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isn't it wonderful
how a heart can be broken
over and over
and still have power to love.
 Feb 6 Aybidee
 Feb 6 Aybidee
Do you ever wonder
if you should feel
more attached to earth?
Mother nature itself?
Have you felt
the wonderful feeling
of being barefoot
on dewy grass?
or dancing under the rain
embracing it
instead of running away?
what about the feeling
of diving in a pile of
autumn leaves
or eating a handful
of soft, freshly fallen snow
I bet you don't remember.

Do you ever wonder
that maybe
just maybe
you're losing touch
with the people around you
I bet you've lost a few.
Ties weakened.
Bonds broken
Hopes shattered
It's common.
Common but sad.

Do you ever wonder
If you're getting detached
from yourself?
watch yourself becoming someone else,
someone you never thought you'd be?
Is it because
we don't care about ourselves
when was the last time
you pampered yourself
treated yourself
just because you know
you deserve it?
I don't think you ever have...

Do you ever wonder
if the two of us have faded?
I wonder if you wonder...
reconnect with your roots
with your soul...

— The End —