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1d · 226
Did you love me?
I thought I’d know
When we were dancing
And you kissed me
In the falling snow
3d · 27
how do you be happy,
when no one taught you how
3d · 34
You’re so afraid
Of what I’ll become
That you’ve
Closed your eyes
To what I already am
4d · 260
I’ve said far too much
To people
Who mean far too little
To me
6d · 47
I’ve got broken pieces
But so don’t we all
We’re just looking for someone
Just as broken as we are
7d · 373
Maybe we are in love
Just too afraid to show it
Because it’ll break my heart
If we blow it
I sat with my best friend
Consumed by a cloud
And looked up how
To **** myself
Sep 6 · 38
Adrasteia Sep 6
I like earthquakes
Because the Earth is in chaos
And so are we
We’re all deeply disturbed
Just feel the shake
During the next earthquake
Sep 6 · 54
Adrasteia Sep 6
My hands sprouted flowers
And from those little weeds
Found a way into your garden
Wrapping around your trees
Sep 4 · 156
Adrasteia Sep 4
We haven’t talked in a while
And for that I apologize
I’ve been fighting with my demons
That I’ve buried deep inside
Sep 3 · 41
Adrasteia Sep 3
Is it as easy
To lie to everybody else
As it is
To lie to yourself?
Sep 2 · 29
Adrasteia Sep 2
What if there’s no Prince Charming?
He’s not coming to rescue you
No one is
It’s up to you to save yourself
What if you can’t?
What if you’re beyond saving?
Maybe you’ve built the walls
Far too high
there’s sweet irony
In the story of the damsel
Who ****** herself
Aug 29 · 152
Adrasteia Aug 29
Maybe I’ll miss the sun
When it starts to pour
But for now
I can’t do this anymore
Aug 28 · 39
Little wings
Adrasteia Aug 28
My soul feels like
A butterfly caged
In my body
With a wild mind
And a broken heart
Aug 25 · 44
Dear lover,
Adrasteia Aug 25
I hate myself
But I’ve mustered enough love
To give to you
Aug 25 · 330
Dying Sunflowers
Adrasteia Aug 25
She was greedy
With the flowers
Plucking the most beautiful ones
Taking them for herself
But quickly they rotted
Like the flowers in her soul
Aug 24 · 46
Adrasteia Aug 24
I showered in your tears
My perfumes in pity
I lined my lips in your jealousy
Look what your betrayal has done to me
Aug 23 · 96
If Love were an Ocean
Adrasteia Aug 23
Your deepest love
Should be yourself
But I prefer the shallow end
Where my feet can touch the ground
The deeper I go
The less myself I am
Aug 21 · 53
We lived in gray
Adrasteia Aug 21
It wasn’t in the happy moments
But it wasn’t technically sad
I knew you in the moments in between
A little good
And mostly bad
You were like a piece of heaven
Gifted to me by hell
A charming little angel
Who maybe lies too well
Aug 16 · 48
Adrasteia Aug 16
The words you say
Hurt more than you know
The string of words
You perfectly sew
Is not a weapon
You can shoot like a bow
When used destructively
It turns into hate
Don’t plague your words
With this toxic trait
Aug 14 · 1.2k
Adrasteia Aug 14
Like the sun and the moon
We all must rise
Like the leaves on the trees
We may fall
Like a warm summer breeze
We will find our way
Like a farmer planting seeds
We will start today
Aug 13 · 90
Iced tea
Adrasteia Aug 13
Your lies are so sweet
I put them in iced tea
And drank your false honesty
Aug 9 · 46
Adrasteia Aug 9
Between life and death
They found love
Aug 7 · 139
Weight of Life
Adrasteia Aug 7
These handcuffs I have on
Are bounding me to life
I am a prisoner of birth
My sentence is til death
They say that I am free
I can be who I want to be
Yet I’m shackled to this place
That I never asked to see
Aug 6 · 46
Becoming You
Adrasteia Aug 6
Developing traits
From those you admire
Is a beautiful thing
But don’t morph into me
Darling you’re grand
On your own
There is nothing I can teach you
That will help you find
