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Adelaide Knight Mar 2018
Here I stand,
beneath the strong oak trees.
Listening quietly,
to the gentle breeze.

Here I stand,
in the lush green field.
Watching patiently,
natures secrets revealed.

Here I stand,
near the pale blue lake.
Upon my tongue,
the salty sand grains betake.

Here I stand,
between the rosemary bushes.
It’s alluring smell,
My minds peace it increases.

Here I stand,
with the roe deers fawn.
Softly stroking
its soft fur predawn.

Here I stand.
In this lush meadow.
The pale water on the sand.
Rosemary bushes home to the sparrow.
While the deer roam the land.
Adelaide Knight Mar 2018
She hides her smile,
She smothers her laughter,

She changes her hair,
She hides her face.

She hides the beauty everyone else sees,
filled with self-loathing and disbelief.
The voice she hears tells a different tale,
convincing her she’s not good enough.

When here smile blossoms,
upon her apple red lips,
she looks towards the ground,
concealing the brightness it holds.

“My teeth are too crooked,” she silently cries.
Staring at her reflection in the still lake below.

When she laughs,
it's as beautiful as the spring.
She forces it silent with her sleeve,
muffling the joy it can bring.

“It’s too loud,” she helplessly screams.
Talking to the bees as they buzz by.

She irons her hair,
dark as ebony, soft as silk.
Ruining its dancing waves.
She never recalls,
how it once danced with the winds.

“It’s too messy,” she brokenly mumbles.
Whispering to the pale grass.

She keeps her head bowed,
hiding her sweet face.
Her bright, cobalt eyes,
as vibrant as the sea.
Full, round cheeks,
lightly dusted in pink.
continually denying the
youthful beauty it holds.

“I look like a child,” she haltingly says.
Her tears dripping into the stillness below.

She wears long sleeves
Covering her long, lithe arms,
how they swayed hypnotically as she danced.
Hiding their delicate appearance.
Not a person remembers,
how gracefully they used to swing.

“They’re too skinny,” she painfully gasps.
Trying to contain her shuddering breaths.

She hears that voice inside once more.
Telling her there’s still more to change,
before she is worth their praise.

“You’re not slim enough,”it tauntingly whispers.
“You’re too plain,” it tauntingly coos.
“You are nothing special,” it cruelly drawls.

“I know,” she whispers.
“I hear you,” she cries.
“Change me,” she shouts.
“Make me who i need to be,” she brokenly gasps.

She hopelessly clutches the roots of her hair,
her nails like daggers, digging in.
She feels something slick and sticky,
sliding through the strands.

Drip, drip.
Down it falls.
Bright crimson tears.
Tumbling down one after the next,
mixing with the water below.

They fall faster.
Her soft whimpers becoming,
earth shattering sobs.
The voice’s words echoing in her head.
“Too plain... Nothing special… not slim”

She holds her trembling form.
Taking one gasping breath after the other,
listening helplessly as the voice drawls on.

She knows it’s right.
She needs to change.
She’s broken and wrong.
Drowning in her unending pain.
Burning with unyielding hate.

She claws her skin.
Breaking through,
layer after layer.
The waters turn crimson.
But the voice continues unyieldingly on,

“Faster, faster!,”
“Soon you’ll be perfect!”
“Just one more time!”

Darker and darker the water turns.
Her sobs lessen with each subsiding layer.
Finally she whispers,
in to the hopeless quiet surrounding her.

“Am I perfect now?”

Brokenly she lies,
no more tears to cry.
The voice has vanished.
But its words still linger,
echoing one last time.

Before she feels the dark's welcoming arms.
Surrounding her in it’s soothing hold.

“I’m perfect now.”

It echos inside.
as she drifts towards Nyx’s warm embrace
Adelaide Knight Mar 2018
Dark as night
Silent as death
Cold as ice
Loving as death

We wander aimlessly
Knowing not what we seek
What we’ll find
Who’ll we will meet

Endlessly we dream
And daydreams
Wishes came true
Our worst fears come to life

Then we wake

Left wanting
In pain

What reason do we have to dream
Left to wander in times flowing stream
We call out into the silence
We hear nothing but an echo of our pleas

In dreams we wander
Aimlessly searching
Praying we are not alone

At night we rest
Only to return to our dreams
This time different
Then what before they seemed

Bright as fire
Loud as a hurricane
Hot as lava
Heartless as an angel

We seek to follow
The path we see
Laid out before us
Where does it lead

Continuously we sleep
Lucid dreams
Epic dreams
Our greatest memories replay all night

Then we once again wake

Left happy
And sated

But what reason do we have for dreams
Following the winding path to where it leads
Singing with glee
Bells ringing in harmony

In dreams we wander
Hopefully searching
Dancing in ecstasy

In dreams we wander
Searching hopelessly
In dreams we wander
Calling sorrowfully
Adelaide Knight Mar 2018
Our words matter
What we say is heard
What we write is read
What we sing is played

Say the smallest of things
You’ll have the smallest effects

Say the grandest of things
You’ll have the grandest effects

Say something simple
Something is done

Say something complex
Something will change

They shortest of stories
Or the dullest of songs
Can change a life

But the most touching stories
And the most harmonious song
Will change the world

You speak to a crowd
You change a town

You speak to a nation
You change a thousand lives

Our words matter
Our truths and our lies
Hateful words and sweet praises
Someone will always hear

The smallest of insults could take a life
Just as the smallest praises can save one

Everything we say has an effect
Everything we mumble is another step
In the direction of another's destruction
Or their  redemption

Our words matter
They have the power to hurt
They have the power to heal
The power to scar
And the power to save

With one word
We could ruin a life

With another
We could make everything right

With two words
We can end the world

With two more
We can save it

What we say
Can change a lIfe
How we say it can change our fate

Our words matter
They’re heard
They’re read
They’re played
Listened to and felt

What do you have to say.
Will you change the world
Will you end it instead
What you say matters
What I say matters
Our words ALWAYS matter.

