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but tonight
let us not descend upon each other
raptors upon the nakedness of their prey
tearing into tender flesh to taste
the creamy savor of our desires

come, let us break gently
upon our horizons softly
spreading a golden warmth
slowly and intentionally
working along our periphery
fingertips teasing layers
blending gold into crimson
ribbons lacing our craving
a perceptive warmth builds
undulating waves in the sky
softly as a morning breeze
until at last my rising sun
gradually impales the depths
of your dew dappled valley
awakening the flow of life
a sensually brilliant burning
the tenderly uninhibited
rise and fall, give and take
grinding deep tectonic plates
to await the enthralling quake
releasing the velvety streams
locked within the valley walls
to meet the intense eruption
of hot luxuriant fountains
a flash flood of feral release
buried deep in the tantric calm
across our quieted horizon
i have stopped making sense
how can i speak logically of illogic?
reality recedes, a thin mist hangs
slipping the fingers of intellect.

starlight spins the gossamer tale
once upon a time the story goes
but our time holds no concretion
no measure between tick and tock

moonlight scrolls, pale parchment
sunlight ink scribes symbolic runes
shapes and forms of an alien argot
but somehow we know, we know "Love"

grasping that which cannot be grasped
a blind revelation within an enigma
realizing what was known all along
something intangible but so very real
watch as she ascends
conjure ancestral artifacts
from the barren field
of stark existence, alone
paradise upon her lips
(visions in blindness)
strolling into formless
her bliss, in waves
grasshopper thrums
stroll from her *******
oh, a kiss, but a kiss
(tears bartering wishes)
eyes closed she waits
thru rhythms of time
voracious sensations
cold silvery fantasy
conjures arousal
(deserts in sensual bloom)
unseen pulses resonate
vestiges of ecstasy
rising from beneath
honey from the cleft
wherewith the savor
(effervescent succulence)
Salvadore Dali - The Great Masturbator
naked noises we create
within bare-skinned bliss
a naked trust we release
within our trembling clasp
i carefully stitch these words
a fragrant garland of poetry
caught escaping from this heart
birthed from my desire for you
a sweetly wanton arc of dreams
draped over your sacred mound
and dangled into the soft depths
of your warm and trembling grotto
mingled in the nectar of our desires
we meet here upon a surreal shore
indentured to these abstract words
to scribe these otherworldly emotions
we dwell in the heart of the infinite
we are writers, we are poets
i have held angels in both my hands
that have felt the devil of my tongue
as my blood dripped from their fingers
clawed from the heart i so freely gave
the many scars upon my chest and back
map the paths of my tragedies (and bliss)
but the smile you now find upon my lips
speaks of a life that is well lived and loved
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