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  Oct 2015 Abdul Broekema
Ann M Johnson
The Market crashed as the people dashed
   All the banks closed down
   The people frowned
   Natural disasters were all around
   Stock brokers quite literally took a dive
   Many people died
   On the day the earth stood still

    The daily grind
     The worry over bills
      Was replaced with the need to just survive
       Some people rioted just to get something to eat
       On the day the earth stood still
       Some people screamed
        While others cried
         Some people looked down looking for someone to blame
         Still others looked outward and sought ways to help out
        Some people banded together to keep each other and their         neighbors alive
        Some people looked up
       While some people prayed for wisdom for themselves and others
        to get through this trial
        Some people looked within only and felt all alone
        Still others thought of this as a test of their will
        On The Day The Earth Stood Still
         I wonder if we were faced with this crisis
         would we stand together
         or fall apart ?
         perhaps the answer is found already in our hearts
         If we are lacking a strong network of family and friends
          Now is the time to start
          We don't want to be found slacking if the world falls apart
                     Sometimes things happen in a blink of an eye
                    It might be best to get ready just in case
                    No time left for slacking if The Earth Stands Still
I recently watched the Movie San Andres, and it got me thinking and writing with this as a result. I would love your feedback and comments Thank You !

— The End —