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Aybidee Feb 6
Where are you?
Where am I?
Why are you?
I question you
I adore you
Who are you?
Who am I to question you?
Why do I have to be scared?
Why is a dance
Why is a dance with the devil
Why do you hate Why?
Am I you?
Am I my own God?
Show me
Why do you need to show me?
Why, why, why
Oh my, oh my, Oh my
Aybidee Feb 6
I want you
I need you
I have you
my ego
my ego needs you
the contours of your green edges feed me
I love you
The way you dance with me
The way you wrap around me
The way you satisfy me
I'm the protagonist
Yet you're the hero
You look
You look... Into my exchequer
If you danced away
What will I say
I'm ****
I fall, no green hedges to hide behind
No walls
No hurt
Just me
I fall

— The End —