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Adam Kai Dec 2019
In times of plenty
  I grow fat, dumb and old.
In times of hardship
  I find my faults sold.
I sold, for peace,
  my heart and soul.
I traded, for war,
  my silver and gold.
Peace stole, to turn grey,
  my mind and my youth.
War declared their's
  the black & white truth.
Still I love, and I hate,
  while I win, draw and lose.
Still I'm impatient
  to broaden my views.
But when I gain knowledge
  the unknown is set loose.
It dawns without feeling
  to play a fool's ruse,
On those always patient,
  and those with no fuse.
Suns rise and nights fall
  in my ocean eye blues.

What limits a world,
  both free and unbound?
Where one can be two,
  both silence and sound?
Blinded lives without fact;
  percieved lives of no faith;
All shake hands in friendship,
  no fear for death's wraith.
With & without time
  they grasp a new day,
Without & with light,
  dark and dark chased away.
I'd give you peace then
  and you'd give me my war.
So content we could be,
  with less and with more,
With sound, with silence,
  with chaos, with law.

We are and aren't infinite,
  perfect and imperfect,
One, none and all,
  within a flaw.
  Apr 2018 Adam Kai
Aa Harvey
Nobody expects.

The meaning of all that has come before,
Is merely the prelude to the story of my life.
If all we become is the thing nobody ever foresaw,
Then wouldn’t that be such a joyful surprise?

When nobody expects,
We can easily become more than they thought.
We become more then they know we are capable of,
When we teach ourselves how to impress them all.
Nobody expects it, so nobody can be prepared,
So the truth is their only answer to your words of despair.

Why can you not aid me in my darkest of times?
When all I need is a sunbeam to shine on my life.
Why can you not hear me call aloud to the butterflies of love?
They are gone now; they flew away from me.
All beauty has disappeared;
The birds are silent and the bees no longer buzz.

Stuck in my ways with no chance of taking my chance to dance,
Because I cannot dance, so I can never hold a hand.
Seen through eyes of contempt, because I refuse to attempt,
To smile and move towards you, through fear of neglect.

Ignored for being silent;
Resented for trying to speak.
Nobody expects anything,
So I will never disappoint you when you expect nothing of me.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
  Apr 2018 Adam Kai
Aa Harvey
Imaginative artist

You have beauty and charm.
You are interesting and intriguing.
Your soul is dark; I like your art;
When you sink I want to be sinking.

You are hopeful; I’m a romantic.
I think we could do it.
You are as doubtful as I am.
Let’s not even take the chance.
Would you like one final dance,
To say goodbye to what once was,
And all that might have been?
Your smile blew me away, so far;
I like the way you think.

Your mother is a delightful Queen
And it is quite clear that she loves you.
Could you love me too?
Would you allow me to fall in love with you?

With all I only show half my being;
Every piece of me, except the poetry.
I cannot predict what will happen tomorrow,
But the tragedy is what might have been.
Throw our hearts in,
For the truth is…
I only want,
An imaginative artist.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
  Apr 2018 Adam Kai
Aa Harvey
Our gun.

Something bad, trying to be good;
Inside of us lies our own gun.

Seeking peace within my dreams,
But there is no sleeping for me.

Looking to love; to have love we must love.
Inside of us lies our own gun.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
  Apr 2018 Adam Kai
Aa Harvey

In utopia there is no war;
No angry raised voices, just a smile on every face.
There is a place without a need to be poor;
Without a money system, there is no greed or hate.

The sun shines daily, unless you are in need of the rain,
Then the Heaven’s will open to wash any sadness away.
Freedom is in the air and morality is at the centre of everything.
This is a land of happily ever after; oh hear the angelic people sing.

There are people shaking hands, saying “How do you do?”
There is no fighting in the street,
There is no crime and no-one is homeless or blue,
Because all are able to succeed and remain stable.
Every King has a Queen and everybody lives in their own castle;
Be it big or small, skyscraper or bungalow.
Everybody feels at home here and they always have a place they can go.

The streets are always clean; the charity workers are buzzing bees;
Content, it has to be said, there is no-one begging on their knees,
For a coin to feed their starving children;
They are all fed and happy and the fun never ends for them.

People are swimming in lakes, so crystal clear;
The water is warm in the evening and the fish swim without fear.
There are genie lamps to grant wishes, so if you wish to fly,
They will give you your wings and you will soar through the sky!

Boredom does not exist; you are able to do a million different things
And when you are ready and have done everything,
You are taken to a beautiful new land;
The kingdom of Queens and Kings,
Where angels speak of dreamers and love is guaranteed.

There are clouds to rest upon and there is no cold,
Unless you want to feel the refreshing breeze of the wind on your soul
And as you enter the mansion, gold doors slowly open without hands;
The entrance welcomes you to come inside and see the wise woman.

The wisest of them all, The Oracle.
She is so knowledgeable,
That any question can be answered without delay
And she understands your every thought.
With grace she takes you by the hand
And leads you through a beautiful door into your next wonderland…

And so it continues, for the rest of time
And if you ever want to return, then you just have to think it
And it will be.
Through endless doors
And with the advice of infinite oracles;
Time is non-existent for all,
For this is utopia…
What would you like it to be?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
  Apr 2018 Adam Kai
Aa Harvey
Dreaming of going to sleep

I have to empty my mind of thoughts to get to sleep.
I wish I could be like everyone else and sort out my head in my dreams.
But this is not the chosen path for me.
Insomnia sets in, so I write poetry
And dream of going to sleep.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
  Apr 2018 Adam Kai
Aa Harvey
A designer life

We need food, drink, shelter,
Warmth and comfort.
This is the end of the list.
I am done with it.

The medicine is free.
The hospital’s a delight.
The bills are paid; I have a light.
Nicotine is optional; as are gifts.
Money is a concept, we use to live;
But when you do not want or need anything,
You are only holding onto empty pieces of paper.
I did not vote for this.

You buy things you do not need,
With money you do not have,
To impress the people you do not like.
Music is free.
I do not watch TV.
Love is free…
A design for life.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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