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AMU 6d
I have read
Plenty of books
Flipped lots of pages
Turns out
You’re my favourite page
AMU Mar 24
You wondered why I chose you
You wondered why you’re special
It’s because others are just a pile of words
While you’re a poetry
AMU Mar 20
No matter how much I cried
No matter how much I ran
No matter how much I tried
No matter how much I prayed
The demons still didn’t leave me
AMU Mar 18
If you lose
  People close to you
      Never stop dreaming
          Cause dreams never die
AMU Mar 15
You used to tell me there were stars in my eyes
But how could you not realize
The rainbows in yours that brought colors to my life
AMU Mar 15
Don’t let
The burning flame
In you
Get extinguished
Just because
Someone failed to
Keep the fire strong
AMU Mar 14
I smile whenever I think about you
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