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Jun 2018 · 263
Red Wine and Moonlight
Josephine Zecena Jun 2018
Love me
Take me
I’m but just a bag of hollow bones until you speak life into me
Your name
Breathes and lives in and throughout me
Not a day goes by when I don’t think your name
It’s like knowing my own
My heart is characterized by you
It is you
It knows no other response but to your name
Hearing it, it leaps like my mother demanding me forward
I wish I didn’t have to learn this way
I wish it so different
I wish you by my side
You and I
Your lips on my neck
Your hand on my thigh
Only sandy shores and sunsets can temporarily fulfill what you gave me
All the love
The security
I wish so much
But in all, I wish you happiness
For what more can my heart deserve?
I wish I could take it all back. I wish I was with you.
May 2018 · 268
Restless Lover
Josephine Zecena May 2018
The night sky glistens under the cold pearl moon
As my eyes stay solemnly open knowing the rise of the high sun at noon
Every nerve,
Shaken with a vibrant wake.
One so distinct in purity
It’s that of cupids delicious bake.
The flour itself, made from opiates so strong and untamed
Leaving one with distorted chatter and forgetful of thy name
Oh how this tooth aches
For such perfection one cannot take
At the peak of night when one so early must wake
Vulnerable to the mysterious night
Hoping tomorrows day will bring a nibble or a bite
Oh lord i cry!
Give me sleep on such restless of lovers nights
Lonely on Valentine’s night without my paramour.
Dec 2017 · 470
Set Me on Fire
Josephine Zecena Dec 2017
I want so badly to be engulfed by the flame.
To be smothered by its heat.
By the burning desire that so passionately gazes into my eyes by you.

I wish to be your candle and melt by your golden ember.
For with every moment my wax trickles and shrinks I shall know true ecstasy.

I was made for your flame and you for my candle.
Together we have the power to light the darkness and to bring warmth to a million homes.

My heart, this ****** vessel, is only half alive until I have you my fire.
Burn me!
For I was made for it.

Torch my mortal confines with your electrifying fingers.
Melt me by whispering in my ear you love me.
Ignite my spirit with those lips and set me free!
Awaken my soul by the wick at my very center and set me ablaze.
You ignite every cell in my body by your touch and now I can never go back to enjoying common temperature.
Nov 2017 · 254
Josephine Zecena Nov 2017
such an unforgiving venture that grasp the focus of all wandering humans.
Making us quiver with fear and desperately longing for a glimpse of the vision behind the timely creatures’ eyes.
Taking everything we give out as relying sustenance.
Feasting on every action we execute on our day to day to give birth to freshly constructed seedlings.
Soon will they sprout to become awaiting experiences to mortal souls, and of course not all are roses.

Karma some might call it,
God’s wrath even.
But in all truth, it’s our own handling.
We nurtured the creature and handfed it our deeds that have led to our own naturally calculated fates.
So yes, be careful of how your hand swings.
Think twice of which way you sway, where you lay and think to say.
For your present actions are the source from which the creature nourishes itself
to give life to tomorrows unwritten day.
Nov 2017 · 277
Forest Therapy
Josephine Zecena Nov 2017
In the midst of trees, rocky dirt, deep waters, and up in the glistening stars, I see my true reflection and feel the connection with the divine.
Nov 2017 · 386
Day Dreaming
Josephine Zecena Nov 2017
Your voice is fresh baked bread.
Your eyes hold oceans I wish to dive into.  
Your lips are soft flower petals.
Wrapped in your arms, I find myself everywhere at once. Connected to the cosmos by your love.

I live off these dreams and reminisces of you.  If all I have left are these memories, then I shall happily spend most of my days with closed eyes.
Nov 2017 · 424
Josephine Zecena Nov 2017
It was your heart
Big and strong
It was your spirit
Open and welcoming

I was drawn by your aura yielding
Without fear I let go and let you take me away down a stream faithful
The further my heart floated down with you the sky became more enriched in dazzling starlight

Hand in hand we let ourselves get taken away by this delightful current
Surrendering to this sweet dance life gifted us with
Ourselves struck with hope in what we thought was only myth

Our spirits ribboned around each other like legs under cool sheets
Embracing one another as two reunited travelers separated for years
Drunk in love and paying no attention to fears

I saw finally where poets before me had been
Under this celestial sky of serenity is where I forever want to lay in
Hand in hand, tangled around each other under dazzling stars that envy our glow
Praying tomorrow's sun would show kindness to rise slow
Nov 2017 · 1.1k
Rainy Day
Josephine Zecena Nov 2017
I clench my fist tight.
So dearly trying not to cave in and dial, but the device taunts me.
That Pandora's box full of the emotions, images, and echoes that drench me like rain.

It seems the pages have run out.
Every excuse, every apology, every sweet nothing drained like the battery on my phone due to the over use to distract me from you.

You, sitting there on your shelf.
With your legs dangling and hitting my face. Swelling my eyes and lips shut as you watch my greatest regrets play repeatedly in my mind.
Making me unrecognizable to those around me now.

This is who I've become.
A silent shell filled with the echoes of your laughs and smiles.  
With only melancholy music to comfort me.
The world around me only now visible through rain soaked glasses.
Smooth jazz by Coleman Hawkins as it rains outside my window is the only thing that brings me comfort. The only realm I find my weary soul comforted by.
Nov 2017 · 250
The Epidemic
Josephine Zecena Nov 2017
Oh, how I miss you playful love.
I've traveled far from the ports of conventional comfort to dive back into the wild in search of you.

I am shamelessly an addict under your spell.
My tolerance has risen & I now require a much stronger dose.
Anything less will just not do.

I need to be fully intoxicated by your words, by your touch, by the small moments that illuminate the shine of the stars veiled above & that sweeten red wine.

Oh, how you have made me so dependent on your rose smoke.
I have turned into nothing more than a fiend, aching to be enveloped by those 3 notorious words.

- Josephine M. Zeceña
Love is the greatest drug.
Nov 2017 · 371
Josephine Zecena Nov 2017
Oh, how my heart aches with such sweet sorrow.
Your presence in these thoughts of mine, bring forth something so sweet.  

Kneeling to inhale a freshly bloomed rose in the break of spring is what you are.
A rose you are my love.
A character I face many times a week.
Oh, how you cause my knees to go weak and my hands shaky.

Oh, what sweet sorrow when for just a moment, your wrists touches mine.
When your fragrance sways my way.
For just a moment, our spirits become aligned.
The same breath is taken from this dream that stands still.
For a moment, it all becomes real.

Then the noise settles in.
The pace surrounding now back in motion.
The cloud my heart rest on vanishes.
Only now hanging from a thread of hopeful thought.
Did he enter into that realm along with me? Or was I alone in my travels?

Oh! But his eyes say so much, yet nothing at all! Can it be all I see is my own reflection in those glossy eyes staring back at me?

- Josephine M. Zeceña
I'll always wonder what might be if we verbally expressed longing for each other

— The End —