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Feb 2022 · 1.2k
Us <3
Adhara Sygnus Feb 2022
Dim moonlight
stars illuminating the dark skies
my hand in yours, sparkles in our eyes
can we lay like this, for hours straight?
Long nights under the skies>>>
Jan 2022 · 1.2k
Adhara Sygnus Jan 2022
It takes no time
for naive eyes,
To always betray
the secrets of the heart
Hey, I know it's been a long time since I even wrote something, but here I am :)
Dec 2020 · 319
Adhara Sygnus Dec 2020
His favourite game,
Is waking butterflies and breaking hearts,
Tearing them apart.
Why, I don’t know.
Nov 2020 · 215
Adhara Sygnus Nov 2020
sparkling lights, yellow and red,
swaying in the breeze, dancing,
to it's tunes, for the better times ahead
Happy Diwali!
Aug 2020 · 289
s u r v i v e
Adhara Sygnus Aug 2020
and i'm still here,
even after you left,
gasping for air,

still breathing,
heart still beating,
blood still flowing,

soul burning,
there's so much pain,
bright, then flickering,

time's flying,
i've stopped crying,
i've been surviving,
just not living
it takes time,
everything takes time,
till then, bear with it  :)
Aug 2020 · 136
Darker Secrets
Adhara Sygnus Aug 2020
can you read my mind,
see all those words,
that you’ve probably never heard,
from my mouth, they weren’t kind.
Sometimes, there are people who aren’t worth cursing or confronting.
Jul 2020 · 382
Adhara Sygnus Jul 2020
breath taking,
like the solar nebula,
blended with bursts,
of amber and lilac,
and splashed elagantly,
a lil' of coral and teal,
the world twinkled,
sparks of rich silver,
soft scintillations,
in her eyes
I'm obsessed with people's eyes,
cause most times, only they speak the truth
Jul 2020 · 149
silver feathers
Adhara Sygnus Jul 2020
and at that moment, i knew,
if my love for you,
had wings, silver feathers to fly,
it'd come back to you,
wherever you are, under the sky
Jul 2020 · 236
Adhara Sygnus Jul 2020
you eclipsed the darkness,
igniting in my soul,
saw some brightness,
made me feel whole

my body, flints of ember

for a fleeting second,
the nebula glittered brighter,
my pulse quickened,
wanted to hold on tighter

every moment, i remember

but, alas, for you and i,
together time ticks a lil' too soon,
we gotta say goodbye, as soon as hi,
we're so like the sun and moon

to fate, we just surrender
Jul 2020 · 297
her eyes
Adhara Sygnus Jul 2020
her eyes wrecked havoc,
left him totally dumbstruck,
like the stormy clouds,
that controlled the raging seas,
they spoke volumes, so loud,
got him down on this knees
@kyraembers and I used exchange poems in tenth grade, when we felt class was too boring. and yesterday, she thought, for old time's sake, we could do it again. so, here's mine. where's your's, @kyraembers?
Jul 2020 · 260
Adhara Sygnus Jul 2020
you have the same effect on me,
that the full moon has on the ragin' tides
Jun 2020 · 420
forest fire
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
You sparked a fire in me, it's true,
that burned every feeling but a few,
pleasure at first, and then the pain,
damage done, before it could even rain
And now, I can't find a way to put it out
Jun 2020 · 470
catch sight of me
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
I'm a streak of amber,
on a canvas splashed in gold,
waiting to be noticed, to be loved,
before I fade away with time,
so, pick me, choose me, love me
ps. this is one of my fav from grey's
Jun 2020 · 187
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
one day,
you'll see me fly,
soar so high,
that you'll wonder,
if you had ever,
clipped my wings
Jun 2020 · 844
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
the dusk kissed the dawn goodbye,
glittering moon, sparkling stars,
bursts of gold melting on the lilac sky,
streaks of amber, as the shimmering sun rose
Jun 2020 · 1.1k
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
she creates her own fairytale,
and designs her happy ending
keep smiling :)
Jun 2020 · 132
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
love isn't blind,
she has sharp eyes,
eye's that can find,
even the most artistic lies

love isn't deaf,
she has the most sensitive ears,
she can hear your fears,
hear you hold your breath

love isn't madness,
she's what keeps you sane,
the color on your blank canvas,
the blood that runs through your veins
i have no idea where this came from
Jun 2020 · 250
another fault
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
maybe, it's just another fault,
of this cruel universe,
that every time our paths cross,
i'm the one with a bleeding heart,
which is so very hard to nurse,
and everytime, it's all your loss
the point being, you always had me to lose, while, i had nothing. you weren't mine in the first place. pfft, ik i'm confusing
Jun 2020 · 268
every song of my track
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
it seems like yesterday,
waking up to you,
everything i do everyday,
just reminds me of you

every note i sing,
screams your name,
you bruised my wing,
didn't miss your aim

your name's engraved,
in every song of my track,
every second i crave,
to be in your arms, back

it's been years, since,
it's all in the past,
i now don't wince,
hearing your name, atlast

i made my peace,
the memory of you,
has long since ceased,
haunting me, it's true

yet, your name's engraved,
in every song of my track,
every second i crave,
to be in your arms, back
sounds conflicting, i know
Jun 2020 · 147
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
I long to know,
what it would feel like ,
to touch some snow
well, I've always lived in humid places and visited places only during the spring
Jun 2020 · 186
love says,
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
Hate and I,
we aren't much different,
neither of us ever shy,
we're both transparent