Who you are
That is a journey
You must take on your own
Aug 3 · 48
Writers block
Adrasteia Aug 3
Don’t ruin my happy ending
Just because you’re having trouble
Writing your own story
Aug 2 · 50
Labeled warning
Adrasteia Aug 2
If you fall easily
Stay away from me
I’m a scorching sun
On your dehydrated heart
Aug 1 · 215
Baby blue
Adrasteia Aug 1
Look at me with both eyes
I see you
Aug 1 · 60
Day & Night
Adrasteia Aug 1
I hugged the moon
Because it was looking a little blue
I kissed it white
It was a pure night
In the morning
My heart burned it red
from the love
That it had bred
Jul 31 · 980
I know what we are not
Adrasteia Jul 31
We’re friends
But you’re not friendly
We’re lovers
But you don’t love me
We’re two people
Destined for nothing
Jul 31 · 81
Oh dear
Adrasteia Jul 31
You keep loving
Terrible people
And then asking the world
Why it keeps destroying you
Jul 30 · 348
Story of the stars
Adrasteia Jul 30
I took the stars
In my lap
Creating stories
That made me laugh
With my fingers I still trace
The constellations
I have made
Jul 26 · 55
Adrasteia Jul 26
I was built
With the foundation of a sandcastle
Judgement was a wave
Coming to knock me down
Adrasteia Jul 26
I cry on sunny days
So that it can rain
On the flowers growing from my heart
Jul 25 · 43
The art of Lips
Adrasteia Jul 25
It was the lips
That is the most sacred part of the body
They whisper
They kiss
Show emotions
From the curve of lips
Jul 25 · 675
Adrasteia Jul 25
The world has a chandelier
Dangling in the sky
More beautiful than glass
A spectacular light
That we all see
Whenever it is night
Jul 23 · 34
Adrasteia Jul 23
I’m jealous of Saturn
Floating in space
With a ring around it’s body
It won’t be replaced
Jul 23 · 2.8k
Found you
Adrasteia Jul 23
I found magic
In the moon
When it’s light
Illuminated you
Jul 19 · 56
Adrasteia Jul 19
Sugar on my lips
Whiskey on your breath
A beautiful cocktail
A perfected mess
Jul 18 · 34
Hopeless romantic
Adrasteia Jul 18
I am a hopeless romantic
In a world
Where it’s hopeless
To be romantic
Jul 17 · 40
Adrasteia Jul 17
Through the ashes
She rose
Straight into the sky
Everything that kills her
Makes her alive
Jul 17 · 310
Adrasteia Jul 17
I melted like chocolate
In your caramel pool
Cherry lips
And a whipped cream kiss
Jul 15 · 118
Adrasteia Jul 15
I’ve always spoke my mind
In a world
That told me to bite my tongue
Jul 12 · 75
I love you
Adrasteia Jul 12
Whether it be
With cuts on your wrist
Or a broken heart
A bruise around your neck
Cause you fell apart
You can stand on your feet
Find your way through the dark
I will love you
Wherever you are
Jul 11 · 47
Wrong Way
Adrasteia Jul 11
I say the wrong things
It’s just what I do
I want to fix things
I want to heal you
But I cannot say the right things
When you’ve already scripted
What should be said in your head
in a world like that
Everyone will be mad
Adrasteia Jul 9
Strangers are better lovers
I have only begun to know
Such sweet eyes
No pride
An emotionless nights
And then they always go
But there’s no stressing
It’s a blessing
Because you already know
Jul 8 · 39
Burning Passion
Adrasteia Jul 8
Where did that fire come from?
That rage in your eyes
Does it make you blind?
Jul 7 · 122
Sweet Dream
Adrasteia Jul 7
Love me
Tease me
Please me
Seize me
Leave me
Cause baby
I’m better off alone
Jul 2 · 38
Destroying fairytales
Adrasteia Jul 2
Maybe I wasn’t meant
To have a ‘forever’ fairytale
Maybe some of us
Just have fairytale moments
A split second of happiness
Time isn’t generous to everyone
Why should love
Or happiness be?
Jul 1 · 38
She was everything
Adrasteia Jul 1
She was love
She was happiness
She was our savior

She was empty
She was wise
She was her own demise
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