I can't really tell.
You complain and complain but it's never your fault.
I mean who's to blame when you have no one at all.
So pack your bags and just walk away, this isn't your fight anymore.
Not today.
270 · Sep 14
Adrasteia Sep 14
I’ve said far too much
To people
Who mean far too little
To me
265 · Dec 2018
Behind the lies
Adrasteia Dec 2018
She only speaks lies
Puts on a disguise
But we soon realize
She’s dying inside
250 · Sep 17
Did you love me?
Adrasteia Sep 17
I thought I’d know
When we were dancing
And you kissed me
In the falling snow
242 · Dec 2018
This is not a love story
Adrasteia Dec 2018
She was death
He was life
No matter their love for one another
They were destroying eachother
235 · May 15
Little truth
Adrasteia May 15
People only judge
When they’re incapable
Of understanding
234 · Jun 25
Loving you
Adrasteia Jun 25
It was a little bit
Like flying
And a little bit
Like dying
229 · Mar 20
Adrasteia Mar 20
In a world full of matches
I got frost bite
218 · Aug 1
Baby blue
Adrasteia Aug 1
Look at me with both eyes
I see you
212 · Jun 17
Not a Hero
Adrasteia Jun 17
Sometimes the villain
Is masked as the hero
In my own story
They were the same
You were like Superman
If he was vain
202 · May 21
Adrasteia May 21
I am poetry
I am what you write about when you’re lonely
I am your shadow dancing around
I am the words you can’t say
So you write me down
I am your poetry
And you are me
200 · Jan 18
She was Revenge
Adrasteia Jan 18
She was the first star
Next to the moon
Like a diamond ring
In the nights sky
Then something changed
When he walked away

Now she’s the sea
In the midst of a storm
Thrashing around
Ready to flood the world
198 · Feb 2
Adrasteia Feb 2
I held the broken pieces
Of my soul
And not even God
Could make me whole
186 · Mar 13
Adrasteia Mar 13
She’s the disease
And the cure
175 · Jan 29
Adrasteia Jan 29
I don’t want to hold your hand,
I don’t want you to buy me flowers,
I don’t want you to make me promises,
I don’t want you to love me,

Because when you leave,
It’ll hurt too much
170 · Feb 26
Creature of the Sea
Adrasteia Feb 26
A golden spark
Set them apart
A broken road
Of stories untold
A beautiful man
Destined to live
A life on land
166 · Aug 29
Adrasteia Aug 29
Maybe I’ll miss the sun
When it starts to pour
But for now
I can’t do this anymore
162 · Mar 16
Adrasteia Mar 16
A personality that burns like fire
A soul that moves stars
159 · Sep 4
Adrasteia Sep 4
We haven’t talked in a while
And for that I apologize
I’ve been fighting with my demons
That I’ve buried deep inside
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