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I've made a world from fields and flowers
And head the unforgiving call
Behold the tears that found their rest
Behold the love that found a soul

I know the tunes, I've played them all
I've torn the violin apart
The song it died, I watched it fall
Between the centuries of the heart

Yet the world I loved seemed sweeter still
The light was garish, the dark was gay
I played the fool, I played with fire
And let the ashes steal away

I passed the watchman on his tower
He rests and sighs and rests and fears
He watches every passing hour
For very soon the morning nears

And as I stood, the time stood still
He bows his head, he sighs and prays
"Such was the longing that was mine
Such were the authors of my days"
Dew beads on web tendrils
too soft to stir the spider
too unobtrusive to cause grass tips bother
Early dew
soft and silent
like tears hidden from a sleeping lover.
An exhale of morning's breath
in condensation
its swell captured
Droplets form
in the midst of dawn's sorrow
for the departed night
 Jul 2020 August Fors
 Jul 2020 August Fors
Autumn will come,
Autumn and his cold breath,
Autumn and his grey skies,
With his wilted flowers,
And his lifeless trees,
Autumn will come.
Autumn and his empty streets
He'll come with frozen dew on the grass,
He'll come with sundowns at 4 in the afternoon,
He'll slap your sleep ridden face with the morning wind,
Autumn will come.
Autumn will come with the evening rain,
Autumn will come with love-sick pain,
Autumn will rest on the heavy clouds,
Autumn will howl at your window at 6 a.m.
Autumn will come with the look of tired souls,
With the sound of heavy hearts,
With taste of the evening tea,
With the smell of bittersweet melancholy.
Autumn will not come with rhymes
confronted by an old friend
who turns up unannounced
you lay your life out piece by piece
they weigh it ounce by ounce

and when you find the sum of parts
is lesser than the whole
they'll ask you what went missing
from the bottom of your soul

nothing dried up by the sun
or left out in the rain
just a sense of emptiness
you couldn't call it pain

that's the hole your filling
with all your new false friends
the ones that drink your spirits
and leave you their dog ends

so come embrace your failings
don't hide them out of sight
without our incompleteness
we've no way to unite
 Jun 2020 August Fors
Jimmy Kudo
Why do the crashing cups of a clumsy waitress
make me feel so warm inside
The broken clasp.
Takes attention away
From how scrambled I feel within
This must be how
Trees fighting for custody
Feel losing their children to the wind,
What does it take, to replace a mistake
& make you to believe in a second first date?
Can we overlook
How long that last lap took
And pretend I caught a second wind-
I never meant to make my first impression
My last without any context.
After all why would I probe the whole planet
Find the sight of a lifetime!
Just to never again make contact
 Jun 2020 August Fors
Revelations come from my mouth like black smoke.

Usually it's just flowers.

She watches it wafting up to the ceiling,
Crashing into it like a million tiny moths

Flowers die fast,
Even if mine are exotic and impressive

But the smoke sticks around,
It is oily, thick smoke
And it does not die fast


She doesn't cough.

Maybe that's because she already has trouble breathing,
Or maybe she's just cool with the devil.

But the smoke walked out of my organs rationally
It did not try to come out
When I thought about how stupid that promise was
Playing roulette with a wedding ring,
How my body slid into the right position,
How you can fight life with life
But you can't find death with death
Death just finds itself
We're already wrapped around its non-finger
It's the part that's missing when you throw something across the universe
Or maybe the whole thing's missing,
Maybe we're all just lost, oh never mind
I found myself again.

Well anyway, I was telling this girl how it makes no sense for me to make a promise that's just gonna make me throw a temper tantrum,
And how I know I will, I've tried not to way too many times
And how I hate that you can't tell
And it's all really just about this moment anyway.
I was telling her how this time I'm not going to make any promises,
How that's what I need mainly because I need to learn to bare myself to my vulnerability instead of repeatedly projecting it and throwing some girl away,
Banking on my stupid, gorgeous face
And that's the only way I'll get stronger against my insecurity.

I was telling her all this but it felt like I was dying,
And I was,
And I'm learning to hate myself in all the right ways
And I'm learning to be smooth just like death,
Just like D---.

Then I put on If I Was Your Vampire and got us both a bowl of cereal.
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