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 May 2020 AditiKo
Pilar Orozco
 May 2020 AditiKo
Pilar Orozco
I feel so stupid that I feel so bad because of you
 May 2020 AditiKo
A spark. A flame.
The crackling of fire on wood, whispering your name.
The fire inside me calling out.
Leaving no room for any doubt.
I am sure of what I want.

I want the world to remember me.
I want to live on in people's memory.
This makes me happy.
My heart was set aflame.
This isn't just a hobby.

If you sense my fire about to die out,
Would you grab a candle
To help keep my light?
At least, for another night.
I may be bound to a life of darkness, but it wouldn't hurt to try.
I've been losing motivation to write, but the  people who support me always keep the fire in me alive.
 May 2020 AditiKo
B J Truax
 May 2020 AditiKo
B J Truax
When is a poem not a poem and just a ramble of spoken words?
This one here is just a thought
that I wanted to be heard.
 May 2020 AditiKo
This Poem
 May 2020 AditiKo
This Poem
Silence is the loudest sound,
It's distracting,
It wakes people up,
It reminds them what life's worth,
It reminds them of fear.

On the other hand...

Silence is peace,
It is the absence of thought,
It is you melting with the universe,
It is the softest end,
To the loudest beginning.

— The End —