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Adrasteia Aug 3
Don’t ruin my happy ending
Just because you’re having trouble
Writing your own story
Adrasteia Aug 2
If you fall easily
Stay away from me
I’m a scorching sun
On your dehydrated heart
Adrasteia Aug 1
Look at me with both eyes
I see you
Adrasteia Aug 1
I hugged the moon
Because it was looking a little blue
I kissed it white
It was a pure night
In the morning
My heart burned it red
from the love
That it had bred
Adrasteia Jul 31
We’re friends
But you’re not friendly
We’re lovers
But you don’t love me
We’re two people
Destined for nothing
Adrasteia Jul 31
You keep loving
Terrible people
And then asking the world
Why it keeps destroying you
Adrasteia Jul 30
I took the stars
In my lap
Creating stories
That made me laugh
With my fingers I still trace
The constellations
I have made
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