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Adhara Sygnus Dec 2020
His favourite game,
Is waking butterflies and breaking hearts,
Tearing them apart.
Why, I don’t know.
Adhara Sygnus Nov 2020
sparkling lights, yellow and red,
swaying in the breeze, dancing,
to it's tunes, for the better times ahead
Happy Diwali!
Adhara Sygnus Aug 2020
and i'm still here,
even after you left,
gasping for air,

still breathing,
heart still beating,
blood still flowing,

soul burning,
there's so much pain,
bright, then flickering,

time's flying,
i've stopped crying,
i've been surviving,
just not living
it takes time,
everything takes time,
till then, bear with it  :)
  Aug 2020 Adhara Sygnus
My heart is caged
Within the ribs
Like a little canary
Always willing to fly
Into the wild.

The cover picture of an old school project inspired me to write this little poem.
Thanks for reading:)
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