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Abbithian Jul 14
It *****, being ignored by people you thought would be your best friend forever. Maybe it would hurt less if I hadn't seen it coming. Maybe if the texts, calls, laughs, and smiles just stopped one day it wouldn't hurt as much or for as long. Maybe I could've healed and moved on. But I saw it and I tried to fix it. And I couldn't. I watched as my friends grew distant. I watched my friends slowly stop inviting me to things. I watched as my friends had more and more excuses to not spend time with me. I watched as waves turned to smiles turned to looking at their phone to avoid me. I watched for 2 years. And I couldn't stop it. I tried. I tried to make plans with them, do things they like, but they were always busy. The people I was closest to, I felt used by. I was invited to everything when I was the only one with a license and a car. I was the ride. I was invited to everything but I drove everyone. And then I was on the outskirts. But once they started driving, I wasn't needed. And when you're not needed, you're discarded. They slowly pierced my heart and tore it up. Once school ended, I never got a text from them. No calls. Nothing. It hurt. And they don't care. And I don't think they ever did. But the saddest part is, I'm still trying.
Abbithian May 9
Its so hard to see you
And not say a single word
You don't look at me
The way I look at you
And I wish you would come over and say hi
I really wish that would happen this time

And I can't tell if you're still greiving
Or if you're over her
And I really wish I knew what you thought of me
Cause right now it seems
I'm just another fish in the sea
Abbithian Apr 12
You are Smart
You are Kind
You are Funny
You are Talented
You are Amazing
You are Trustworthy
You are Brave
You are not a Burden
Abbithian Apr 1
It’s never been them, always her. This girl is terrified of commitment inside and out. She can’t commit to a single person. She knows she’s destined to do great things, but she never wants to stop or put a hole in someone else’s plans. Other people want kids, and a house with a white picket fence. She wanted someone who will love her and a small home on the outskirt of a city. She’s distant, sometimes dropping off social media and communication over the phone for days. She just gets sick of it sometimes and never responds. She worries her friends. No, it’s never been them, only her. She doesn’t care what they do, talk to others, go out, she doesn’t care. She trusts them no matter what. She believes if they cheat, they aren’t worth her time and she moves on. She’s always wondering if she’s found the right person. She’s always wondering what if. She can’t settle down because she might miss something. She wants her imagination to be real. She sets her standards to high. She wants someone taller than her, smart, funny, not clingy, masculine. She wants this guy, but if he exists, he’s with someone better. She’s stubborn and doesn’t want to change, but she needs to. She needs to learn to change if she ever wants to be happy. No one will be able to love her like this. But the other thing wrong with her, does she know what love is? Will she be able to love if someone else loves her. Will she be able to stop with the what ifs when she finds the right person? Will she know she’s with the one when those what ifs stop? Or will she have to stop them herself? The final question she must ask her, does she love herself? Can anyone love her if she doesn’t love herself first?
Abbithian Jan 28
My heart has healed
All thanks to you
You helped me move on
To someone new
And even though
I don't have those feeling now
You'll always be the one
Who my whole heart found
Abbithian Apr 2018
How come good thing happen to bad people?
People who don't deserve ****
People who yell at others for no reason
People who bully people for no reason
People don't tell the truth
People who talk behind your back
People who aren't nice
And everyone knows it
And the people who give out nice thing know this
And they still give it to these people
While the good people sit in the back
Sit praying for good things
And they deserve the good things
But the bad people get them
And the good people get the harmony
Abbithian Mar 2018
forever young
is false
We are only as
young as
We live our lives
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