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Abby 7d
I wish to pick you up into my cradled lap and read poetry together                                                         ­                                            I'll listen to your kind voice, gliding the phrases through the air, cleansing it;                                                        
laugh should i miss a word and you cant help but to correct me;                                                              ­                                            We'll be sitting outside because you say everything is so much slower there;                                                           ­                                                  I'll instantly agree because when you sit at the end of the dock you become part of the scene and anything that has you in it is worth admiring for hours                                                            ­                   And I'll coddle you into my scarf, when the wind at the lake picks up,                                                              ­                                         
You'll shiver and move yourself closer into my warmth and continue the phenomenon your existence creates
not sure about the title. up for suggestions! idk why the spacing is coming out so funny but im not sure how to fix it
  Aug 25 Abby
Sadder than any words
My thought
Comes softly down
Ending again at you.
Inspired by Robert Frost’s "A Late Walk"
It's me
It's the bitter ache
Watching the leaves
Move on trees
It's the deep rooted
That pervades me
It's the sickness
That's growing
Little sprouts of doubt
Littering my bones
It's the saddest melody
That she sings
It hits me
Flattens me
It's me
The hardest part is realizing that the part of my mind that won't let me be is the one who's wrong. It's not the world. It's me.
Abby Aug 25
How can i forget
When i never even got to choose to forgive you for myself
I never had the chance to comprehend
Cuz you shoved your apologies down my throat
Everything I've ever forgiven you for was to save you,
It was not for myself
Well, I wont forgive you for that
It's not how forgivness works
  Aug 25 Abby
Mixed with shame,
A tint of red that calls my name.
Tiptoe around the subject,
Or else you’ll see me burst.
Holding all these things inside
Makes me feel worse.
  Aug 25 Abby
For I am always mourning the loss of the life I could’ve led.

The music I could’ve played.

The love I could’ve had, and given.

The light I would’ve beamed, from the knowledge, that I have it.

I have the laughter flowing free, awaiting the moment to burst out of my chest.

The feeling of utter peace created the trust I’ve innocently lain in my everlasting happiness.

The same happiness that has ever so caused me the pain, and sadness, that only comes with loss.
The loss of the life that I will never have.
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