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Andrew Jan 15
you have been there
literally -
from day one
still handing out love
from all I have done

A mum
who is my mother
my protector
my carer
a strong shoulder
that never grew colder

It may be once or twice
I set the pace,
like wild mice
In a race,
yet somehow
you always managed
to keep our home
nice and safe

I have a family,
a place of my own
and if I can be
half the parent,
you were to me
than my boy will grow
to be quite a man-
won’t you agree?
For my mum
Andrew Jan 13
Wherever I go
It will feel unfair
Whenever I stare
You’ll always be there

I like the clothes
That you wear
The way you care

I love the way
you do your hair
The looks we share

After seven years
You said goodbye
The words we used
Told the coldest lie

When we were young
Our world was fun
Now it’s all gone
Im back with mum
Andrew Jan 11
Your sorry for me,
I’m sorry for you
for having someone like me
Andrew Dec 2021
Before I die
I wanna try
Just one day
Without a lie
To feel free
In every way
Help me be
Run a mile
Go and play
With a smile
Make me cry
For a while
Not get high
Andrew Dec 2021
My poetry
flows a certain way

I sculpture words
from the finest clay

The verses you hear
are thoughts we play

These lines I write
leads my pen astray

The tone I use
shows the darkest day

Behind each meaning
gives beauty they say
Andrew Dec 2021
The young gypsy girl
Who fell off a cloud
That found peace
When her feet
Touched the ground

She held the sunlight
Which would burn
Golden bright
While watching over you
As you sleep
Throughout the night

Her long red hair
With her stylish dress wear
Flows down the street
Floats on thin air
Andrew Dec 2021
Im a little low
Im feeling  blue
Im lost for words
When I think of you

Through the forest
And over the hills
When I think of you
It give me chills

I’d move a mountain
I’d run a mile
When I think of you
I remember that smile

When I think of you
I lay in bed
I can not sleep
After what you said
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