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Abbithian Mar 2018
I love you. Sorry, I don’t.
It isn’t worth trying to fix
You will always be my friend
She promised we would never change
They said they would never leave
My future does not need you
Are you happy? I don’t know
My wishes still pray for you
“Have fun at school” never returned
“Who hurt you” My family's expectations
I just want my heart back
Everything I didn’t need, you were
Abbithian Mar 2018
First Love
First Kiss
First Broken Heart
Abbithian Feb 2018
"You'll always be my best friend"
Thank you for not abandoning me after not sharing feelings
Thank you for not leaving me after I confessed
Thank you for promising to never leave
And I know it's not your fault
But thank you for the broken heart
Abbithian Jan 2018
I'm ready to begin again
Where my life doesn't revolve
around having a million fake friends
A popularity contest for 13 years of my life
I'm ready to not be afraid
To stand on an edge and say
I'm me, all me, and only me
To be someone
I choose to be
Not some predetermined destiny
To love myself and all around
To sit on my throne as Queen
and be crowned
Abbithian Dec 2017
My Mama said
Are you happy now?
My Mama said
Are you happy with who you've become?
And I don't care
Who you love
or who you date
or who you marry.
As long as you're happy
Abbithian Dec 2017
She brings me smiles and laughs
She makes me sing and dance with glee
and She
She is the prettiest girl I've ever seen
And all I want is her heart
And she can have mine in return
For eternity
She takes on everything absolutely fearlessly
She is the better half of me
She smart and sweet
and everything in between
I've know this for years
through smiles and tears
She was meant for me
But I was not meant for Her
Abbithian Nov 2017
thanks for being my friend
          thanks for putting me on the back burner when someone else
          shows up
          thanks for turning people I want to be friends with away
          thanks for never being there for me and then accusing me of
          being selfish when I tried to tell you
          thanks for being a really good actress when it came to you
          feeling bad about anything that happened in my family
          thanks for letting me do all the work on our projects while you
          play a video game on my laptop
          thanks for everything you did to me
thanks for making me stronger
thanks for making me realize
thanks for being an amazing friend
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