Adelaide Knight Feb 2018
Silvery flakes drifted downward.
Glittering in the bright light of the harvest moon.
The blackbird soared.
Singing soulfully his melodious song.
Pale blue light glinting off his feathers.
From the luminescent moon above.
Everywhere he went other birds chimed in.
Adding their glorious tunes to the blackbirds song.

Little eyes clouded with sleep
Peeked through shuttered windows
Searching for the source of the joyous song that woke them.

Parents listened through cracked entry doors, listening to the tune of sorrow they heard.

The elders listened, wizened by age, each hearing a different tune.
Some of joy.
Some of sorrow.
Some of pain.
And some of love.

It was as if the world herself stopped to hear’
The everflowing song of her children.
The song of the blackbird rung throughout the night.
Bouncing off trees.
Dancing in the snow.
Skimming the seasides.
Climbing up the steepest mountains.

Crooks and frauds heard his tune
His tune of redemption and guilt.
Murderers and thieves wept at his cries
His cries of forgiveness and mercy.

The deaf heard his song.
The blind saw through his eyes.
The dumb sang his tune.
The lame danced to his glorious melody.

The old felt young, and the young felt complete.
The blackbird changed his tune.

He sung of pain.
He sung of sorrow.
He sung of war.
He sung of death.
In the blackbirds tune joy sounded no more.

Soldiers laid down their arms.
Drowned in the feelings this new song awoke.

Angry wives, and wrathful husbands, lost their fight.

Unruly children once loud and bold.
Became silent and still.
Cooing infants began to cry.

The blackbird sang his song louder.
Praying to his mother.
That the people would listen to his words.
Hear his please for peace.
Feel his sorrow at loss.

And they heard.
Oh, how they heard.
They drowned in his pleas.
They cried in his pain.
Trembled with his sorrow filled tune.
They heard and they wept.
Wishing for this tune to stop.
Praying to the elders for his tune of joy to return.

The blackbirds song changed for the final time.
He sang of peace.
He sang of joy.
He sang of laughter.
He sang of delight
He sang to the elders for their guidance this night.

He sang of parents living happily with their children.

Of the lame dancing through towns.
Of the dumb singing his song and spreading his pleas.
Of the blind seeing through him, and showing others the way.
Of the deaf hearing his song, and singing along.
Of children giggling through the years.
Of infants, cooing,  growing from one year to the next.

The earth listened and heard.
She sang with her son.

The birds once more chimed in.
The insects buzzing in delight.
The wolves howling through the pale moonlight.

The night sang loud and true.
With the blackbirds song.
Not a soul left deaf to its beauty.
No infant left unhappy.
Not a child left sad or scared.
No adult left fearing what came next.
And no elder left fearing death.

He sang loud.
He sang true.

The blackbird sang his tune.
As the silvery flakes drifted downward.
Glittering under the pale harvest moon light.
The blackbird soared.
Singing his melodious song.
The wolves howling gaily.
The insects Buzzing peacefully.

The earth listening to her child sing.

Throughout the night.
For the rest of their days.
All who heard his song that night.
Never forgot the beauty they’d heard.
Neither did they forget the pain they had felt.
Forever remembering the peace that followed.

The blackbird soared.
High through the night.
Never ending his song rung.
The tune that made the earth stop.
To listen to its sound.
The melody that made nature sway.
Caught in a dance of pain and beauty.

The song that made.
The whole world sing.

The blackbird soared into nights dark embrace.
Never to return but in the worlds dream.
Singing his song, he soared along.

The blackbird soared.

-Scarlett Evelyn
Adelaide Knight Feb 2018
There was a girl once.
The Palest blue eyes.
As if made from ice.
They held her joy.
They held her laughter.
But they also displayed her pain.
Displayed her sorrow.

Was once the girl who they all knew.
Once the girl who was everyone's friend.
Once the girl who never cried.
Once the girl who didn't know sadness.
Once the girl who always smiled.
The girl with the pale blue eyes.

But then one day changed.
No one knew how.
Not a soul knew why.
No one knew when.
Something changed her, the girl with pale blue eyes.

She no longer smilied.
She no longer laughed.
She never said why.
No longer the same, the girl with pale blue eyes.

From joyous and kind.
To sorrowful and cruel.
She began to cry, the girl with pale blue eyes.

Screaming, kicking, begging, praying.
She began to fade, the girl with pale blue eyes.

No longer the girl with the pale blue eyes.

She became the girl with the soulless gray eyes.

She became someone nobody knew
The girl with the dull gray eyes.

Her friends never saw her.
Her teachers no longer knew her.
The shadows became her friend, the girl with the dull gray eyes.

She cried in the silence of night.
She screamed in the depths of her dreams.
She trembled in the embrace of her anger and terror.
Her fear was her lover, the girl with the dull gray eyes.

No one ever knew what happened to her.
What made her have such a heartbreaking change.
Her friends all gave up trying.
Her teachers stopped caring.
So she gave up, the girl with the dull grey eyes.
The girl with dull gray eyes.
Eyes filled with her pain and sorrow.
Gray like storm clouds  in rainy weather.
Dull as the leaden sky in a hurricane.
Eyes full of raw anger and hate.
Some believed they were staring into the eyes of Achlys herself.

The girl with the pale blue eyes was no more.
Her eyes no longer held her joy
They no longer embraced her laughter.
They lost their colour, pale as ice.
They Screamed of her sorrow.
They cried of her pain.
The girl with the dull gray eyes she’s known as now.

There was a girl once....something changed her....she began to fade....pale as ice....

— The End —