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Abbithian Nov 2017
I love you
I haven't even met you
And I love you
I don't know anything about you
You don't know anything about me
And I love you
You already have my heart
You have a home
And it's with me
I love you
Fish is my new cat
Abbithian Nov 2017
i miss you
i miss everything about you
i miss late nights
i miss giggle fits at 2am
i miss not being alone
i miss having you next to me no matter what
i miss having a 'sister'
i miss having you 3 feet away at night
i miss not feeling alone
i miss you
I miss us
This is about my exchange student who was only here for 2 weeks but it was like we'd known each other for a lifetime. I get to see her again in less than 7 months
Abbithian Nov 2017
There are days when I want to give up
I want to leave so I don't have to deal with you
I want to cry

But I don't think you deserve to win
You don't deserve my tears
You don't get to become 'famous' on my account

You deserve friends who are as ****** as you
You deserve to be brought up under a fake name
You deserve everything that's coming to you

Cause Karma's a *****
Abbithian Oct 2017
It stings to sit at a table with you
and know you are trying to pull my friends away

It stings to sit 3 feet away from you
and no one at the table is going to acknowledge me

It stings to think that you had my heart
and you threw it away for someone who dumped you after a week

It stings to look back on us and our good times
and realize I wasn't happy

It stings to know you still have a pull on my life
and I don't want you anywhere near me anymore

It stings so much
and you're still putting lemon in the hole you put in my back when you stabbed me
Abbithian Oct 2017
Sometimes I wonder why none of my friends talk to me anymore
Then it hits me

You drove them all away
Abbithian Oct 2017
You say you hate drama
but you scream in my face

You say you care
but won't lower your caste

Your friends are my friends
you don't see that we share

Find any excuse
to turn everyone

Guess I know which side you pick
Sad to say that I knew it

Well now I know
We're done and gone

But I won't be singing
a sad song

You don't know
what you have lost

Because all you did
was brag and boast

Abbithian Oct 2017
I don’t miss you
I don’t miss the always being pushed to the side
I don’t miss the being ignored
I don’t miss you always putting yourself first
I don’t miss you never listening to  my rants
I don’t miss me trying to tell you I’ve had a bad day
And you telling me your’s was worse
I don’t miss you thinking you deserved more than I did
I don’t miss you thinking you were better than me
I don’t miss you never showing up to anything that was important to me
I don’t miss our friendship

I miss talking **** in German class
I miss gushing about youtubers
I miss going to Sunrise after every school event
I miss having someone to make bad jokes
I miss having someone to fangirl with
I miss having someone I would tell all my secrets to
I miss going to Penn State to compete a poster
I miss our memories
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