Hate and I,
we're both very stubborn,
sometimes we make you lie,
cause some heart burn

Hate and I,
we're both very needy,
at times we'll make you cry,
I'd say we're very greedy

Hate and I,
we'll both make you care,
we'll make you pry,
you'll hate to share

Hate and I,
between us is a thin line,
a lot of laws we defy,
don't have a definite design

Hate and I,
we'll put you on the edge,
we're eye for an eye,
never been a void to wedge
Jun 2020 · 216
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
It takes a lot of strength,
to write about youself,
than to write about,
someone else
Jun 2020 · 383
pretty things
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
Pretty things in life,
always take some time,
like it does for a bud to bloom,
for now, go, dance with your demons
Jun 2020 · 363
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
sitting beneath
                                                        t­he starless sky,
the silver moonlight
                                                       ­   kissed my skin,
more tonight
                                                         more than you ever did.
Jun 2020 · 173
are you too?
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
I am not afraid of falling in love,
I'm afraid of being the only one that falls
Jun 2020 · 414
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
Gaurded mind,
caged heart,
hit by cupid's dart,
and feelings unwind,
no matter how hard you try, sometimes, you can't help but fall in love
Jun 2020 · 603
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
the night before,
drunk mind,
sober heart,

the morning after,
sober mind,
drunk heart,

the mind's mistake,
the heart's curare.
Jun 2020 · 316
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
They say the sun,
was selfless to a fault,
he died everyday,
to let the moon get,
a glimpse of the world
Jun 2020 · 120
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
Time healed,
angry open cuts,
to smaller red lines

Time healed,
crimson openings,
to thin white scars

Time healed,
mosty because,
I really wanted it to
Jun 2020 · 770
Adhara Sygnus Jun 2020
We all got so used to wearing so many different masks,
that we quite forgot about the literal one, well, until now
May 2020 · 589
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
And every time I look
into the mirror, I see a fighter,
proud of the fading scars, that grace her heart,
the one you turned into a warrior
May 2020 · 209
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
Poison in my mind,
my heart isn't free,
love hasn't been kind,
was it only to me ?
May 2020 · 267
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
I live in two worlds,

one in my head, a fantasy,
a world created by my words,
a get-away, an escape from reality,

another, the authentic actuality,
a stark contrast to my verses,
in disparity with the picture in my head,

of how it's supposed to be
May 2020 · 296
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
Is it okay to miss him,
Even though he's not mine
May 2020 · 496
fallen crown
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
My traitorous heartbeat,
just won't slow down,
tryin' to be discreet ,
with my fallen crown.
May 2020 · 173
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
I wish you would look at me,
the way you look at the dreamy sea
May 2020 · 171
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
My souls on fire,
And it’s gonna flicker out soon
May 2020 · 267
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
You've become the air I breathe,
yet you manage to leave me,
breathless everytime
May 2020 · 498
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
And everytime,
I see those
sparkling dark eyes,
I fall in love
a little more than before,
yet another time
May 2020 · 167
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
And sometimes I wished,
I could burn my memories of you,
and glaze my canvas with the ashes- grey no hues
May 2020 · 248
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
Bright city lights,
I’ve never seen dark nights,
except the ones in my head,
only darkness seems to spread
May 2020 · 250
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
He was fire,
smouldering hot,
I held him closer,
didn’t care I'd get burned
May 2020 · 442
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
I feel your gaze,
my soul’s on fire,
you’ve set it ablaze
May 2020 · 532
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
I loved like the moon,
dodging a million stars,
I chased the sun, only to,
find out, the sun was also a star
May 2020 · 136
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
you need to love yourself ,
to love someone else.
May 2020 · 149
sultry roses
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
She stood out,
innocent and artless,
she was a daisy,
in a room filled with sultry roses
May 2020 · 225
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
you can't help
but hate
what you love
the most

what you love
the most
can be the reason
you can't love

what you love
the most
can sometimes
rip you
in cold blood
May 2020 · 200
not weak
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
Red, puffed eyes,
tear stained cheeks,
I look up at the sky,
I whisper, I’m not weak,

I am not weak

New found determination,
I scream, I shout,

I. Am. Not. Weak.
May 2020 · 266
every line
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
Flipping pages,
I see blots of tears,
ink smudged,
in almost every page,
every line’s about you
May 2020 · 141
I see you there
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
I see you there, at your favourite spot,
the same cozy corner, where we seldom fought,

I see you there, your eyes twinkling,
you look happy, the way you're smiling,

I see you there, holding hands with her,
she says something, you mouth forever,

I see you there, see the way you look at her,
she smiles at you, as you whisper something into her ear,

I see you there, I can see you're in love with her,
you look at her, the way you'd look at me before,

I see you there, our eyes meet,
I'd be lying, if I said my heart did'nt skip a beat,

I see you there, I give you a small smile,
your eyes widen, I know it's been a while

I see you there, it's been a year,
snapping out of the shock, you mouth "later"

I see you there, I shake my head,
turning back , I walk away, knowing it's time to move ahead
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