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If I wake up, and I lay staring at the ceiling above long enough would I get dizzy and fall back to sleep?
Everywhere I go, I tend to observe the mere signs and objects around me, and I think to myself, if they had a conscious would they as well be nauseated by their own observation? If a certain species, or a certain particle can be consciously aware of its own self, would that drive “it” to the point of nausea; therefore, the species, or the particles that make up the objects would not really come to exist.
3,2,1...**** has hit the fan. I’m not a pompous person, but I can assure you that climbing over that wall was not easy. What do I know, the Med’s would be on call, that’s what I know. I’ve been losing my mind, or have I? I can finally save my actual self from myself. I ride around in my city when I come home, but hey, sunset looking good though. I got all the time in the world.
#Selfcare #ImTreatingMeRight
I knew about my surprise birthday party. I knew what was going to happen and how it was going to go down. Yea he helped me, he help me convince you to come and help him round everyone up for the surprise I knew. I paid for the loft my self, the idea, the surprise party, it was all my cruel plan. The reason I did it is because I knew nobody was going to do anything for me on my birthday. All this giving but no receiving is what I got. All your friends saw me as the devil. So I became the devil and planed my own surprise party. It was the saddest thing, but it had to be done in order for me to see the face I destroyed, and to conjure makeshift reactions from your fellow companions. Be the only sober one at your own party, and you will see the unforgettable true personas of others.
#Cruelty #Lies #Iknew
One persons key to heaven is another persons ticket to hell. We all live with an expectation that torments the mind when one thinks “hell” is a bad place to visit. Some would say “hell” is better than heaven? Is it because we prefer the good over the evil? Or are we afraid of “evil/bad” because of the social construct that has been build around the idea of “Evil?”
Was Frankenstein’s “Monster” really evil? Or was he more “good” than those who treated him more “evil/bad.”
Which is worse, to live as a monster or to die as a good man?
Im alone, I deserve to be alone, I deserve to feel the pain of others, as if I want a knife to be driven straight through my heart and left there to rust. I feel like the knife is already there, it has been all along and the wound is still open and its not healing properly due to how far the knife is within me. I'm infatuated with my loneliness, I always have been, but like I mentioned before, Im alone, but I'm not truly alone. The darkness that lurks from within me has taking over, as if Im this innocent child being led by my own inner demons.
Im the reason others don't want to visit me, Im the cause of their pain. I set myself up for failure, unconsciously aware of my wrong doings and the evil person I was truly becoming. I failed to recognize my shadow, and one could say is simply the dark area produced by some object coming between rays of light and a surface, my surface.
I am the most beautiful Boogeyman
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