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The words you say
Hurt more than you know
The string of words
You perfectly sew
Is not a weapon
You can shoot like a bow
When used destructively
It turns into hate
Don’t plague your words
With this toxic trait
Like the sun and the moon
We all must rise
Like the leaves on the trees
We may fall
Like a warm summer breeze
We will find our way
Like a farmer planting seeds
We will start today
Your lies are so sweet
I put them in iced tea
And drank your false honesty
Adrasteia Aug 9
Between life and death
They found love
Adrasteia Aug 7
These handcuffs I have on
Are bounding me to life
I am a prisoner of birth
My sentence is til death
They say that I am free
I can be who I want to be
Yet I’m shackled to this place
That I never asked to see
Adrasteia Aug 6
Developing traits
From those you admire
Is a beautiful thing
But don’t morph into me
Darling you’re grand
On your own
There is nothing I can teach you
That will help you find
Who you are
That is a journey
You must take on your own
  Aug 4 Adrasteia
Eloise Rose
It's a hollow kind
of happiness
But I'm addicted to
the emptiness
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