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What if this made it happen
will I call it karma

I see derivatives
and you renal
when we see calculi

Should have held on tight when we had thing, I let loose
I'll retrieve what I buried
when I get close,
No different from a dog, a nuzzler

Shall you find a biznaga
then follow your fourth sense,
for that's where lies my chalaza

All that is but a lost sailor,
hoping you'll see the tip of his jibboom
I attempt to code this poem so everyone will understand the  message but only she could make 100 percent meaning, if she ever comes across it. There is a name.
Man was created
We evolved
We are social
In the sense that we desire feedback
From people around us
To accept that we have a status
Mostly above theirs

We love likes

When we talk it's mostly 'I'
and 'I'
But then no one really cares about 'you'
Because they're all about 'I'

Oh man
Learn, being social is not a show off contest
Then we shall listen to each other
Self importance is great when controlled, could become unwarranted otherwise.
They say you never know what you have until you loose it
Life is good
In every sense
Single, married, relationship, parenting

Everything changed
When I started taking moments of silence
Eyes closed, deep breadth, sometimes with wine
and a smile
Open doors to let my emotions sink in
Even with things mundane as sitting on my balcony

It is worth slowing down
To appreciate now
be on the passive
But active with what's necessary
Then what remains of time is yours

Life is good
I wrote this poem when I noticed that a lot of my sadness was from my approach to life. It was all in my brain. **** is always going to happen right, you cannot be perfect, don't expect every die to land on a six.

Work harder, be psyched for the worst, take it as it is. Come back harder, but draw a curtain between your work life and your life on earth.

I am happier.
Rattling a few words
when I go to bed, wake up,
before and after after meals
is not that bad but whose listening?

It's true that whatever is seen is a miracle,
But what's not clear is who saw it first?
For that Fellow must have known
better than every other.

In the beginning we knew nothing,
we have everything now,
We still know nothing.

We are left with literature,
our developed cognition can't help us,
but question the the authenticity, the origin.

A debate with 2000 sides,
where you fall depends largely
Upon where you were born.

Is it unfair
that other than the winning team
all others were born in darkness?
If there is a winning team.

It's only reasonable to trust in what if,
and bet your money on one
knowing your one
is one of the 2001 possible outcomes
We lay in bed
Touching once a while
I take a bold step
Turned down
But is it one of those intros
Can't tell

I take a step back
But then then she takes a step forward
I'm confused
If there's a middle can we meet there?

If I could read her mind
I feel her heart beat uneven
Interpreted as nervousness
I could be wrong
But if I could read her mind.

— The End —