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leila 3d
Leave your heart be broken once again
At least they will understand one day.
leila Aug 10
Your little area is not devoid of any nostalgia,
The flames of the fireplace ain't warming up,
At least a half-frozen body of yours.
even though Your Little House is a Nature of simplicity and warmth.
As a result of the hope that made you blooms the corpse.
My mother's Little House is not a Frosty even though this is not the same body as the one before,
Rather, with the fatigued mind avoiding any blooming even though you need the hope of a rainy day to get the flowers out of the branches of dryness,
Saved by a New Hope and at least existing for someone else,
For it's all about the spring's beginnings
But the Fall and the Winters' endings.
And is all about a Newborn
Surviving and living a new life instead of burning the ashes.
leila Jul 6
Side by the side of the wind
I was wandering through a gravel pathway,
to the fantasy of the rain.
Throughout the white marbles,
with the Red, yellow, and Brown leaves and it was accordingly the longest time of the year.
leila May 20
The sky is dressing the ground,
With the fabrics out of the purest liquid crystal;

The rain is a joyously feeling of enjoyment that is not be expressed in tongue,

When you only walked among the crowds of frightened by the covid 19

either the ones who had delightful moments on a rainy day.

At this moment I've been sitting at a silent corner of the room expecting my old friends' encouraging words,
And themes The energetic voices and the warm hugs;
But I know that is something I should have never been waiting for that to happen.

The clock is ticking slowly and occasionally It's running faster and easier for me to get a chance watching out the window,
And on the other side of the doors,
to a different view of the yard,

it's raining everywhere
And it is a little more depressing and frightening.

It's raining and raining,

But as well is joyful by the fireplace,
Along with the older thoughts and the oldest friend of mine who has made me get used to it,

And a few hours laying against the tv as people saying it an entertainment industry only to think about a thing.
At these harsh minutes of the day,
I'm watching outside through the distances wishing to go outside and wandering shoulder to shoulder with a rainy day of the week.
leila Apr 16
It's kinda a little Dandelion
who is the delicate as you are
And the reflection is either a lot more nearly alike,
And so the elegance and beauty,

It's spreading the wings and through the fields in a rush And it's spinning around the world,
Would it have stepped into every place, you will have ever known about it?
At the time of the gloom or Joyce and the time you were running funny, through the forest?
For It is a very good occurrence of Fields?
And is breathes a caress to the blushes cheeks and the child's innocence?
leila Mar 28
This mind is winging through the sky of the gloom,
I've been lost sadly in thoughts all alone,
Soaked in newly reckoned.
I have missed them smiling.
The sky is not the same as in the past,
It's unlikely to be the usual way.
Surely have turned to grey;
And entirely different and depressed.
It's obvious on the face that seems to bring the memories back ever since
There's a hand from the heavens that is a demand to travel in a few nostalgic.
A dead soul whose memory has been reflected in mind,
leila Jan 27
Part one of my Life:

This page inside of a chapter was a silent voice,
That I screamed,
This all the time loneliness lingering in years.
that soul only wanted to be walking through these alleys,
For the sake of a simple wish but to be
Looking for a friend.
Although I have been recognized these blinded alleys.
Certainly doomed to failure.
back to the square ones.
And I'll come to notice That I've already been left behind, I know!
conclusively dragged down to the depth of despair embraced an unbearable pain.

Part 2:
(In my lifetime)

Is a set of nice words, murmuring into ear:
But the life is going on".
despite that all the time missings and all the sufferings";
And only a satisfying story about a lonely girl Wwhojust stuck some words on this wall:
" you can handle it".
a lesson I've been taught to do as recommended,
A lesson caressing that nervous mind wisely and smart!
particularly when the loneliness
is felt to the bone
And everyone but just shrugging shoulders
and in other words
Don't give a ****!
And I'll realize:
 the pain makes me stronger.
Although I don't deserve this.
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