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Lately I’ve been feeling elevated
This time it’s different
It’s unlike anything I remember feeling
No, it’s not one of those manic episodes
I’ve been covered and cleansed in calm
In my dreams all I see are palms

Do you remember asking if I had wrote anything for you
I stalled, I stuttered, I straight up lied to you
Page after page is littered with words
That only seem to spell out your name
Won’t you just come home
Or maybe I’ll come to you

I’ll ask you a thousand times
I can see the pain in your eyes
Are you happy?
And did you know
Every love song on the radio
Every movie with a happy ending
Make my thoughts race back to that beautiful face
You’ve got a smile that makes my world shake
My body becomes rather rigid when it’s time to follow instructions
“Keep out” nah lets go in
“No smoking allowed” hah but I’m the kingpin
Give me some orders so I have something to throw away
Don’t even think about reverse psychology
You’re the town’s local theater while I’m New York City’s Broadway

Rebel against rebellion
All the ends march in four directions
North to south to east to west
I’m busy digging up treasure chests
I fly while you’re motionless
You turn to cement while I flow
I am the sufferer’s bandage
You are the world’s chateau
I used to be a firm believer of love
“Meant to be’s”
Everything of the such

Call me jaded
Call it what you must
But waking up alone month after month
I no longer believe in the above
I took the pages that contained the lessons I learned
Ripped them out and placed  them in my back pocket
For everything gives you something you must keep
But now it’s time I burn the book of you and me
A change of pace Nov 2020
Please make it stop

My head hurts
My hearts a lot

Please make it stop

It’s a shame I don’t believe in god
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