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As I extend the essence of my heart onto this piece of paper
and openly expose the side to me that is vulnerable,
I request that you keep this letter,
close to your heart and let it feel the warmth of your sweet embrace
that way, you'll always have a piece of me with you when you move far far away
and I'd wish that you would reminisce on our once upon a time days,
where you audibly feel the echoes of our conversations
lingering on the plane of past events
never to be forgotten by our sub-conciousness...

If this pleases you, My Pineapple Queen,
I'd like to tell you,
about how I feel when i'm with you...
When I'm around you, I feel the most certain about myself
I feel no judgement, no need to be mindful about the true nature of my inner self.
To some, my mood, in it's fluctuations
emphasizes the temparement attached to my mind called
but most ever meet phlegmatic-I, who's "cool" yet lacks a sense of urgency,
though, unapologetically and noticibly to you, situations are treated urgently.

I vividly remember the story you told me about the moon and the sun...
about how the Sun longs to be with the Moon but she herself is in pursuit of the Ocean.
I see myself as the Sun in this story, not because we're both stars
but because I too have once pursued a heavenly body, and she is you...
although would rather have you in pursuit of something else as I
search again for you.

I have but one request and that is for you to remember me as I remember you...
the vivid iteration of a fantasy I wish not to end
but such is life so I can only wish for our paths to cross again.

To conclude, My Pineapple Queen,
I leave you with the last fabrics of my emotion
and that is...
I blush when I see you
and I smile when you sing...
I wanna take you to the moon so that you can among all the other heavenly bodies
for your eyes project the constellations
and your smile is my favourite part of my conversations,
although I'm still down to earth and a product of humble beginnings
not a day goes by where I'm never reminiscing
on the feelings given
where I see you and I as Emperor and Empress
truth be told that it's you I try to impress
and I'm hoping that someday you won't be out of my league
maybe you could be my cheerleader
and lead all the cheers for me
do you remember the time when we had each other's hearts...
a time where you complimented me in every way
and I painted a beautiful picture with words only I could say.
I remember moments when my only intention was to make you smile and laugh through your worst,
I don't know about you but when it came to love you were my first...

Do you remember the time when we used to hang at the park on a lovely sunny day?
a day where having your body close to mine was all that felt right...a day where having your head on my chest while listening to my heart beat provided me with solace, peace and tranquility
a day where nothing else in the world mattered, than being with you
and since my heart confirmed it, those feelings I had for you were true.

Do you remember the time when I said I saw our future in your eyes?
Back then it seemed impossible for us to part ways, but with life nothing is ever certain.
We played a great role on a center stage, the Juliet to my Romeo, the Cleopatra to my Antony ,
but it came to an end and we had to close the curtain.
Perhaps we reached a point where we sought no interest in each other and had to submit to life's discontent.
A poet's remorse , lies within delaying any time given that should be given to bettering his craft
but as life comes, he is forced to neglect the oh so heavenly phenomenon that he calls art.
One should consider the destitute that comes with an empty heart
as it is understood that an empty heart lacks all sense of urgency and motivation or so to speak the urge to even start...
the urge to even begin painting a picture with nothing but words,
to heal the brokenhearted and those scolded at by means of a racial slur.
A poet's regret shouldn't be from not doing enough but it should be because the balance in the mind enslaving society
has been disturbed and questions are being asked
...the regret comes in when chaos has been caused in hopes of making people aware
to ultimately alleviate the feeling of despair
and rather ignite a flame in the pursuit of knowledge and and self-confidence without carnage
and desires to be free and unique

— The End —