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Detriment leaves me confused
Wild flames run about across my heart,
Yet light basks me, as if heaven sent.

What is this yin and yang within me?
I have a heart.
I have a brain.
I have a mind, I have a soul.

Struggle is the way they speak.
When the heart yearns and gives hope.
it is quite hard to cope, and with the heart and it's hope,
it in fact makes it harder,
just serve your purpose and keep me alive,
because you make me feel dead.
Your hope I dread, it has always failed me,
but when it felt real, it felt surreal,
but only to fail me, and drown me in sorrow.

my heart will hope, while my brain cuts the rope
that binds my soul, that tightens and inside im broke.
mind in chaos, as i walk a path that my heart wants me to stray across.
i must listen to my mind, and have hope for my heart, but be choosy with the hope it gives out.
why can love be so powerful where the loyalty still lingers so long? where it feels wrong to even look or think still, about others, while my heart still recovers
True love is so rare, but so pure,
full of water is the cup,
but with cracks,
it still holds up

love can **** a person when they truly love, only for that love to find them wanting someone who has destroyed them, yet love was real, and it was surreal, so amazing,
with so much appeal, that even in darkness,
it was sharpness, that beckons in with a star kiss, true love harvest
we are all just meant to fight these endless wars, that have outlived everyone, and we are brought up to propaganda to fight these battles willingly, to fight for someone else’s power
whether it be corporate, government/global economic, or political
the young and reckless, the young and inexperienced, so many do not know love, or the idea of it, but they are pervaded by a lie, a dream, the chase of a mental illness, and they do not know that to love does not mean obsession or limerence, but the second chances, and the care with so much forgiveness, and the happiness to be in the presence, and the willingness to be at ease
people these days want a fantasy that follows exactly as they pleases, forgetting that we humans are so far from perfect and love requires the effort to understand the minds of each-other equally and be forgiving in the faults of our or other people’s minds, as we have all been raised, grown, and developed differently, and almost everyone deserves the attempt of sympathy. **** the evil with kindness despite that you may be seen as weak, **** evil with kindness, to show that you do not care what people think, **** evil with kindness to bring about joy and be what people need and dont think exists, **** evil with kindness, and then love will exist/persist
my heart is terribly broken, and has now been apart longer than i can remember, to remember what it was like when it was once together... my heart terribly destroyed and running back to the one who caused it, the only one i ever wanted, who only ever entered my life to haunt it, so carelessly she’d flaunt it and throw it away, like a prize, and she got it, no longer did she need it to stay
it no longer has meaning, after the terrible rollercoaster and the beating, my heart no longer wants to beat anymore
if you cheat on your significant other with me, that’s okay, but know you’ll never be long term
will never have my full respect, this mindset is a part of any individual who will go anywhere with their life
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