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Abdallah Osman Jul 2020
It was all rosy
Until we fell asleep
She had a dream
She woke me

The walls were closing in
The neighbours were losing it
A union they did not approve of
Rather, were they merry making ?
Then why the threats
Who cares though

It was all a dream
Perhaps a message
Now she's across the river
Twenty meters away yet far enough to leave a pit in my heart

Let us be again my love
For we have bigger dreams to chase
Abdallah Osman Jun 2020
It was December
We thought it was a China thing
So we kept the merry-making going
We showed little or no concern
We acted, late and 'premature'

Who knew that all nations will face a common threat?
When people of all colors suffered, died
I had plans, you had plans
But 5 months drifted before our eyes
Time lost, not much gained
Never will we have it back

The world has forever changed before my eyes
When a situation is beyond your control, ignore it and ride on
Focus on what you can do, leave the remaining to untangle itself
Abdallah Osman Jun 2020
Roses are red
Violets are blue
And you are you
The less the better
The more the clutter
But then again the more the better

Where do we create that gentle balance?
Who wins the ballot?
A smaller perimeter with pockets of silence?
Every soul needs it.

Or a much larger one with lots of nuisance?
You'll find your heart bleeding.

Happiness is when your needs are way less than your wants.

Don't paint up your wants into needs,
and you'll feel lighter.

A greater form of happiness is when you fix someone their necessities.

We're mostly counting up to 65 or so, let's not spend most of the journey in tears.

But in hardwork, minimalism, kindness, hope and happiness.
Abdallah Osman Jun 2020
I need you like the hour needs the minute hand.

You and I against the world is how I feel, like when we got the fabrics scanned.

I need you like a molecule needs the remaining of its DNA strand.

You and I know todays have been tough, starting up a hustle knowing your pieces are in demand.

I need you to believe you are writing a story, which you'll live to tell firsthand.

You and I are not perfect, and all I hope is we fill in the blanks.
Abdallah Osman May 2020
It has been over a fortnight
Does my two week rule apply?
Is it real?

Eye gazing for a gem around the world
I stood too close to the elephant
Little did I know she was downstairs

Brains, Soft spoken, In her world, real, and beautiful, sorry a Goddess, what more can you add to a 24 carat. I can't stand them.

Yes and the blue tick on WhatsApp, has always been my filter for genuine people.

To me she was just a mere other of their species, the cover told me nothing about the book, until Corona opened the book.

I guess same applies to the smoker dropping ash from the balcony, he was a fraud boy.

Complications, when there already is a hamster, can the merione survive?

When noses are sniffing around, can I ignore or pretend?

Ceased calling, responding or texting who were not even able to hold a convo, there was only one thing they could offer me, haven't felt the need since. to them life was a different picture.

I'm happier with one friend.

Jenny, I bet you'll never come across this, if you do, I owe you dinner at a restaurant of your choice :D
Crushing on a neighbour
Abdallah Osman May 2020
The only dreams that you can wake up to are the ones you get when you're asleep.
If you've always wanted something, put in work and don't be lazy about it. You won't get it.
Abdallah Osman Aug 2019
So I am back
And here we go again
With our bitter sweet relationship
You give me enough reason to be around you

When I am, I hold back tears
Not of joy
Of pain

Why do you have to complicate the very little of things?
Why do I need to see you, before you show me love?
Why do I have to withstand your hold ups?
Oh Lagos, why now?
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