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Ashma Pathak Nov 2017
My No backspace friend

Just met and bustled
Illustration of life and
How i hustled!
I tell you the details
Detailed structures i could notice
Noticed news that i could just keep it  to myself
But i tell you.
Maybe you just listen
With no solicitude at all
Meantime i require TLC
Tender loving care from others
With you i just need your pair of ears to listen when i talk baffle all the muffle all the unedited talk
Muffled talks is something i enjoy with just you
To pour out the warmth of my childishness
To tell you how i could harm others and all my selfishness
I could give you the scrambled stumper ever and you would make a beautiful question out of it
Well it's still left there to solve but now it much easier after the your decipher
When i give you a cup of my extemporaneous thoughts
You can easily measure the fathom of my feelings buried inside my heart
So that makes me wanna tell you everything
I know you may get me
And sometimes not
But what i know is that I won't be judged
You show me a reflection what I say and what i hide
No filter and Utterly Chaste
Defective piece as i could be
You could sell me as an authentic
Just deferential as you are
I admire you for all the
Flair that you show and posses
All those care and shiny glare
You being you are my only diary
My daily log book
Ashma Pathak Nov 2017
Basic *****
As basic as i can be
As common as i am
As average as i look
I am a basic *****
Oh yes
Yes my morning starts with
Pumpkin spice latte and
Top 50 songs of the week
Yes the most pinned post on Pinterest decides my outfit
I might look hip and cool different days and my accessories uncounted
Yet I have a style
Yes I am a basic *****
As basic as it sounds
Twilight is yet my favorite book
I can't stand violence and
I am basic on the standards
I can't play instruments and
Hell yeah,
I get good grades on Math and Science and i rock these social nights
I am basic *****
As basic as it sounds
But I don't judge people
From the song they listen
Clothes they put on
I don't judge people on the color of skin
Whether they like boy or they like girl
I treat people they are just another me
I don't form and divide people in stereotypes
I live in present and the basic I am
I am unbiased and nice
I respect other and there choices
I admit to what Like
I am not scared of judgement and
I never will be
So, call me a basic *****
I accept and I agree
What I can't accept is to be a ****** hypocrite
Who decides my intelligence from the quotes i speak
I say Beyoncé is the coolest woman in human history
I m basic and no no
I m not mean
Cause it's not weird like ordinary things
To keep it simple
And put it clean

— The End —