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leila 7d
I was left alone in desert of sorrow;
either you.
get lost through the life path
And a toy in every stranger's hand,
But would've calmed down minds with cups.
And running too far from every creatures we would've have ever known.
leila 7d
We're running through the mercy farm behind each other
***** friends; running laughingly,
And picking wildflowers.

the garden nearer the house with apricot tree in front was impressively nice,
getting fastened rope swing on strong branches.
great time that we swung softly at that point.
leila Sep 12
the lake sparkles and ripples
I've been sitting by the glitter water

holding a notebook with a pen, to record a new adventure
But I feel like my mind is empty.
leila Sep 2
green shoot
undertook a piece of land
Besides missing over past life.
And that farm was as big as a world;
filled up with hope's seedlings
And memories out of their minds.

On a welcomed hope and desires' field
I got appreciating result as a beautiful view.
leila Aug 27
A lovely cool breeze
On a summer evening
Sets to express delightful feelings and joyous

sparrows chirping,
taking wings to your side from nearest toproof.

And the brick walls in below, reflecting noises of happy kids and old playmates.
gentle wind flutters your hair,though!
a white paper in lower, holds the words,
of a rollerball pen that been quite chained and has already been wishing to be set free of all the time place since so long;
And there, a mind getting that to move through a vast blank paper by writing gloomy thoughts.

So, take a new page , girl! to remind you,your old long-lasting melancholy mood.
leila Aug 27
deep wound on your heart and a painful emotion of hatred dagger since long.
And fatigued one in struggling with old pain,
never blaming anyone but all that matters is a lonely heartbroken one,
Walking on streets with a stressful mind
Expecting a dark night out there

the moments passing slowly,though
And a silent and boring day nearer to come!
leila Aug 21
I were
a flower
I would've wished
to present you
my words that say:
Dry my petals
and place in your notebook,
between the white pages
So, I will always live in your mind.
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