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Mind ****
Tell me I’m your number one baby
Tell me why you want me to be your baby
Mental **** astral projection
You said you would make it real
Love will make you do shameful things
Love surely is for the weak
I’m weak and powerless for you now
Dexter plans his attack on the next sinner
I long for what I can never have
If only you knew I was truly bad
Saw me in half for that magic trick
I want your sinful touch
I want to feel your evil ****
Bodies against bodies
Paranoia paranormal anomalies
Drown me in your insanity
Finger my hypocrisy
I want to make your disturbing fantasies a reality
Burning desire sinful rage
Ravaged soul
I’ve seen better days
**** is ****
I guess I must
Let go of what I cannot trust
I just really wanted to feel love
I guess that why I long for touch
You made me feel alive not real
Real ness isn’t defined by this linear life anyways
I miss you is what I’m trying to say....
Must be
Downright disturbed to
Even think about you and me again
Maybe we both are and maybe you like the pain more than I do
If I suffer will you suffer with me
If I’m burning in a fire will you jump in with me or try to put it out
If we’re both dead can we feel alive
Do you want to be dead with me or stay alive
Why be daddy when you can be the joker or chucky some nights
Why so serious all the time
Clown life horror show
Heath leager what a fantasy life
Mac Miller didn’t have to die
Did you or I save my life this time
why get caught up in the lie
Self harm Tuesday
Depression Wednesday
Suicide Thursday
No sleep Friday
Psychosis Saturday
Insane Sunday
Mental breakdown Monday
Playlist of my life
Disturbed would be a sugarcoat right
Insanity it seems
**** ****
**** **** ****
        **** **** **** **** **** ****        
**** **** ****
**** ****
Your love was like a drug
My love was like a medicine
You made me feel eroctic ****
I made you feel brand new again
I lifted you up
You wanted to bust
I’m the antidote
Your a prescription
Your the disease and desire
I’m the cure and your medicine
I loved your soul
You loved the way it felt to *** again
The seven deadly sins
Your love
It’s a music in my brain
Your words are on repeat
How could you be with her and say you love me
It was all just a dream
If I wake up today you’ll be crushed
But if I don’t you’ll crush my soul
Is that really love
If you really knew how to love
You can’t even love yourself
Dude why would you say you understand how I could possibly feel
Try living my life
Try being me
Forget your empty promises
Forget the meaningless words
Forget everything that was you
Blocked from my external view
If only you knew
I knew you never really cared about me-you don’t even care about you
You use people thats just what you do
I can’t stand you
I even said I hated you
I even said I was sorry and I was happy for you
I even told you to move on
I even said congratulations
I even said my goodbyes
I even dared to like other guys
Get my name out of your brain
I can’t stand it when you call out my name
My life won’t ever be the same
True love is for the movies
Love exists to abuse you
Repressed feeling from the past
Amplified by your ****** ****
How can I move on if you won’t let me go
How can I let go if your always there
Why did you say you loved me
Why did you say you cared
Why are you so ******* lonely
You think I’m horrible your downright ******
The Norman bates American ****** type
Who would even like you
I think your whole life is a joke
Your kind of like me though
Except I wear my pain on my face and I’m not ashamed if you stare or dont like me cause *******
**** your fake
Fake flake
It’s over
I don’t want this
Your so fake
I’m real
You’re the lie
You think I need you
That’s a lie
You needed me
That’s the truth
**** your cheap words
Cigarettes taste better than you
I can’t even work
The psychic attack of a lifetime
Amplified by your lies
You can try your best
I was never enough anyways
Be happy with someone else
Be happy
Let me be happy at least
End the witchcraft you put on me
End your ****
If you loved me
End the lies
I saw through you the whole time
If you were honest from the start maybe you’d have a chance
But honestly you don’t even know who you are and your supposed to be older than me
22 years old and I’m living like I’m in my 30s
I’ve probably had more jobs than you
Talking about you can take care of me too
***** I don’t need you
If you thought I was playing
Your an idiot
I’m not good at chess
But I can beat you at checkers
I think that’s a checkmate
If you loved me
I loved you
I laughed at you
I changed for you
I wanted to die for you
I cut myself for you
I embrassed myself for you
I sang for you
I even did some **** **** and prayed for you
**** religion if the god you worship is a vindictive devildick
Evil *** *****
No wonder why your so scared to be in public
Thinking I would save you and ****
Thinking I owe it to you
Thinking you own me
If anything I own you
Own me no I own you
I own you
I miss you
You made me laugh when I wanted to die
You saw something I didn’t even see inside
I miss you
I hate that you lied
But I hate you for playing my heart like a fool
The fool is me The devil is you
I hate you
I love you
I miss you
I need you
What is the point of living
The worlds falling apart right before my eyes
My worlds falling apart right before my eyes
How is this feeling supposed to disappear
How am I supposed to let go of all this
I hate that I’m constantly mad
I hate that I hate being alive
I hate everything that happened to me as a kid
I hate myself
I don’t think the cigarettes are working anymore
Nicotine high, THC what’s the point if I can’t even breathe
I hate this so much
I wish
Wishes are for the weak
I need to speak
Actions to repeat
Establish a routine
Become like how I used to be
I won’t let this define me
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